Air Cooler or Air Conditioner: Which is the Best?

Last updated: October 20th, 2022

When we get roasted up in summer, and the scorching heat becomes intolerable, the only thought that comes to our mind is an Air conditioner and air cooler. But, very often, people are confused between an air cooler and air conditioners. Research suggests that air conditioners are better than air coolers.

So, going for an air conditioner is always the best option. Even if the air conditioner is better, it’s not fair enough to force anyone to buy that because different things suit different people. In this blog, we’ll provide you with compact information about both of them. This information will surely help you make a suitable decision according to your criteria, preferences, and needs.

Air Conditioner vs. Air Cooler: Which is Better?

Air conditioner or Air cooler? If this confusion summarizes you, then here are the solutions for you. Moving straight into the comparison between the two, the following are the points you need to keep in mind while choosing between the two.

1) Budget

Budget remains the constant criteria while buying anything. Similarly, while buying an air cooler or air conditioner, you need to look into the budget at first. The price of an Air cooler begins from Rs. 3000 per unit, whereas an air conditioner’s price begins from 25,000 per unit. It’s quite clear that an air conditioner is more costly than an air cooler. Also, installation of an air conditioner requires a professional and several products like the stabilizer, extra copper wire, wall mount bracket, which results in additional costing. In addition to these, an annual service cost is required for the maintenance of the air conditioner. So, if you are on a strict budget, then it’s better to go for an air cooler.

2) Upkeep

Unlike everything, an air conditioner, as well as an air cooler, needs maintenance. So, before getting one, you should always keep in mind the point of maintenance. In the case of an air cooler, you will have to take up nearly about ten buckets of water and fill it daily before using it. But, in the case of an air conditioner, no such issues are required. Just, a time to time servicing is enough. So, choose the one convenient for you.

3) Operation 

Air conditioners and air cooler work in different ways. Air conditioners take inside warm air, circulate it through moist absorbent pads, and cools down the air and hence, requires filling up with water. Whereas. AC uses chemical coolant in order to conditioning the air and alters the temperature. An air cooler simply cools down the air to a considerable degree, whereas air conditioners make the air comfortable enough by customizing the temperature and humidity.

4) Power Consumption 

Power consumption is another major factor to consider. As research suggests, air conditioners consume a huge amount of electricity than compared to air coolers. Therefore, if you install air conditioners, your electricity bills will be increasing. There are some products available in the market with power saving mode, but even those products are unable to consume as low electricity as air coolers. On the other hand, air coolers reduce the cost by eighty percent. So, before choosing between these two, you should definitely consider this point, as air coolers, being energy efficient, help to save a huge amount of money.

Air Cooler

5) Climate and Comfortability

Air coolers generally don’t work well in a climate with a huge amount of humidity. On the other hand, air conditioners work in different theorem. These are quite comfortable and appropriate in a humid climate, and you can even heat up the room during the winter season, as the heating function is available in an Air conditioner. Although some coolers provide humidity controlling feature, yet the comfort provided by this feature is nowhere near to that provided by air conditioners. So, if a comfortable lifestyle is your lookout, then Air conditioners should be your choice.

6) Mobility

Fixing an air conditioner needs huge effort and cannot be moved from one place to another without the help of a professional worker. On the other hand, air coolers are cheap and affordable enough. Moving air coolers from one place to another is also easy. Several air coolers come up with castor wheels that aids in moving the cooler from one place to another.

7) Environmental effect

Air coolers cool down the air by circulating hot air through moist pads. But, the air conditioner uses a different process to lower the temperature. Air conditioners use Choroflurocarbons (CFLs) for the coolant, which is harmful to the environment. The warm air which the compressor pumps out gets released, and the cool air goes from the unit inside the room. Thus, air conditioners prove to be less eco-friendly than the other cooling staff. So, before choosing the right one, it’s better to think of the environment once, as our environment and ozone layer are at high risk.

8) Air Quality

You must be eager to know how an air cooler and an air conditioner works. By knowing this, you can get an idea about the Quality of vair you will be getting in your room. An air conditioner causes the internal air to circulate in the room over and over again. On the other hand, an air cooler works by pulling outside fresh air. The air cooler does not make the air overdry, unlike the air conditioner. This way of operation makes air cooler preferable to asthma patients as well as patients with a dust allergy.

9) Insulation Requisites

Insulated spaces are required in case of an air conditioning system for providing effective cooling. In this case, the same air is circulated by continuously absorbing heat from it. Whereas insulated spaces are not required by air coolers in providing effective cooling. Rather, the air cooler takes into account the outside fresh air in order to cool down the room.

10) Health Issues

In recent years, airborne diseases have risen to a great extent. Allergies are increasing day by day. Air conditioners thus are coming up with built-in- air-filtration features that reduce the danger of catching allergies and airborne diseases. The air conditioner makes the place comfortable enough and safe as compared to air coolers.

The Final Takeaway

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of both air cooler and air conditioners, and also have learned about the differences between them, its high time for you to go out shopping if you are in a mood to shop one for your home. Plan your budget, consider the other prospects, and pick the one you find suitable. Hopefully, this article will definitely help you out in clearing your dilemma. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

WRITTEN BY Karan Randhawa

Karan Randhawa is a blogger who specializes in product reviews. He has been blogging for over 5 years and has a vast amount of experience with a variety of products. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to review, and enjoys sharing his opinions with his readers.

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