Benefits of Using Water Softener with Washing Machine

Last updated: October 18th, 2022

Our washing machines are effective in decreasing a lot of daily burdens. Can you imagine doing all the laundry without using washing machines? In today’s world, no! Ask your grandma how hectic is manual washing of clothes.  From washing heavy carpets to blankets, a washing machine is your savior. Nowadays, automatic washing machines come with different labels for easy operation. However, you need to take care of the amount and quality of detergent, conditioner, and water softener used in it. If you fail to take proper care of these things, you might not be satisfied with your freshly washed clothes.

Benefits of Using Water Softener with Washing Machine

One thing you need to be extremely careful about is checking the quality of the water supply in your home. Do you even know the water that comes in our home taps goes from a series of tests before the final launch? Even after going from this much testing, water in a few households fails complete treatment.

The ideal water standards should be having perfect turbidity, taste, hardness, and pH value. The hardness of water is something that interferes with the washing. However, using a softener helps in increasing the efficiency of washing. The calcium carbonate present in the water makes it hard. The use of water softener helps to bring the water calcium carbonate level up to or below 60mg/l.

Even if you have tried every possible remedy to treat hard water for washing like using liquid detergent or laundry borax, nothing can treat water like a water softener. Many people might be not aware of the hazards of washing clothes with hard water. Hard water contains different minerals. When you process your laundry in it, the mineral deposits can sit on your cloth even after drying. It will lead to building up of these minerals, which will eventually destroy the quality of the cloth. One of the finest ways to cure the hardness of water and make it suitable for laundry is using a water softener. Let us look at a few amazing benefits of using water softener with washing machine:

1. Retains the original quality of clothes

A water softener can save your clothes from getting damaged due to the harsh effects of hard water. Your clothes tend to lose their original texture and color quality in due course of time. If you rinse it with hard water, you might be aware of the loss. Using a water softener can make your clothes look more bright, fresh, and non-toxic. If you regularly see deposits in your fancy clothes, we are sorry for your loss. These are the mineral deposits that are the primary cause behind deteriorating the quality of a cloth. Using the water softener also eliminates the need for fabric softeners.

2. Requires lesser time to do the laundry

As the hard water leaves its mineral residues all over the clothes, you need to rinse it again and again to get rid of it. This practice has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, it becomes too time-consuming. Secondly, re-washing it multiple times can damage your cloth and its dye. Third, you waste a lot of detergent. To get rid of all these problems, you have one solution- water softener!

3. Saves your skin from getting damage

Washing clothes with hard water causes the mineral deposition on the top of your clothing. When you put on those clothes, those harmful minerals transfer to your skin. It disturbs the normal pH and moisture-retaining strength of the skin layer. Thus, it can make your skin dry, itchy, and rashy. Also, it can cause sneezing or respiratory tract diseases to hyperallergic people. Soft water prevents all these conditions and takes care of your skin texture.

4. Investing money in the right place

The water softeners are not too costly and they save a lot of other expenses as well. You can readily save your money for electricity bills, repair charges, extra detergents, fabric softeners, and washing machine maintenance.

5. Enhances the lifespan of the washing machine

The hard water has a huge impact on the expected lifespan of the top loading washing machine. A study conducted by the water quality association said that hard water can decrease the lifespan of the washing machine by three to four years. The use of a water softener preserved the actual lifespan of the washing machine with minimal faults. No one likes to replace their electrical appliances frequently. 

6. Minimizes the use of detergent powder

People didn’t notice the influence of detergents in the laundry process earlier. But, nowadays, numerous kinds of detergents are available to suit the purpose. However, hard water is quite stubborn. To get rid of those deposits, you will need to waste more detergent on it. Using water softeners helps to reduce the inappropriate use of detergents.

7. You will not encounter frequent repair problems

The faulty spin, shaking, or other problems in the washing machine relies on the mode of use and maintenance. Excessive use of detergents can harm the machinery of the washing machine. Therefore, a water softener reduces the repair bills effectively too.

8. Lowers the electricity bill expenses

The electricity bills generated from the washing machine mostly comes due to two things; first, the spin time and next, the motor strength. Both the time and strength are increased to remove the stubborn minerals of hard water on clothes. The water softener reciprocates it and saves your electrical expenses.

9. Removes the stain more readily

Soft water helps to remove the stains more readily in contrast to hard water. It uses less detergent and shows you a better result. Soft water also uses lower temperatures to clean your clothes in a better way. Hard water requires a higher temperature with a lot of wastage of extra detergent in it. People are also picky about types of detergent for hard water. The soft water does not require any such specific detergent norm.

10. Beneficial for utensils as well

Apart from using the soft water for washing machines and laundry, it has several other benefits too. Let us look at some more of it:

  • It helps to maintain the shine of your utensils.
  • It does not damage your hair.
  • It helps in the organic development of skin and hair.
  • Consuming hard water makes you more prone to cardiac diseases. Therefore, one of the most beneficial use of soft water is to keep you healthy and safe. 


We hope that you know everything about the benefits of water softener in laundry practices. If your region constantly supplies hard water, make sure to use the quality water softener to save you and your loved ones from the ill effects of it. Thanks for reading!

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