6 Best Calculators For Home & Office Use

Last updated: October 28th, 2022

Casio MJ-12GST GST Calculator

Casio MJ-12GST GST Calculator

Casio deals with calculators and mathematical devices.

  • They make a premium range of products under variable designs.
  • GST calculator provides haptic support over its keys, which are designed especially for lightweight usage and pressure.
  • It comes with five dedicated keys, which can work for different functions, including slab keys.
  • It also comes with a changeable button pad, which can be changed after some time of usage.
  • It also has a 150 step check mechanism, which can check step up to 150 times.
  • The device comes with a round and decimal system, which can help in some intense calculations.
  • It also provides flexible display over the buttons, making it easier to press them as metallic buttons are hard and rust-prone.
  • On the designing and Casio has designed it with minimalistic features as the conners around, and it follows a unibody design.
  • It comes with a dual-tone button set up, which also includes a green color button.
  • The device has a LED screen, which can display various functionalities.
  • It also comes with a solar power charger, which can work fluently with a calculator.
  • It also comes with a tag switch, which can be customized for various outputs.
  • It is most used by shopkeepers and students as well.
  • Overall the design is compact, and the mechanism feels nice as well.
  • We would recommend this as one of the best calculators you can get under 500 rupees.

Orpat OT-512GT Calculator

Orpat OT-512GT Calculator

  •  ORPAT is an underrated Indian brand specializing in mathematical products.
  • The device has a markup button installed, which can help in various functions.
  • It also has a total button included, which can directly calculate inputs in one calculation or button.
  • It also comes with a hardcover over the front, which makes it well built, and it won’t break even if it falls.
  • It also has a 120 step checking, which can help you in various functions as it can find errors and change them.
  • In the designing end, it follows an old school design.
  • The buttons are made of local plastic and can break easily.
  • It also comes with a real solar cell included in the box, which can charge the calculator
  • It has an inbuilt battery of a solar cell for three years.
  • It also has a 12 digit display, and the screen is bright enough to see in intense sunlight.
  • Overall the device costs 175 Indian rupees, which is way less than the others on this list and is well suited if you are looking for a compact and affordable calculator for easy calculations.

Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

As we all know, Casio is one of the biggest and largest providers of calculators in India.

  • Casio plus comes with 417 functions and 15 customizable functions, which can easily calculate equations and maths problems.
  • It also comes with a color-coded keyboard, which can help in various functions.
  • It comes with dual power solar cells for a long engagement.
  • It can also power itself under high intense solar light.
  • It also comes with a table function.
  • Overall the product has a dual-tone finish to it, which follows a parametric form.
  • The device is compact and feels handy as well.
  • It is well-suited if you are an engineering student seeking a calculator that can help you solve equations.
  • We would recommend this if you are looking for a scientific calculator under a thousand bucks.

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

 Mobile phones are among the essential things that everyone carries with them due to their compact size. Casio has a design calculator with a proper mobile phone dimension, which makes it handy and easy to use.

  • Canon 2nd generation calculator comes with a sleek design and a minimal approach to its corners.
  • It has all the functions included.
  • It can help you solve trigonometric and permutation and combination problems.
  • It comes with a drop-resistant body, making it a proper fit if you are using it on rough conditions.
  • The device has a unique dual-tone finish with the shade of black.
  • It also comes with a slide-on hard case, which is provided in the box.
  • It has a 3-year manufacturing defect warranty.
  • Overall the design is one of the best you can get under 500 bucks.
  • We would recommend this if you are looking for a calculator under 500 INR for scientific usage.

Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

  • Casio FX is a scientific graphic calculator by the brand Casio.
  • It is well suited for scientists and high intention engineering.
  • It costs 11000 INR on Amazon.
  • It has more than 3000 functions and can work for engineering usage.
  • It has a LED screen with a resolution of 720 p and can display diagrams and cross-section figures.
  • It comes with a built-in app for research and uploading purposes.
  • It can connect directly to your computer and mobile devices through the BlueTooth connection.
  • It comes with different processes that can work on statistics and reasoning.
  • It can directly connect to your printers and can print the input data.
  • On the designing and it follows a dual-tone finish to it with premium quality buttons and a metallic dialler.


Everyone has seen desktop calculators, which were in trend in the 90s. Most shopkeepers used to carry a desktop calculator. If you are seeking for a desktop calculator, then the citizen is here to impress you again.

  • Citizen city comes with a desktop-style calculator.
  • It has 12 digits and comes with a large display, which can help in various ways.
  • Has dual body solar cell, which can charge the device fastly and rapidly.
  • It also comes with a 112 step checking method and can correct and edit the steps.
  • It also comes with the auto-reply feature, which can help in various ways.
  • Overall the design follows a dual-tone black and white finish, which looks old school.
  • It is a price under 500 INR and can do a decent job.
  • We won’t recommend the calculator if you are not a big fan of desktop calculators.
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