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Last updated October 23rd, 2022

It is really important to maintain the car in good condition to ensure the durability of the car. No, we are not talking about the car services but we are talking about everyday maintenance. In a country like India, the dust settles on car very quickly and this surely impacts the performance of the car. It can impact efficiency as well because, over time, dust blocks the air intakes. The dust can also cause serious allergies and in such a case, it becomes even more important to clean the car regularly. One of the best ways to get rid of the dust is by wiping the car using the car duster. They are easily available in the market and they are also very efficient. There is no need to use water if you have a car duster and you can get rid of all the dust within 2 minutes. There is a condition attached here and the condition is that your duster should be of good quality and it should be efficient. So to help you in finding the right duster, we have compiled a list of some of the best dusters available in the market.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Car Duster in India

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Jopasu Car Duster

Jopasu Car Duster
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  • International quality car duster used for cleaning the car within minutes
  • Long plastic handle enables cleaning the top easily
  • It is made from specially wax treated cotton strands which lift the dust without scratching the paint
  • It is washable and re-usable
  • It is water saver product
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ORJILO Super Soft Microfiber Car Duster Exterior

ORJILO Super Soft Microfiber Car Duster Exterior with Extendable Handle, Car Brush Duster for Car Cleaning Dusting - Grey
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  • Anti-scratch & Lint Free - Premium Microfiber bristle prefect for exterior and interior without scratching. It owns strong adsorption force and can easily remove dust and dirt. No hair loss, no debris, light and durable, beautiful and delicate.
  • Best Handle Design - Made from high quality stainless steel telescopic rod, easy to extend and close. Extendable handle allows for easy access in hard to reach areas. The soft foam handle allows for easy gripping and comfort while cleaning.
  • Easy to Use - Use water or use dry. No need for hazardous chemicals. Washable and reusable. Instantly lock onto somethings may make you uncomfortable like dust, pollen dander and more.
  • Multi Use - Great to use outdoor for car, motorcycle, trucks, RV, indoor for home use on windows, shelves, countertops, closets, mirrors, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchens.
  • More Benefit - Simple and easy maintenance, just give it a good shake occasionally to get rid of the excess dust. This car dust cleaner will prevent build-up dust on your car, helping you avoid those tiring, expensive trips to a car wash.
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Gala - 153070 Multipurpose Microfiber Duster for Home and Car Use (Blue)
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  • Microfiber for lint free and scratch free home cleaning: Gala Microfiber duster attracts dust, pollen, and hairs with ease. The fluffy Microfiber guarantees no scratches to the surface on sofa, electronic items, or wall during cleaning.
  • Perfect car cleaning accessory: light weight and easy to use Gala Microfiber duster is a perfect car cleaning accessory for cleaning dust accumulated on seats, windshield, wiper and dashboard
  • Fixed handle with bendable duster: with a 360-degree bendable Microfiber duster brush you can reach corners easily and clean fans and other items with ease
  • Easily washable after use: wash the cleaning head with warm water and hang it to dry to make it fluffy for next use.
  • High density Microfibers duster: Gala Microfiber duster traps dust particles in its high-density Microfiber and does not cause dust to be scattered around like in traditional feather duster
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IDELLA Car Duster

IDELLA Car Duster, Extendable Long Handle Microfiber Car Duster Exterior Scratch Free Car Cleaning Tool, Car Dust Brush for Truck, Pickup, SUV, RV, Motorcycle, Vehicles Cleaning,(Multicolor)
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  • SOFT & SCRATCH-FREE MICROFIBER CAR DUSTER - Duster for car is made of microfibre material, no lint and non-fluffing, the duster bristles is sturdy and fluffy, each one is twisted into a figure of eight for durability and strength. microfiber dusters has adsorption can easily remove dust and dirt.
  • 33" EXTENDABLE CAR EXTERIOR DUSTER - Cleaning exterior auto duster is made of thickened stainless steel telescopic rod is sturdy, car brush exterior retractable length is 27"-33". Extended duster is great for getting into hard to reach areas. perfect for dusting off your car or truck.
  • LARGE AREA CAR DUST REMOVER - Large surface of duster covers areas quickly. long handle wax brush head area is 15.7 * 5.1 inches, dusters for cleaning can quickly removes the dust and dirt particles from the surface of your vehicle. save time on car washes.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR POLLEN SEAZON - Dust brush for car efficiently wipes away pollen and dust, leaving your car shiny and clean. Reusable duster no need to wash the duster, just shake it out after use to remove loose dust and particles. Nice car cleaning supplies all-in-one dusting for your car!
  • EASY TO USE FOR DAILY CLEANING - Car cleaner exterior is sturdy soft no hard edges removes debris, quickly and thoroughly dust the vehicle such as Sedan, RV, SUV, Pickup, Truck, Tractor, Motorcycle and so on. car wash mop is sturdy and soft, no hard edges, no scratch, leave a nice clean shine car.
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Autofy MAJIKO-3 Soft Microfiber Car Duster Car Brush

Autofy MAJIKO-3 Soft Microfiber Car Duster Car Brush for Car Cleaning Car Surface Wet & Dry Duster Multipurpose Home Duster Kitchen Cleaning (Extendable) Dusting Brush
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  • [SUPER SOFT MICROFIBER] - Anti-scratch Lint Free MAJIKO microfiber duster has soft bristles for cleaning car exterior & interior without damaging your car paint or plastic/metal surface. Just swipe the duster and your car will become super clean with no effort.
  • [FOR WET & DRY USE] - MAJIKO works perfectly on wet or dry surfaces - clean your car after heavy rain or duststorm easily with Autofy MAJIKO duster. It absorbs water to make surface dry.
  • [MULTI-PURPOSE DUSTER BRUSH] - use at home as spider web duster, mop, kitchen cleaner duster for window, shelves, cabinets, doors, surfaces, mirror, windows etc. MAJIKO car duster solves all your dusting needs.
  • [FEATURES] - Washable; extendable telescopic handle to reach your car roof or room corners; dense microfiber for quick dust attraction & perfect wet cleaning; easy to store as it is portable
  • [HOW TO CLEAN] - to clean your Autofy MAJIKO car duster simply shake the car duster to remove sticky dust particles; or dip in detergent solution and shake well and let it dry. Your MAJIKO car duster will become brand new.
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How to Find the Best Car Duster?

You would have already been through the list of the best dusters available in India but if in case you are still not sure about which duster to purchase then do not worry. We are here to rescue and we will help you in choosing the right duster with the help of this short buying guide. Below are the points that you can consider while purchasing a duster.

  • Type – First thing to check is the type of duster that you are purchasing. You will find the ones which are made of microfiber, cotton or lambswool. We would recommend you to opt for the one which is made of microfiber as it is very easy to use these and they attract the dust towards them.
  • Grip – Check out the grip of the duster and ensure that the handle is durable. You must be able to clean the car with that duster without any discomfort. It is best to opt for the dusters that have stainless steel handle or moulded handle. Also ensure that the duster is not too heavy.
  • Effectiveness to Clean – You may also want to check out the effectiveness of the duster. It should be able to clean the dust and the duster should be able to trap it until you really shake it to remove it. This is quite an important point while considering the purchase.
  • Reaching Every Point – Ensure that the duster is long enough to allow you with the flexibility to reach every corner and every point in the car. Ensure that you are able to clean the roof of the car easily with the duster. You can choose to purchase two dusters. One for the exterior and the second one for the interior.
  • Durability – Check for the durability and the quality of the duster. Do not buy anything that is made of cheap material because it will not really serve the purpose. Always use good quality dusters which will prove to be durable in the long run.
  • Cleaning the Duster – You must also check how easy it is to clean the duster. The one made of microfiber can easily be cleaned by just shaking them over the dustbin. It can be a task to clean the one made of cotton. Check for instructions from the manufacturer on this.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the car duster. You will be able to opt for the right one if you consider the points listed above.

Bottom Line

This was all about the car dusters. We are sure that after looking at the buying guide, you will have an idea about what to purchase.

It is seriously not a herculean task. Go ahead and choose the right duster for your car from the list of best car dusters listed above.

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