Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Sewing Machine Review

Last updated: October 19th, 2022

When looking to enjoy the art of stitching, a sewing machine is your best companion. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, it will help you get the best without any hassles. Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 comes with full advanced features and lets the users enjoy stitching beautiful crafts on the cloth. To get all details regarding this model, stick to this article.

Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Computerised Sewing Machine

Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Designs Computerized Sewing Machine : Swiss Design by BERNINA Switzerland, 70 Watts, White and Raspberry

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The Sew & Go 8 Bernette is a computerized cutting machine and the leading model in the series. It has all the features that are needed by a creative sewer at an attractive value for money. The Sew and Go 8 Bernette boasts and has a total of 197 stitch patterns, one alphabet, seven buttonholes, and one eyelet stitch included.

Maximum sewing width of 7 MM and a leading point length of 5 MM, lovely LCD, this machine is very powerful. The rotation drop-in a high sewing device up to 850 SPM. Manual adjustment thread, start/stop button is given that enables you to sew without the assistance of the foot control, and auto needle thread, twin needle capability, speed adjuster, feed dog drop for a beautiful freehand inhaler.

The machine comes standard with eight pads including a pico foot and a soft cover for protecting your machine against dust. Let’s have a look at the main features that makes it so useful.

Salient Features of Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Review

Computerized Machine

One of the best things about this machine is that it is fully computerized. It offers the users to select the type of stitches they want along with the length and the style. After that, all the users need is to enter all the essentials, and the machine will stitch according to the preferred patterns.

Leading Brand

Another feature that the machine comes with is that it is offered by a leading brand. The brand is known to offer 100% customer satisfaction to the users. You can get to enjoy full value for money. This machine is one of the best products that one can use for a long time. It does not suffer from wear and tear.

Excellent Presser Feet

Next on the list is the feature of excellent quality presser feet. The presser feet let the users adjust the type and style and then keeps them engaged with the individual outputs without any hindrance of stuck cloth and other issues. Also, when it comes to stitching, the presser feet with the best comfort can help you make the best on the fabric selected.  


The manufacturer of the sewing machine offers a good warranty of one year to the users. The users need to get in touch with the experts available at the company and explain to them the issue they are facing. Once the problem has been identified, the experts will guide you with the further procedure.

They will also help you understand whether the machine needs to be repaired or there is a requirement to replace the entire unit.

Beautiful LCD Screen

The LCD screen of the sewing machine is beautifully crafted on the body. It offers a good look with full brightness and all the features easily visible. One can adjust the features and save them on the screen so that the next time you use the machine, it does not hinder the performance.

Excellent Sewing Options

The sewing options on the machine are of excellent quality. It offers various options and makes the user enjoy the use. The multiple stitches that you can enjoy on the machine are a treat to the eyes. The user can get the best of both worlds when it comes to using the product without any hassles.


The availability of the machine plays a crucial role. You can shop for the machine easily from any online shopping store. Also, there are retail stores where the sewing machine can be purchased. The stores offer excellent discounts along with humungous offers. 

Full Rotation 

Again the next thing that the users can enjoy on this machine is the full rotation feature. The sewing machine offers a zig-zag stitching finish so that you can enjoy the best outcome when using the machine for your project or on your piece of designer garment.

Stitch Selection Buttons

Another add on feature that the sewing machine offers you to enjoy is the selection of stitch buttons with a single button. This button will get you going in a single push and will help you want an excellent performance. One can easily select the different types of stitches on the machine. 

Start and Stop Button

One of the best features of this machine is the single start and stop button operation. This machine can start the process with a single start and can give you the perfect results. The stop button can help you get an excellent product once you are done with your project.

Foot Control 

Though this feature is not needed still, you can use the sewing machine with the help of proper control of the foot. You can use the machine without the foot control also, and it will not be of any disadvantage for the user.

Needle and Presser Foot

Next and one of the essential features on the list is the presser foot. The foot has excellent space and offers the users various options. All you need to do to adjust it according to your preference and the cloth will be stitched to the perfect level.

The needle is also given an ample amount of space so that you can move the fabric with your hands, and it will not get stuck. The needles are also one of the best quality and do not let the cloth crumple or stick in the holes. It is easy to place the thread and get going.  

Thread Space

Last but not the least feature is that the sewing machine offers an adequate space for the user to attach the thread and then move it all along till the bobbin and the presser foot. This will help the thread to come out properly on the cloth. The threads will not get mingled or crumpled, and the roll will get evenly used.

The thread of the reel will also move properly and will let you enjoy the passion with excellent outcomes.

What We Like

  • Automatic
  • Quick to respond
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent quality
  • Heavy built material 
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • LCD screen 
  • Stitch selection 

What We Dislike

  • The only thing that the users dislike about this sewing machine is that the price of the machine is a bit high as compared to the other variants available in the market. 

Wrapping Up

This was a guide to help you understand all about one of the best sewing machines that are automatic. The sewing machine comes along with the best features and offers the users excellent performance. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this washing machine is going to be your best companion.

All you need to do is to place an order of the same and make the most out of your purchase. This machine will help you enjoy the best performance either it is about placing a bow on the little one’s frock or stitching sofa covers for your home. 

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