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Last updated October 17th, 2022

Right now, in this overtly populated both country and continent, air coolers do not seem a luxury. Before globalization, it was a luxury and a status symbol. But considering the rapid increase in the overall temperature statistics, air coolers are a fundamental necessity. One of those foremost attractions that this electronic gadget supply is nothing but covering up a vast area. Air conditioner and their effects are familiar, but air coolers are mainly being used to change the burning temperature of such regions where there is a lack of humidity. Yes, in some states of India, we feel the temperature through sweat. But in some states, the summer wind blows our minds, mostly in those dry burning regions, air coolers have become a familiar daily thing. Recently to avoid fir spreading issues, very few shopping malls, auditoriums, and other public places started using air coolers. Previously when it was a completely unknown thing to all, we discarded its importance at the very ground level. But considering the electricity-saving advantages and easy installation points, a lot of people started using this product. At the very initial stage, the product description was different.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under 6000

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Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler

Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler - 10L, White and Light Blue
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  • 【Product Description】Product dimensions (LxBxH): 29 x 27 x 52 cm .Capacity: 10 Litres ;Ice Chamber; Honey Comb cooling pads ; Inverter Compatible; High Power Water Pump. Ideal for room size of upto 120 Sq Ft. Elegant & Stylish, Aesthetic Design
  • 【Power And Cooling Description】Power: 90Watts; Operating voltage: 250 V; Warranty: 1 year. Air Delivery: 850 m3/hr; Air throw upto 15 Ft ; Number of Speeds: 3 ; Blower/Fan Material: Plastic ; Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • 【Control Panel Description】 Easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling and swing settings. (Seperate Controls Knob For Each){Refer Images}
  • 【Cooling Media Description】 Highly-effective Honey Comb cooling pads, Also ICE CHAMBER and cool flow dispenser ensures superior cooling. Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area / room for effective cooling.
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Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler - 18 Litre
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  • Capacity: 18 Litres
  • Provide optimum air delivery 1200 m3/hr in hot summer
  • Effectively increase the cooling efficiency with Ice Compartment
  • Auto Swing mode Left-Right, Up-Down Manually
  • Odourless and Thicker honeycomb pads with 35mm thickness. High Saturation rate to get better cooling
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Device- Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Device- Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Personal Mini Small Evaporative Air Cooler Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED Light, 1/2/3 H Timer, 3 Speeds & 3 Spray Modes for Room Office Home Travel
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  • Upgrated Personal Air Conditioner and Fast Cooling: The latest portable air cooler integrates desk fan, air cooler, misting humidifier and air circulator. The small evaporative air cooler cooling you in hot summer and can add ice water or small ice cubes to fast cool down the hot air around you, humidifying the air in dry autumn and winter.
  • Ultra-Quiet & Adjustable Wind Speeds and Sprays: The air cooler can work effectively at low noise levels, will not cause noise pollution. There are 3 wind speeds and 5 caliber sprays(3 Spray Modes) to choose. You can manual up-down to adjust blowing direction to meet your different needs.
  • 7 Color LED Atmosphere Light and 3 Automatic Timing: This small ac unit built-in an adjustable warm LED light, which has 7 soft colors and 1 fade choices in all, can be used as a bed light, place in dining or coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere! 3 automatic timing set(1/2/3H), you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time,sleeping or working time.
  • Portable Design and Energy-Saving: There is a portable handle, this USB air cooler could be easily moved anywhere you want. The portable air fan operates at a low energy consumption, simply connect the USB cable to the devices that support USB port. (Please note that it need 5V/2A input current to operate high level wind and spray).
  • Warm Tips: In order for the mist sprays to work better,Prohibit the use of pure water,Please use tap water and mineral water.
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Lopez Air Cooler For Home & Office 20L…

Lopez Air Cooler For Home & Office 20L Capacity - LPZ20
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  • Product Dimensions (LxBxH): 34 x 43 x 66 cm .Capacity: 20 L | Inverter Compatible; High Power Water Pump
  • Power: 90 Watts; Operating voltage: 250 V; Warranty: 1 year | Number of Speeds: 3 | Blower/Fan Material: Plastic | Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Easy to Use Dial knob Controls For Fan Speed, Cooling and Swing Settings. (Seperate Controls Knob For Each)
  • Highly-Effective Honey Comb Cooling Pads
  • Always Allow For CROSS-VENTILATION in Your Area / Room For Effective Cooling.
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Case Plus Mini Arctic Air Cooler (New 2023…

Case Plus Mini Arctic Air Cooler (New 2023 Edition) Portable 3-In-1 Mini Cooler (Conditioner/Humidifier/Purifier) Air Cooler For Personal Space-New
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  • [Easy to Use] :It can spray cold air for several hours continuously to keep your body cool at night and make you sleep well. The lightweight fan and soothing night light make it ideal for a comfortable sleep all night.
  • [Environmental Protection]:Compared with traditional freon air conditioners, it can save at least 90% of electricity in summer. The air conditioner is filled with water and does not contain any harmful chemicals. In summer, it is an ideal gift for you, your family and friends.
  • [The Moist Air is Fragrant] :The portable air-conditioner can solve the shortcomings of these two products, through the evaporation of natural water and cooling air . Never dry , low power consumption.
  • [3 Speed Wind Speed Mode]: This mobile air conditioner has three levels of wind speed (high, medium, low), you can choose the leisure time, sleep time or working time that suits you best. The built-in colorful and soft led lights can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also help you improve your sleep.
  • [Have More Choices]:Three power supply methods, you can use the usb port of mobile devices such as laptops for power supply.
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  • 23-Litre Water Tank
  • Anti-bacterial Honeycomb pads With Ice Chamber
  • Typhoon Blower Technology with 30-feet Air throw
  • Superior Air Delivery of 1000 CMH (avg)
  • Warranty - 1 year
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Tips While Getting a Air Cooler

  • Buyers should get attentive towards the low electricity consumption rate feature.
  • Easily movable wheel factor is a must to opt for.
  • Cooling medium quality needs to be repeatedly checked.
  • Auto swing variation needs to be looked into.
  • How long the machine genuinely runs those Details need to be collected.
  • Features of the machine and the size of the installation place need to become well proportionate.

Air Cooler 1

Air Cooler Maintenance Tips

While installing a good air cooler in the home, the buyer has to maintain a few regular dos and don’ts. Every time the buyer should not complain about the company only, since a lot of work needs to be done by the buyer as well. Firstly, cleaning the air cooler regularly. The more dust it engulfs, the more it becomes difficult to perform.

Some buyers leave it dirty for several months, which is basically nothing but damaging the machine and wastage of electricity. It can be better if the buyer can manage some time and cleans it up with a normal brush on every alternative day. Next comes the quality of the fan; the fan is the organ that produces air. At times, it becomes loose on end for regular service. In that case, the buyer at first needs to fix the fan.

It may so happen the entire machine gets damaged because of this. So, patience and carefulness need to be there. Lastly, the pump, a pump is the heart of the machine. If that gets damaged, the machine collapsed anyway. Unknown sound, more and more noise, hint that the device is under some sort of malfunctions, and it should not get avoided. These are the basic few tips, which should get maintained anyhow, does not matter what type of cooler you are buying, how much you are paying, these tips remain the same for all.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How can somebody know about modern technicalities? 

Modern technicalities of an air cooler include a few details, especially those that tend to be less time consuming and very handy. Especially water level detectors, full swing capacity next comes an easily movable feature. Previously such gadgets were solely bought because of one room or, for that matter, one single purpose. With time constraints, buyers generally like to buy a model equipped with multidimensional features. Here, the product will speak for its customers; customers do not have to invest so much of their effort to discover the hidden features. All of the details have to be transparent and easily understandable.

2) For dust protection, which is the way to get rid of that?

Especially when buyers talk about the dust protection method, they get worried about the internal whereabouts. Whether the dust is creating damage to the machine or insects, we have been using this machine as a breeding ground. For air coolers, these things become most concerning. If somebody is getting worried about all of it, it would be great if they buy self-cleaning machines, where they can witness the level of dust and at the right time can do it by themself.

3) For a whole night cooling experience, which product should a buyer opt for?

For getting a whole night cooling experience, a few things need to be taken care of, the size of the installed tank, how much water intaking power it inherits. According to both of them, the assurance of getting an uninterrupted whole night cooling service is warranted. Also in these days, hassle-free technology is running on top, for that drainage system or drain plug is needed. If the tank gets Overflowed, the drain pipe can release the excess water, and through the procedure, the user’s involvement does not get required. Everything gets completed without any trouble.

4) Which is suitable for the newborns? 

Previously air coolers used to become very, very noisy. And it could not even run in power cuts. But right now, with the help of advanced technology, soundproof air coolers have started getting produced rapidly. So the noise Pollution level has not really increased. So many devices have been carrying forward this inherited soundproof key feature for a long time now.

Final Takeaway 

There are more than 20 states; not every region has the same kind of climate conditioning. It would be silly if a buyer from the northern part of India suggests another according to his own experience to a buyer who lives in the eastern part. Immediate weather conditioning should be the foremost attraction and both attention for the buyers.

There is no single company that can completely satisfy all the cravings, but from that also, the buyer needs to sort out the priorities. Flexible movement, a year full of warranty, less power consumption rate, drain pipe should always be on top while buying. Also, whatever review it gives, the buyer should not get affected by that. The primary need of the buyer needs to get fulfilled. Whether the room’s size and model become proportionate that also needs to be pointed out. Blaming the companies will not be of much help, but knowing what is needed a will. Modern technicalities need a sharp check, and that should always be there on the buyer’s list.

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