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Last updated October 20th, 2022

Autoignition Gas stoves are becoming popular in the modern Indian kitchen. Even traditional kitchens are shifting to this new technology of autoignition. Why is this shift happening? Autoignition gives the users the convenience of automatic spark when you open the Gas Stove Knob to on position. This gives a great advantage over the manual ignition stove which you need to light the gas by using a lighter to turn on the stove. So with the automatic ignition, you can be safe when using the stove as it instantly turns on.

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Features You Need to Consider Before Buying  

Buying the best auto ignition gas stove in India is not a very easy task. Just try to follow some of these essential buying guides to choose the ideal product.  

  • See if the distance between the two burners is enough so that you can efficiently work on both the burners simultaneously. The spacing between the burners is a vital thing to look for to avoid touching utensils.  
  • Check the gas pipe inlet of the oven if it is easily accessible from the cylinder.  
  • The heat-regulating knobs should not get stuck while using. They should turn smoothly.  
  • The burners should light up with less effort.  
  • And the last but most important thing to look for is the ISI safety mark. The oven must have the ISI mark to ensure the safety and quality of the stove.   

Two Types of Auto-Ignition Process  

The best gas stove in India that have this auto-ignition technology even comes in two different variations. The difference lies in the ignition source of the ovens. The two types are discussed below.  

  • The battery-operated auto-ignition system provides a red-colored push-button for switching on.  
  • The device has spark plugs attached to the battery and the switch.  
  • Each burner has sparks plugs of their own, at their brass burners.  
  • On hitting the switch, a spark I created inside the burners.  
  • This spark will help lit the burners.  
  • So, the technology being this is very basic.  
  • You will have to change the batteries every six months approximately. 
  • Moreover, these auto ignition gas stoves also come at very reasonable prices. Hence, they are cost-effective, as well.  
  • The in-built auto-ignition technology is mainly used in the high-end gas stoves and hob tops.  
  • In this, the spark is developed without any batteries.  
  • This efficient technology ensures flames every time on turning the knob.  
  • This system provides a hassle-free and smooth functioning service.  
  • For obvious reasons, the cost of these in-built auto ignition gas stoves is much higher than the battery-operated ones.

Differences between the Auto-Ignition and Manual Ignition Gas Stoves  


The auto-ignition gas stoves need some electricity connection. Some of them use batteries, and some use direct current for the power source. The battery-operated ones are cheaper, although the electrical ones are more durable and hassle-free. But in the manual system, you need a matchbox, a lighter, or pilot light to light up the gas.


The auto-ignition gas stoves are safer and easier to use. They only need you to press the power-on button or press and twist the knob on the oven to set the burners on fire. Whereas the older manual ignition gas stoves needed you to push and turn the knob first, then light up a match stick or lighter.

This earlier process was indeed very complex and hazardous in comparison with the newer version.  


Although the new technology has made the ignition process a lot easier and safer, this service needs higher maintenance than the manual ones. They need frequent servicing. And on being damaged, you might have to replace the electrical circuits, buttons or knobs.

Safety Rules for Glass Top Ovens  

  • Do not use any utensil that covers the burners completely  
  • Please do not use these gas stoves for baking as it might cause overheating and cause breakage  
  • Never put hot appliances on top of the oven  
  • Restrain from pouring very hot or freezing water when it is hot  
  • Avoid washing or cleaning the stove with cleaners while the oven is still hot  
  • Most importantly, read all the operating instructions before starting to use the stove.  


Buying a new stove has never been easy and it is true especially for autoignition stove as there are lots of them available in the market. We hope our post of the top autoignition stove helps you to get the one that is right for you.

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