Atomberg Efficio with Remote Ceiling Fan – Review & Buying Guide

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

With advancements in the design and usage of electrical appliances, we have come across many resources that we use every day with the help of electricity. However, in India, one of the most used appliances is always a ceiling fan. Whether you go to a local or a high-end place, you will always find a ceiling fan. That is how accessible they are. These days, ceiling fans have also started coming in various designs. This way, people can match them with the aesthetics and designs of the room that the ceiling fan will fit in.

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

atomberg Efficio 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Classic Ceiling Fans with Remote Control | High Air Delivery Fan with LED Indicators | Upto 65% Energy Saving | 2+1 Year Warranty (Matt Black)

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Over the years, manufacturers and ceiling fan brands have launched these appliances in a variety of designs. Therefore, now you can choose a ceiling fan that will match and blend perfectly with your taste and the aesthetics of your house. With an increase in the number of people who have become fans of minimalism, you can also find simple yet effective designs of ceiling fans quite easily these days. Having a ceiling fan in any color these days is not a challenging task. Now, people have also started investing in anti-dust ceiling fans.

The thing is that we thought about discussing everything about the best ceiling fan. We wanted to dive deep and focus on a single product from a particular company only. And the first ceiling fan company that came in our mind was Atomberg. After all, we are all aware of the quality and long life of the ceiling fans manufactured by Atomberg. We will bring light on the specifications, details, and features of their Effico 1200 mm ceiling fan with three blades today.

Let us all now begin knowing everything about this ceiling fan –  

With a wide range of ceiling fans, Atomberg is here to impress everyone looking for long-lasting yet economical fans. Out of all their fans, we have decided to discuss their Efficio BLDC fans. As we move further in the discussion, you will surely be blown away by the features and specifications of this particular ceiling fan. We will also discuss the pros and cons that we found about the product separately. From the design to the build of this ceiling fan, we have tried to focus on everything. Therefore, to get the most details of it, you must be willing to read everything that, too, with full concentration. If you cannot find this fan near you, you can also choose to order it online. 

Most of the time, you can also get it in good deals. After all, who does not like discounts, right? With festive deals, the price of the fan will become even lower. So, try to watch out for sale around the popular festivals in India. Let us get some details on the build of this fan now. As far as its color is concerned, you can have the Efficio ceiling fan in a black design. It will come with a warranty of two years and can also be returned if you do not come to like it. It has an efficient BLDC motor, and it does not have a glossy design. This is because most people these days have become fans of matte designs when it comes to ceiling fans in India. 

You should also know that this ceiling fan by Atomberg can also be controlled with a remote. If this fact about this fan does not blow your mind, we do not know what actually will. With the remote, you can turn the fan on and off easily. You can also control the speed as well as set a timer in it. Therefore, in cold weather, when the temperature falls even lower later in the night, you won’t have to get up from the bed to find the switch of the fan for turning it off. It can be easily installed in a regular-sized room where it will throw air perfectly in every corner. Additionally, if you register this ceiling fan, its warranty can be easily extended.


  • The motor on this fan is built in such a way that it helps save energy. 
  • This amazing ceiling fan can be controlled with the help of its remote
  • Along with the remote, the fan also has a long life span. 
  • The warranty of the fan can be extended upon registration. 
  • You can also set a timer in the fan so that you do not have to get up for turning it off in the middle of the night.


  • You can get this model of this ceiling fan is a matte black colored design only.


  • If you run this fan on an inverter, it will run three times longer than a regular induction fan.
  • The design of its remote is simple, so that you do not have any problems understanding it.
  • The matte black design of the fan will suit pretty well with most of the modern interior designs. 
  • Its speed and coverage are enough for a regular-sized room.


  • This ceiling fan has inverter stabilization technology so that it runs longer when connected to an inverter. 
  • The power consumption of the fan is only 28 Watts. 
  • It’s remote needs 2 AAA batteries to work.
  • The dimensions of the fan are 50 X 23 X 20 cm. 
  • With the boost mode, you can speed up the fan to the highest.


There are many ceiling fans that you can get locally. However, an advanced fan like this one is hard to get. Options like this are made for modern living and are what we need in this era. As soon as you invest in it, you will realize how accessible operating a ceiling fan can be. Most of its features are so unique that you are not going to find them in any other ceiling fan ever. Therefore, if your budget allows you, we think that this is the only fan that we are going to suggest to you. That is how fantastic it is. You are going to love this product a whole lot and buy it again in the future once you try it.

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