13 Charming Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

In my opinion, going over to a farmhouse is like having a mini vacation. First you gotta pack your stuff, all the good outfits that you’re gonna take pictures with along with purchasing food and drinks for the party! They are usually located at the outskirts of the city so you enjoy the drive to the destination. When you reach your little getaway home, it had better be charming right?


Who needs blankets and sweaters when you have this! Cold winters make us feel lazy. All we wanna do is curl up in bed and snooze all day. Having a fireplace is beneficial because not only does it warm up the room but it also changes the entire atmosphere of the house. You can share this warmth along with your family and friends. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing a fireplace is. One could just sit across and look at the dancing flames all day.

String Lights

A very simple and effective way of adding a touch of charm into any room are string lights. I love string lights, they can be used almost everywhere, and they are so pretty! Just look at this contemporary living room. The lights really bring out the small details of the beautifully designed interior. You can also see little reflections from smooth surfaces which is very pleasing to the eye. You can even add cool lamps in your room, like long distance lamps for relationship, modern lamps etc.


This living room looks like a great place to just sit back and chill, right? Get cozy with this indie styled living room. Grab a book, light a scented candle, play some instrumental music and read away. When you think you’re finished with the book, you can keep yourself entertained by cracking open a window and enjoy some natural breeze. Maybe enjoy a home-made cigarette? Just enjoying the vibe, really.

Casement Windows

Bored of having 4 walls in a room? How about 3 walls and a whole window! This casement window makes the room feel super airy and spacious. Just look at the amount of natural light in the room. Light colours further add to the airyness of the room. The subtle splash of colours here and there really work well and the room is put together by a sophisticated ceiling light, completing the look.

Low Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights almost as low as 6-7 feet off the ground might seem unconventional, but it turns out they do look damn good. Although one must make sure the bulbs used are not too bright so as to blind somebody as they’re placed almost at eye level.

Write it up

A chalk board is a pleasing piece of furniture. It looks good and delivers a message. In your case you can write anything you want. From inspiring quotes to cringey dad jokes, go right ahead!


Whether you want to sit and enjoy a warm snuggly couch or hop out into the balcony for a change of mood, this living + balcony concept has got it covered. After all, a balcony is a great place to hang out right? Add to the fact that the balcony has enough chairs to seat at least 10 people, you could have a complete barbeque brunch.

TV Stand

A sleek TV stand combine form and function. It adds an entire layer to the room and can also be used as a nifty storage area. Bonus marks for matching the TV stand and the center table.


With global deforestation and climate change getting worse, it’s never a bad idea to plant a tree. Why not have a whole plant in your living room? Although it would require regular maintenance, especially if it’s a big one, it is a fresh addition to the room.


I’m no expert in paintings but I do love how good that abstract painting looks on that wall. Paintings are of different kinds and concepts. So you can choose what kind of painting you want depending on what kind of look you’re going for.


Partitions are a great way to separate different themes and elements within the same room. You can bring about whatever feel you’re looking for. For example, this metal mesh partition adds depth to the room. They are stunning to look at even if they are used as an individual design structure.

Fancy Ceiling Lights

Do I need to say much? The only disadvantage of fancy ceiling lights is that they grab all the attention of the room, leaving the other bits of furniture jealous. This fantastic lotus inspired light is a treat for the eyes.

Pool Table

Whether you play pool or not, you can’t deny the sheer presence of a pool table in a room. It is definitely a bonus if you can play though. Play a round of pool with your business partners as you decide your next business strategy as you sip on some fine brandy in this luxurious farmhouse living room.

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