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Last updated October 25th, 2022

One out of every three Indian households has a refrigerator in their homes. It means that refrigerators have become one of India's essential home appliances because of India's extremely humid climate and high temperatures. Air Conditioners are not something that you use during all four seasons, but the refrigerator is something that we need all throughout the year. The demand for refrigerators is getting higher every year, and thus it can be said that refrigerators are indeed selling like "hotcakes".

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Top 6 Best 350 Ltr (Liters) Refrigerator in India

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Voltas Beko A TATA Product 340 L 2…

Voltas Beko A TATA Product 340 L 2 Star Frost free Inverter Double door Bottom Mount Refrigerator (RBM365DXPCF, PET INOX, Store fresh Technology)
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  • Pro Smart-Inverter Compressor
  • Neo Frost Dual Cooling
  • StoreFresh+
  • Active Fresh Blue Light
  • Ion Guard
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#top 1

Rockwell SFR350SDU Single Door Convertible Deep Freezer-346 Ltr…

Rockwell SFR350SDU Single Door Convertible Deep Freezer-346 Ltr (4 yrs Compressor Warranty, Low power Consumption)
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  • 2 in 1 Converti Freezer & Cooler
  • Corrosion Resistant Cooling Coil & PPGI for inner & outer body
  • Heavy Duty Compressor & Tropicalised Design
  • Approximately 14% Higher Net Capacity compared to competition
  • Sleek Design with heavy duty performance
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Buying Guide for the Best 350 Liters Refrigerator in India

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We have discussed six of the best refrigerators with a 350 litres capacity and also mentioned their essential features. But before buying one, you should know some fundamental factors that should be considered while choosing a fridge from the list above.


The capacity of a refrigerator is always indicated in Litres on online websites as well as on the packaging of the fridge. Since this article focuses on a list of refrigerators that have a 350 litres capacity, all the products mentioned are suitable for families with three to five people.

But there is no hard and fast rule that if you have a small family, you have to go for 350 litres only. Anything within 400 litres or slightly above that will also be perfect for your family and will not take up an enormous amount of space.

Inverter Technology

Refrigerators that use Inverter compressors are always highly recommended. With the help of this technology, the compressor can run at various speeds according to the kind and amount of cooling load. Using the technology of Inverter Compressor, the refrigerator can help you save 20 to 30 per cent of power.

Regular compressors run at the highest settings and turn off when the optimal temperature is reached. When cooling is needed again, it turns back on—this frequent switching OFF and ON wastes a lot of electricity.

BEE Rating

A refrigerator that has a FIVE-star rating will consume much less electricity than one that has a ONE-star rating, which implies the lowest level of energy efficiency. A refrigerator with a higher rating will be more pricey than one with a lower rating. If you want an affordable as well as an efficient refrigerator, then you should go for one that has a THREE or FOUR-star rating.

Built-in Stabilizer

You should always buy a refrigerator that comes with a built-in stabilizer. Sudden fluctuation in the voltage might end up damaging your refrigerator beyond repair, leading to a huge loss. A built-in stabilizer will make sure that your refrigerator functions safely even if there are frequent fluctuations in voltage or power surges.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) How much can a double-door refrigerator generally cost?

If you want to get the best value out of the money you spend without having to compromise on the performance of the refrigerator, then the perfect price range for you is Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. If you have a tight budget, then you should definitely go for Godrej as they provide quality refrigerators at the best value.

But, if you are able to invest a little bit more, then LG refrigerators will be the best for you. Other than that, all the products mentioned in the above list are equally efficient and worth their value.

2) What are some maintenance tips for double door refrigerators?

There are some measures that you can take in order to ensure that your double door fridge provides you with the best performance. It would be best if you kept an eye on the door seals and regularly check them for any damage or dirt. It would help if you kept the coil of the refrigerator clean.

Gaskets are usually removable, and so you should make sure to clean them if they get dirty. You should determine what temperature will be the most suitable for you. Apart from all these tips, make sure to call a technician when the problem is grave.

3) What is the freezer size of a double door fridge?

It is a given fact that the deep freezer’s size will always be smaller compared to the rest of the refrigerator. That ratio of the fridge to the deep freezer is 80:20, and this is the standard size for all the double door refrigerators, irrespective of their brands. A large portion of the Indian population is entirely vegetarian, and it is evident that they will store more vegetables in the fridge than anything else. It is because of this reason that vegetable compartments are quite large.

4) Is cooling faster in a double door refrigerator, and are they energy efficient?

Yes, cooling is far better and superior in double door refrigerators. It is because electric fans are used as their cooling system, which allows you to freeze ice in just an hour. Single door fridges use natural methods for cooling, and that is why ice formation is a lot slower in such refrigerators.

The usage of electric fans might cause a slight rise in your bills, but it is very negligent since most double door refrigerators are power saving.

Final Takeaway

It is now evident that double door refrigerators, which have a capacity of 350 to 400 litres, are just enough for you if you have a small family. By following the reviews and details, you will be able to buy the best double door refrigerator for yourself, without having to compromise on quality performance.

The buying guide will further help you to understand the technicalities and factors that should be considered while buying a refrigerator, and you can then make an informed choice. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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