10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun

Last updated: October 26th, 2022


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “wedding”? Is it only a function? Or is it a place where many sit together for dinner? Or is it where everyone comes to see the beautiful couple and bless them?

Whatever it is, wedding can be described as that moment of life which opens the way to a new phase of your life. It is a dream your parents have been seeing from the time they became parents. It is the biggest party that you or anyone else will ever throw. Weddings are mostly common during the summers, and you will be surely having one or two invitations on your table right now.

Most of the weddings we visit are common; they have a few things in common like the food, the theme, the music and many more. But, what should you do if you want to make your wedding somewhat different from all the regular weddings? Here are some ideas to add some fun to your wedding function –

Make your invitation card eye catchy

The first thing that invites the guests to your wedding is your wedding invitation card. We see many types of invitation which seem very ordinary and common. So, you should try to design your card such that guests should be attracted towards your function. You can add themes like funny animals and cartoons, or clowns, or any superhero and all those animated things to it. Or you can add a hint of your wedding theme in your card as well!


Add some theme

I will give an example here. Consider your cell phone. It looks attractive when you customize and personalize it, i.e. you add some themes to it, right? Try to apply this idea to your wedding as well. Decide a theme for your wedding, and plan it accordingly. You can go for themes like comic characters, or cartoons, or any demon stuff and many more. This will personalize your wedding and make it a bit funnier.

Make props for the night

First and foremost, make a theme for your wedding. Now, to mix things up and make it spicy, create and distribute props to the guests. For example, if you have chosen the cartoon theme for the night, you and your bride can dress as any cartoon character and can leave props like masks, or coats, or other items as a gift for the guests. This will be real fun, believe me.

Add sparks to the dance

Your wedding day dance is the most anticipated event among the guests. Even for you and your better-half, the wedding dance will be the most special one. So, try to make the dance an entertaining one. Add some lightings and props to the dance floor, and organize a dance event for the guests after you have completed your wedding dance. This will be entertaining for everyone.


Play games

Games are the things that can force even adults to become children. Everyone loves playing games, and this can be used as an add-on to make your wedding funny. I am not telling to organize games like cricket or soccer. Are you serious? The games to be played here are the bridal games. These include the Lucky Wheel, or Truth-and-Dare, or Ball passing and many more. This is the best way to introduce guests to each other and also add some fun to your function.

Bar for everyone

A really fruitful but a little expensive fun add-on to your wedding will be having a bar for everyone. This does not mean that everyone will have their own bar. No! Arrange a table in the centre with all kinds of soft drinks (or hard if you want!) and fruits for the guests. The guests should be able to go to the table and take up any drink of their choice. This is surely going to impress your guests.


#Instagram it!

Social media is the best platform when you want to share your life with others. You can use this to add some spice to your wedding. Set a challenge for your guests to click various types and kinds of pictures of you, or your wedding or themselves and then upload it in their respective Instagram or Facebook accounts, with you and your bride’s name in hash tags, for example – #JohnandJenny’sWedding. This will be fun!

 DIY Marriage Cards

DIY marriage cards are a great source to know your guests as well as add some fun to the dinner table. Place some DIY cards on each dinner table with interactive questions like, what should we name our children? Or which is the most romantic place to visit after our wedding? Or you can also add some funny stuffs such as Please don’t eat too much of our food, what is inside your gift? Etc.


Dancing Heels

After your dance performance and after the guests have danced to their extent, how can you again revive the entertainment and fun in the hall? Go ask your guests for some more dance and they will surely reply that their heels are damaged or broken and they cannot dance any more. So have some dancing shoes arranged for the guests. All the guests will have their own shoe code and this flip-flop dance heels idea will soothe them a lot!

Return gifts for children and all

All the guests are sure to bring you some gifts for your wedding night. Why not arrange something for the guests as a return? Try to give some basic things like headphones, garments, or any other stuff as a return gift. Do not forget the children! Arrange some kind of toys or chocolates for them as well!

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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