Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

Well, the summer is here, and in many parts of India, the temperature is already reaching 35° to 40° Celsius. As the temperature goes up, so does our desire to cool off. In another word, the need for Ceiling Fans increases significantly. So before diving deep into the e-commerce websites in search of a good Ceiling Fan, spare 5 minutes of your time and update yourself about the pros and cons of the brands and models of ceiling fans available in the Indian market.

Ceiling Fan Brands

This article here covers all you need to know to choose wisely between brands and models. Here we will discuss & compare the top 10 brands in India and their best Ceiling Fan models available in the market.

1) Orient Electric Apex-FX

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ultra High Speed 400 RPM Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Founded in 1939, Orient Electric Limited is an old brand in the Indian market. It’s a subsidiary of Indian giant CK Birla group. They have provided Indian households with good quality Electrical Appliances over the years. The products from their factories in Kolkata, Faridabad, and Noida get exported to 35 international markets.

Orient has one of the best ceiling fans in the market in terms of quality. This ceiling fan is equipped with a 78mm motor that produces 200 CMM air. The motor is pure copper made, which provides a longer and better service than its peers. The angled aluminum blades ensure adequate airflow throughout the room. The motor is mostly noiseless and efficient which, makes it a great option for a sound sleep.


  • 100% Pure Copper Motor
  • Noiseless Operation


  • Motor not powerful enough

2) Havells Leganza 4

Havells Leganza 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)

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Havells India Limited is another top Indian brand when it comes to Electrical equipment. Started in 1958, Havells has more than 60 years of Industrial expertise that they have invested heavily in creating electrical solutions for home, kitchen, and various industries. They have a range of ceiling fans both regulators controlled and remote-controlled.

Firstly this model from Havells is a 4 blade model. It comes with a powerful HPLV motor for better air circulation. This can easily cover rooms with an area of 100 square feet and provides air delivery of 230 CMM. At 350 RPM top speed, it’s one of the best in the market.


  • High Speed
  • Good Air Delivery


  • Higher Price

3) Crompton Hill Briz

Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Crompton Greaves was incorporated in India in 1937 but the original company dates back to 1878 as R.E.B. Crompton & Company. This multinational company is famous for its work on Design, Manufacture, and Marketing of Electrical Appliances. They received NABL accreditation for 5 of their labs.

The Hill Briz provides a great air quality around the room with its powerful aluminum blades. The 75 Watt motor has 100% copper wiring and provides 205 CMM airflow. At 370 RPM speed, the double bearing noiseless operation of the ceiling fan gives comfort while sleeping.


  • 100% Copper Wiring
  • High RPM


  • Average Airflow

4) Usha Striker Galaxy

Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-watt Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature (Pearl White Chrome)

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Usha International is one of the leading brands in the fan industry. They are experts in durable manufacturing and marketing. The company was incorporated in 1934 by Lala Shriram and is currently chaired by Executive Chairman Krishna Shriram.

Usha Striker Galaxy ceiling fan provides 240 CMM airflow at the highest speed of 385 RPM. It uses an 80 Watt motor with 100% pure copper wiring to ensure longer life and seamless performance. The high angled blades provide better airflow than their peers. The Novel Silane paint technology helps with zero dust and oil spill.


  • Highest RPM 
  • Durable build
  • Good warranty


  • Highest Electricity Consumption among Peers

5) Bajaj New Bahar Deco

Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Bajaj Electricals Ltd. is one of the leading Electrical Equipment manufacturers in India. It’s a part of Bajaj Groups owned by Jamnalal Bajaj. Bajaj Electricals excels at designing appliances like lights, fans, mixer grinder, etc. Bajaj is serving the nation for almost 100 years and produced a lot of quality appliances.

The Aluminium body of this model combined with the double ball bearing gives a smooth performance and decreases the total load on the motor. Bajaj New Bahar Deco has a Quick Start High Torque motor, which helps the fan reach its maximum speed within seconds providing a breezy experience to the users. The ribbed blades help with performance and durability. It operates on 75 Watt power providing 230 CMM airflow at a maximum speed of 380 RPM.


  • High RPM
  • Quick Start High Torque Motor


  • Higher Power Consumption

6) No products found.

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No products found.

This 40 years old company has become a renowned household name among Indian consumers. Their excellence in designing fans to meet every need has been a huge success lately giving them a great repute. They have set their values quite highly providing varying commodities with low electricity consumption, environment friendly and low maintenance

The motor is this Polar fan is 100% pure copper made and provides an efficient operation. The aerodynamics of the blades are designed to provide better air quality. This fan delivers 225 CMM airflow at a maximum speed of 360 RPM and it consumes 70 Watt power.


  • Aerodynamic Blades
  • Premium look


  • Airflow is not very high

7) Atomberg Renesa 1200

atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Sleek Ceiling Fans with Remote | Upto 65% Energy Saving | 2+1 Year Warranty (Ivory and Black) | Winner of National Energy Conservation Awards (2022)

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Atomberg Technologies is a classic example of the Make In India movement. This startup was created by few IIT Bombay graduates to innovate something new for Indian consumers as well as solve the high energy consumption rate by normal fans. They’ve introduced BLDC fans into the Indian market with great success.

This revolutionary fan runs with BLDC technology consuming only 28 Watt electricity compared to the 70 Watt average consumption rate. It provides high-quality airflow to a 140 square feet room. It comes with a smart remote for remote-controlled operations such as Speed Control, Boost, Sleep, Timer etc. As claimed by the company the fan saves 60%-70% of electricity per year, which justifies the high price of the model. It runs 3 times longer with an inverter battery than any normal fan.


  • High Efficiency
  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • Remote-Controlled


  • High Price

8) Luminous New York Brooklyn

Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Designer Ceiling Fan for Home and Office (2 Years Warranty, Ale Brown)

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Luminous is one of the leading brands when it comes to Energy Efficient electrical appliances. They have reduced the power consumption by 50% using the latest technologies. With the help of designer, efficient ceiling fan models, Luminous has started making its mark in the market.

With its high-speed motor and aerodynamically designed aluminum blades, New York Brooklyn provides higher airflow as well as better RPM. It works on low voltage. The Aluminium body ensures rust-free operation and long life.


  • Rust-free operation
  • High-speed motor


  • Heavier than its peers

9) Candes Star 1200mm

Candes Star 1200mm High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fans for Home | BEE 3 Star Rated 405 RPM Anti-Dust | 2 Years Warranty (Coffee Brown) Pack of 1

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Candes has been delivering quality products to Indian customers since 1990. They aim to provide budget-friendly, power-efficient, designer fans to the Indian middle class. In the last 30 years, they have become renowned in Indian households.

The Quick Start High Torque motor provides a whopping 400 RPM fan speed, which is the highest among its peers. It can cover a 100 square feet room with ease. It provides a 230 CMM air delivery, which is pretty good and it doesn’t consume much power.


  • Highest RPM
  • Double Bearing
  • Elegant Design


  • Issues with Core Winding

10) Ottomate Ceiling Fan

OTTOMATE Ceiling Fan | 4 Blade | 1250 mm | High Speed | Champagne Gold Color

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Ottomate develops great quality fans with smart applications for its customers. As the name suggests the fans can work automatically. Although this brand is not that famous in India but it is much appreciated for providing great quality products. 

This beautiful ceiling fan is crafted for efficiency and power combined for a supreme performance. It provides 245 CMM airflow, one of the best in class. The 14 pole motor enables better torque. And the coating on blades ensures dust-free operation. After a paid upgrade, the Ottomate Ceiling fan can be modified with true automatic features like breeze mode, turbo mode. The sensors in the fan can sense the temperature and humidity and operate accordingly.


  • Best in class Airflow
  • High Torque Motor


  • Paid Upgrade for Automation


There are multiple brands available in the market that provides you with great choices. But what are the key points you should consider? You need to compare based on power, efficiency, speed, area of coverage, reviews, and above all price. Choose carefully to avoid unnecessary headaches. Happy Hunting !!!

WRITTEN BY Karan Randhawa

Karan Randhawa is a blogger who specializes in product reviews. He has been blogging for over 5 years and has a vast amount of experience with a variety of products. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to review, and enjoys sharing his opinions with his readers.

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