Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners: Which Is The Best?

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

Vacuum cleaners have certainly made life easier for most of us. Imagine all those cleanings and scrubbing off the dust and more without the aid of vacuum cleaners. Seems hard, doesn’t it? Vacuum cleaners come around in different types and variants befitting for homes and for office or high-end usage. And we’ve recently been looking into this multiple of vacuum cleaners and lining them for you.

For today we’ve picked up on the bagged and the bagless vacuum cleaners where we’d do a quick review of each and line them up against each other to see how they pan out.

The synopsis

Bagged vacuum cleaners are most often used along within the households that prefer to have an improved air quality at home as these allow for lesser dust attrition and offers a cleaner setup. It also helps to remove any of the contaminants from the floor and carpet surfaces. We have compared bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuums meanwhile are the ones where these are one of the major choices for all-around cleaning. These tend to provide a better and cleaner floor. But they tend to need a lot more trips when it comes to disposing of the dirt but they do have low maintenance than other ones. It is also improving the air quality these days.

Let’s see how they crank up against each other. We’ll look to line up the benefits and demerits of both of these down below.

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s see what are the benefits and demerits of this one.


Here’s what makes it such a good choice.

  • Hygienic
    Bagged vacuums are often hygienic ones as all the dirt and any debris material are all kept within a bag. There have been quite a lot of advancements into the bagged vacuums these days that have allowed it to be easy to dispose of and clean off the mess. All you need to do is just take the bag out and dispose of it.
  • Suitable for Allergic people

Bagged vacuum cleaners are a good choice for allergic people. The bag often works as a great choice for filter and traps any of dust and contaminants that will cause a seal to form around the bag. That way the dust and allergens do not get released in the air and will not affect you.

  • HEPA filtration

Bagged vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA filters generally that helps to trap any of the allergens present in and around the home. It also helps to remove more dust and any of pollen materials that the normal filter doesn’t reach out too. It’s quite a standard on the bagged vacuum cleaner.

  • Low maintenance

Bagged vacuum cleaners normally require low maintenance than most of the bagless vacuum cleaners. It’s mainly because the bags allow them to keep hold of the debris and other material inside and also because of the filter.


There are a few demerits that come along with this one. Here’s them.

  • Need to buy bags

There’s a thing with the bagged vacuum cleaners. You need to buy the bags once the bags become full. This may create an increasing cost on you and might hype the cost for you. It’s a sort of recurring cost that comes with the bagged vacuum cleaners.

  • Decrease in performance

There’s a thing about the bagged vacuum cleaners as they tend to slow down on the performance once the bags tend to get full. The performance often drops dramatically when the bags tend to get filled up with the debris. Some of the vacuum cleaners do come with an indicator for showcasing the filled bags while most don’t.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s see what are the benefits and demerits of this one.


  • Affordable

Bagless vacuum cleaners are often way less priced than the bagged ones and it makes for an affordable investment. Also, you don’t need to change the bags time and again and that too also stops a recurring payment that is seen in the bagged ones. But you need to empty the collection chamber time and again.

  • Easy to find when the bag is full

As seen in the bagged ones, you often don’t find when the bag is full and ready to be replaced and that creates havoc in performance. With the bagless ones, there’s a clear chamber that indicates when it’s full or about to get full. Also, the performance decrease also allows you o know and you can simply go and empty the bag.

  • An eco-friendly choice

What makes the bagless vacuum the eco-friendly ones? In case of the bagged ones, you need to buy bags, in fact, multiple of them and then you’d dispose of them in nature. With the bagless ones, you don’t have to buy any bags and therein no need of disposing the bags and affecting the nature arise.

  • Popular choice

Bagless vacuum cleaners are often the popular choice among many people. Many people tend to go for bagless ones when they are looking to shop for a vacuum cleaner. And retrieving any lost item is also easy with this one. All you need to do is open the chamber and see inside.


  • Exposure to allergens

Bagless vacuum cleaners tend to expose you more to the allergens and particles and that may put you at a risk.

  • Requires a hands-on approach

Bagless vacuum cleaners require a hands-on approach whilst cleaning the bag something not many people would want to. And it also requires more maintenance than others.

What’s next then?

Both of these vacuum cleaners come with their own set of merits and performance factors. You can go for the ones that suit you the best. We hope this one helped you out in deciding which one to go for.

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