BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vac WhtBlu Review

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

The BD Crdlss Hand Vacuum from Stanley works is one of the best portable vacuum that you can get in the market. Stanley Works is a Fortune 500 U.S company that manufactures household products and industrial tools, so you get a quality handheld vacuum with this purchase.

The Black & Decker Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum will be an ideal choice for people looking to clean dirt and debris from hard to reach areas easily. With its compact form and wall-mount solution, you can easily use and store it in your room. This vacuum may just be it for you if you are in the market for a handheld vacuum.

But read this full post before you buy it as we go through the design, features, pros, and cons of this vacuum in brief.

BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vac WhtBlu

BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vac WhtBlu

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  • Type – Handheld Vacuum, Bagless, Cordless
  • Dimension – 35 by 20 by 13 cms
  • Weight – 2.11 pounds
  • Dust Bowl Capacity – 1.5 Liter
  • Voltage – 10.8V
  • Charge Time – one hour
  • Included attachments – Brush and Crevice tool


Like other handheld vacuums, the BD Crdlss lith has a compact shape and weight. It comes at just 35 x 20 x 13 cms in dimension, so you can easily store it in your cabinet when not in use. The weight too is light coming at just under one kilograms, so using it will be problem-free. With a wide-mouth design, this vacuum can pick up bigger dust particles.

The plastic build of this vacuum may look cheap but it keeps the weight and cost under control. Overall, the design of this vacuum is great for the price it retails.

Features of BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vac WhtBlu

Wide-Mouth Design

As mentioned, this vacuum has a wide-mouth design as opposed to the narrow mouth found in other handheld vacuums. With this design, this handheld vacuum can pick up bigger dust particles in additional quantities. This design will also make it for an easy and quick cleaning process.

Bigger and Better Dust Bowl

The dust bowl present in this vacuum has a bigger capacity of 1.5 liters. With this bigger size, you get to vacuum your room for a long time without the need to empty the bin frequently. The bin also has a transparent design, so you can see the dust that gets filled and empty it accordingly. You can easily open the bin and empty it swiftly.

This bin is also washable, so you will get a long life out of this one.

Cyclonic Action

Being a handheld vacuum, you may not expect much from the suction force of it. But this vacuum features a powerful motor that gives it a great suction force for thorough cleaning. It has cyclonic action that makes the suction power much more robust for better cleaning of your surrounding and the filter present in it.

For cleaning tough debris from hard to reach areas, there is no better vacuum than this one.

Longer Run Time

This handheld vacuum features a cordless design that makes it easy for you to clean without the trouble of plugging. But this cordless vacuum also has a great battery capacity that gives it a good run time. You can just charge this vacuum when not in use and clean using it.

Good Ergonomics

With an ergonomic design, you can easily handle this vacuum to get a thorough cleaning. The handle of this vacuum has a perfect design for you to pick up and clean your surrounding without any hassle. The mouth of this vacuum easily gets into corners and other hard to reach areas for you to clean.

This vacuum works on all types of surfaces, so you get to clean your home without any problem.

Advantages of BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vacuum

  • It has a strong suction force with good runtime, so you get to clean thoroughly your room for a long time.
  • The bowl has increased capacity and it can also be washed after you empty the bin.
  • The wide-mouth design of this vacuum helps it to capture large dust and debris.
  • It can be wall-mounted, so you get a good storage option with this one.
  • It can clean multiple-surface without any problem.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to pick and clean using this vacuum.

Disadvantages of BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vacuum

  • There is no charging indicator like LED light with this vacuum.
  • It may produce high noise while operating.
  • While the runtime is good, we think it could be better.


The BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vacuum features everything you could expect in a handheld cleaning device and more.

The design, cleaning capability, dust-bowl, and other features of this vacuum is great. If you want a great handheld vacuum, then you cannot go wrong with this purchase. We hope this post provided some insights on your purchasing decision of the BD Crdlss Lith Hand Vacuum.

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