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Last updated October 15th, 2022

We are reviewing best ceiling fans under 1000.The summer is approaching, and the mercury is slowly rising. The cold atmosphere of the winter is now switching over to hot and humid surroundings. This is the time when everyone in India will think about cool breezy air and, ultimately, about fans. The ceiling fan is not the luxury but necessity to overcome the discomfort of the hot climate.

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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000

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Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ultra High Speed 400…

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ultra High Speed 400 RPM Ceiling Fan (Brown)
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  • 100% COPPER MOTOR: Pure copper motor ensures product longevity and the fan comes with Double Ball Bearing Technology.
  • HIGH SPEED FAN: Apex FX operates at a high speed of 400 RPM with air delivery of 210 CMM
  • COROSSION RESISTANT BLADES : Ribbed Powder coated blades long lasting and durable blades .
  • 2 YR ON-SITE WARRANTY: Orient Apex FX comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS – The fan comes in four colour options of White, Brown, Matt Blue, and Smoke Brown to match the interiors of your home.
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Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)
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  • Sweep : 1200mm, Power : 56W, Air Delivery : 205CMM;Double Ball Bearing : Increases load bearing capacity and durability
  • Quick-start High Torque Motor : Provides instant comfort by achieving high performance quickly;Ribbed Blades : Improves Blades Stability
  • Warranty : 2 years on product;Warranty: 2 years
  • Power: 56 watts;Includes: 1 Ceiling Fan
  • Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Material Type: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Controller Type: Button Control
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Crompton Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed…

Crompton Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (Ivory, Pack of 1)
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  • PRODUCT: Crompton's corrosion resistent high performance fan with powder-coated blades for enhanced aesthetics
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm, Power consumption 72 W, Speed 380 RPM, Air delivery 200 CMM
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades; STURDY: 2-piece construction to ensure stability and silent operation
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 motor, set of 3 blades, set of 2 canopy, 1 down rod, 1 shackle assembly, product manual along with warranty card
  • Collection Name: Crompton Surebreeze Sea Saphira Economy High Speed Ceiling Fan; Finish Type: Powder Coated; Material Type: Metal; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount
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Luminous Morpheus Anti –Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)

Luminous Morpheus Anti –Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)
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  • BLADE SIZE:: 1200 mm; Fan Speed: 380 RPM; Air Delivery: 230 CMM
  • DESIGN:  Visually appealing body that enriches the look of your room and Powerful motor designed to produce high-speed of rotation
  • NUMBER OF BLADE: 3 aerodynamically designed blades for higher  air delivery and better air thrust
  • POWER CONSUMPTION:: 75 Watts; Operating Voltage: 220V - 240V; PACKAGE CONTAINS: It includes 1 Anti –Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  • Material Type: Metal; Controller Type: Button Control; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount
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ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High Speed BEE Approved…

ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High Speed BEE Approved 5 Star Rated Apsra Ceiling Fan Brown-2 Years Warranty
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  • Box Contains: Fan Motor, Blade Set, Canopy Set, Downroad and Shackle, Manufactured under the Guidance of Highly Qualified Engineers to Ensure the Life of Product, For Help or Guidance Call on Our CC, Note: Self Installation and product will be repaired in our service center.
  • Controller Type: Button Control; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Material Type: Cast Iron; Finish Type: Painted
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Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm / 24 Inch…

Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm / 24 Inch High Speed 4 Blade Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan Suitable for Kitchen / Veranda / Balcony / Small Room (Pack of 1,Smoke Brown)
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  • PRODUCT : Motor, Double Ball Bearings, Meta Finish Looks, Superb Performance, BEE 5 Star Rating Star Fan, Suitable for Kitchen / Veranda / Balcony / Small Room.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Blade Size: 600 mm; Fan Speed: 400 RPM High Speed; Air Delivery: 230 CMM, Number of Speed Setting: 4/5, Dynamically Balanced Blades. Superior components for longer life!
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS : 1 Ceiling Fan, 1 Motor, Set of Blades, Set of 2 Canopy, 1 Down Rod, 1 Shackle assembly, Instructions Manual and Warranty Card; IMPROVED AESTHETICS : Number of Blades: 3, Power: 50 watts, Voltage : 220 V - 240 V, 100% CNC Binding
  • WARRANTY SERVICE : 2 Years Best-in-class Warranty. For more kindly contact Candes customer care by emailing the product details once the order is received by you.
  • Finish Type: Glossy; Controller Type: Regulator; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount
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Buying Guide for the Best Ceiling Fan

There is no point in arguing that finding the right ceiling fan actually gets tedious at times. That is why we have properly curated this the right buying guide offering you the assistance you need.

1) What Size Ceiling Fan Should You Purchase

It depends on the height and length of your room to find the square footage of your space. First, measure the length and breadth of your room and multiply it by 2 meters. Lastly, measure the height of the ceiling to determine the installation of a particular fan.

  • Flush-mount: This mount is ideal for rooms whose ceiling height is 8 feet.
  • Standard: This is suitable for rooms with a ceiling height of 8 to 10 feet. The installation is done with the help of a down rod. 
  • Extended down rod: Non- standard down rod is used while installing the fan. This is preferred for rooms whose ceiling height is greater than 10 feet. 
  • Sloped: If the ceiling is sloppy, then there will be a requirement for a sloped ceiling fan adaptor. Most ceiling fans come with a ceiling mount that can adjust the fan to a certain degree. But it all depends on the manufacturer. 

2) Your Budget

You can easily get your hands-on good quality products. There are so many options in the current market. You would get the right ceiling fan that suits your budget and style.

3) Where are You Going to Place your Ceiling Fan

It is important as some locations are exposed to unique weather conditions. This would influence the functionality of the fan. So, it is important that you check the product before buying and make sure which fan is intended for a particular.

4) How Much Noise Can You Bear

Most people don’t prefer ceiling fans, which makes a lot of noise. There are fans who don’t make any noise for those who find fan noise annoying. So, we would advise you to check the noise level of the fan before buying it. It is found that fans with wooden or plastic blades make comparatively less noise than others. But don’t make it a reason not to buy the product of a particular brand as each brand has its own specification.

5) Special Requirements

  • Ceiling Fan Lights: <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Some people really fancy ceiling fan lights while others don’t. But for people who like it, there are a lot of lighting sources like LED, halogens, etc. available in the current market.
  • Ceiling Fan Styles: The market has a lot to offer. So, you can easily get your choice of fan styles along with good finishing.
  • Spare Parts: Check if the manufacturer provides a warranty on the product and the spare parts or not.
  • Discount: You can grab a great deal during the festive season. There would be a 10 to 50% discount on your favorite products.
  • The airflow of the Ceiling Fan:  High airflow ceiling fans circulate more air and consume comparatively less energy. It is ideal for stockrooms and open spaces.

Decorative Fans

Most people like decorative fans, and there is a constant demand for it in the market. It has fewer features compared to others. These decorative fans have a rust-resistant body, coating, etc. But it doesn’t come with any special features.

Final words

As the summer season is approaching nearer, most people will start finding better quality ceiling fans, which are of high-quality and cost-friendly. The above-given list of branded ceiling fans is of superior quality having advanced features and is available at lower costs that will surprise you.

You will definitely like to make a deal with the most suitable ceiling fan and to have cooled surrounding during baking and burning summer season, which is already here. Every product is described in detail in the list given above. Take your time and find out the most wanted ceiling fan from the list and book your order today.

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