10 Best Cooking (Edible) Oil Brands in India

Last updated: October 20th, 2022

This post is all about Best Oil For Indian Cooking. ‘Food is life’, ‘the stomach is the best way to win the heart of your spouse’ and many more sayings portrays the importance of food in Indian life. Ignoring all the constraints, Indian mass is habituated with the use of the extensive amount of oil in their cuisines to increase the taste of cuisines.

For that reason, there is a common proverb found in the household of the Indian kitchen, “If you cook even the paddy- grass with a high quantity of oil then it will also turn into an ultimate lip sticking dish,’’. This proverb actually mirrors the inseparable importance of cooking oil in Indian Cuisines. Oil Brands are listed below, so check Best Cooking Oil Brand In India.

Beyond that, with Indian cuisine, Indian food has its own reputation in the world. Due to the fact that these cuisines are filled with lots of species and fried in the oil, the people from the whole world love these dishes. And all of the pride is just because of the best cooking oils in the market.

10 Best Cooking (Edible) Oil Brands in India

 1) Fortune

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Fortune brand produces healthy, affordable and made with high nutrients edible cooking oil, which can be the best option for your cooking. Besides that, they produce almost all types of edible oils such as mustard oil, sunflower oil, and rice made oil, soya bean oil and many more. Fortune is one of the top Indian Cooking Oil Brands.

 The brand fortune is established by the Adani Group in India. The fortune brand presents a unique blend of taste in the cooking oil. By producing the supreme quality edible cooking oil they have emerged as one of the top cooking oil brands in the Indian market.

  • This brand produces oils with a high nutrient base
  • Variety of products are available for the customers
  • Availability of the product
  •  The cost could be lower

2) Saffola

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Saffola is also a leading cooking oil brand that offers a range of cooking oil products for its customers. The Saffola brand is operated by Marico Limited. Marico Limited offers many kinds of edible oil to the whole Indian customers and thus they emerged as the most leading consumer durable brand in India.

Apart from the cooking oil, the brand has health, wellness, and beauty-enhancing edible oil brands in the market. To produce the ranges of products the brand established eight factories in the whole of India. Beyond India, the brand also has a sub-branch in Bangladesh.

  •  Adds the new varieties always
  •  Presents lifestyle centric oil
  •  The product should be more available in the market.

3) Engine

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The engine is a massive cooking oil brand that lures Indian customers with its variety of products. The engine is a brand that has been working under the Shree Hari Industries. Engine oil, being a unit of Shree Hari Industries ruling the Indian Edible oil market for the last fifty-seven years.

All the oil pantries come from this brand with the hallmark of Agromark. They won the heart of the Indian massive in a way because they never compromised with the quality of the oil. Basically, they bring all the raw materials directly from the field. Most importantly this brand has achieved the national award twice. I IGS awarded the brand with the Udyog Pratibha Award in 2011.

  •  Very much appetizing
  •  In build with prime quality
  •  Best fragment
  • The brand could be in more variety

4) Patanjali

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Patanjali is one of the most contemptuously emerging edible oil brands in the Indian market. The brand has arisen during the last eight years and within a very little period of time, the brand got massive success in the Indian market. Patanjali brand produces edible oil pantries without chemical substances. Furthermore, they claim that this brand utmost purest edible oil in the Indian market. The purity and chemical-free base is the main brand value of the product.

Patanjali is a brand that offers all types of consumer goods to the customer. The brand’s manufacturing unit is located in Uttarakhand, meanwhile, its registered office is located in Delhi. It has become one of the trusted brands in the market-beating many other old companies.

  • Affordable ranges of the  edible oils
  •  Chemical-free
  • Slightly low in quality

5) Sundrop

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Sundrop is a great edible cooking oil brand that was established in the year 1989. This brand is controlling the market in a predominant way in various types of the edible oil market in India.  Sundrop is basically the unit of Agro Tech Foods Ltd (ATFL).

The brand is named after the sunflower as the sunflower is the symbol of purity and goodness. Since the establishment, the brand has been producing healthy oils for heart patients.  Furthermore, they produce different types of edible oils according to the consumer’s health-related needs.

Unlike other edible oils, those patients are suffering from various diseases like diabetes, heart diseases they can easily consume the oil because it produces different kinds of organic edible oils too.

  •  Basically, a healthy product that suits the body
  •  Affordable product
  •  Yet to introduce more varieties in their cart.

6) Dhara

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 Dhara is a top-notch edible cooking oil brand in India actively participating in the market for almost five decades. As we all could remember the spectacular advertisement of Dhara, which portrayed the ‘ ‘jalebi’’ frying scene very beautifully before starting the song ‘Dhara, Dhara Shuddha Dhara’’. Dhara is the edible oil brand that is marketed by the mother dairy.

They provide extensively fine edible oils to the Indian Consumer. Now, with the widespread availability of a variety of edible oils, they became one of the best leading edible oil brands in India. You can find their presence in almost 200000 outlets in India. The brand is best known for its purity and focus of the product.

  •   The purity of edible oil
  •   Tasty ingredients
  •  Edible oil pantries are healthy for the whole body
  • A bit of costly material

7) Figaro

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Figaro is a prime brand in the Indian market for the years and they started their edible oil selling journey from the last decade with the tagline of ‘Figaro Healthy & Tasty’. They provide a range of products that are tastier and healthier in competitive to their brand’s edible oil. Thus by producing the best products to the customers, they become one of the topmost admirable brands in the Indian market.

The Kolkata based brand serves the supreme quality FMCG products to the whole of India. In the initial days of their journey, the brand’s sales target was concentrated on only the eastern region of India. But after some time they expanded their business into other parts, such as the northern and southern parts of India.

  • The very special and unique taste
  •  Values the cuisine requirements
  • Should increase the availability of the product.

8) Oleev

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Oleev is the oldest edible oil brand in the Indian Subcontinent. It was established before the pre-independence era. Also, it was the first marketed vegetable oil in the Indian market. Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company, which is acquired by the Hindustan Unilever brand. Initially, the brand used to produce the oils at the local level.

But later, as they had got popularity, they started to produce the edible on the national level. At that time, there were no such edible oil brands and the edible pantries were also new for the market.  As being the fast mover Daldla aroused the best-selling brand in Indian in 1937. People started commonly to call it the Vanaspati ghee. The brand is extensively popular among vegetarian India.

  • The brand has extensive name value
  • Offers quality
  • Provides a range of affordable oil pantries
  • Less promotion

 9) NatureLand

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This is yet another popular edible oil brand in India. This brand provides extensive ranges of edible oil that are really very healthy. In fact, this brand keeps the whole body of the people fit, fat-free and active. Beyond that, that produces a variety of edible oils with different vegetable ingredients. Besides that, they are known for their inclusive ideas. Besides that, they produce edible which is helpful for obesity. This is one of the Best Refined Oil Brand In India.

  •  The brand included many inclusive ideas in the market
  •  Health ingredients
  • A variety of oil fragments should be added

10) Disano

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A magnificent and massive brand in the Indian market which the whole of Indian admired in an overwhelmed way. The band is best known for its different types of specifications that are suitable for different kinds of dishes.

 Rather than staying relegated, the brand decides to bring in varieties to the edible oils. Besides that, they claim that they sell edible oil pantries with the best natural ingredients using the company.

  • The brand does extensive research and new experiments
  • Cost-effectiveness
  •    Need more promotional activity so that they are able to reach customer

List Of Cooking Oil Brands In India

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These were Top 10 Cooking Oil Brands In India.

What Is Cooking Oil?

The edible oils that we use in every household, restaurants, and other food corners worldwide for cooking, is known as the cooking oil. There are many different types of cooking oils, depending upon where the oil is derived from. Some of the most common sources of cooking oil are mustard, coconuts, soya beans, sunflower, nuts, olives, etc. Different oils are used in different kinds of cuisines.

Types of Cooking Oil 

Cooking oils are further divided into three different categories according to their fat contents such as saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated. Different oils contain different levels of this fat. Depending upon the fat content, the oils work differently on heat.

The oils that contain monounsaturated fats such as olive oil are more stable. Olive oil has monounsaturated fat in a high amount, which makes it healthier cooking oil. Polyunsaturated fats are found mostly in plant-based oils. These oils cannot endure extreme heat. These oils should be used in very small portions of our daily diet.

And the third type of oil is the saturated oils. These are considered as the healthiest cooking oil as they have many benefits. They help in adjusting our blood pressure, increasing the good cholesterols, etc. So, these oils are needed for our health. These were Vegetable Oil Brands In India.

Benefits of Including Oils in Our Daily Diets 

Many people believe that boiled foods are healthier than oily foods. But this is not at all true. Our body needs a minimum intake of oil on a regular basis. You should include the right oil in the correct amount in your daily diet to see the best results. Some of the benefits of the best cooking oil for health are as follows.

  • Oils help in the supply of fatty acids that our body requires, if taken at a right and measured amount. 
  • Oils provide good fats to our body as it contains monounsaturated (MUFA) and polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats. 
  • Some oils are helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.  

The essence of the cooking oil 

Every cooking oil has a mild and distinct smell and taste. The oil influences the taste of any food. You should always be aware of artificial cooking oil brands. They can be harmful to your health. Some of the things that will help you identify a genuine product are the smell and intensity of the product, the government seal on them, and the taste of the oil.

It is always better to buy products from the best cooking oil brands in India in 2023/Cooking Oil Brands List. These small healthy habits will help you fit and healthy and live a longer life.  

Full-Fledged Buying guidelines for cooking oil in India

 Nutrient value

Our body needs a substantial amount of fat in our body. But that must be formed with the basic fat component that is required by our body. The edible oils are built with saturated fatty acid and unsaturated fatty acid. Both ingredients are essential for our body. Saturated fat is gained from the animals while unsaturated fat is gained from the plant sources.

As most of the brand produces edible oil which is basically produced from natural resources such as sunflower Oil Brands, coconut, rice, etc. For that reason, we can say that most of the marketed edible oil brand presents edible oils with unsaturated fat. Besides that, some of the cooking oil brands mix color in their oil products.  Strategically you should always avoid these kinds of brands which may harm your health.

Unrefined Oil Brands In India

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Whether it suits your body or not

It is said that nothing is more important than our bodies. If you are consuming that kind of edible oils which are not suiting your body type, then immediately leave that brand. For example, some people find mustard oil very healthy that suits their body, meanwhile a portion of people find the sunflower oils very much useful for them.

Quantity offered by the brand

This matter should be brought into view while you buy the edible oils. Some of the edible oil producer brands sell the edible oils in very lesser quality and charge a high price. On the other hand, some of the brands sell much higher volume with a degraded quality of edible oil. So in that situation, we should avoid both of them and intelligently select that brand which might give the best quality products along with quantity.

Cost-effectiveness that is offered by the brand

There are many brands in the market that provides the oils at an affordable price. Cooking oil is a daily use material and if you are able to save a small amount of money from the edible oil purchase. Broadly speaking, in the end, it will be a big amount for you.

The durability of the product

Many people prefer to buy the edible oil from the reputed brand only, because of the reason that reputed brand’s cooking oil pantries are much more durable than others.  Do you know that if you purchase a large volume then brands ask comparatively lower cost?

But, if you purchase flimsy cooking oil pantries, then it is not possible to buy the higher cooking oil pantries in order to save the money. Because these cheap products are less durable in Nature.


To conclude the whole discussion, if you consider all the above-mentioned aspects, you will be able to make a robust decision of choosing the brand, which will be very healthy for you and your whole family as well.

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