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Last updated October 20th, 2022

We are reviewing the best cordless vacuum cleaner in India [year]. To clean dirt and dust particles from home, people prefer to wipe them out with a wet cloth or using a powerful vacuum cleaner. After plenty of surveys, it is confirmed that vacuum cleaners give the most effective and reliable results. There are usually two types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. The first type is the corded and the second one is cordless.

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Crucial Reasons To Use A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from the limitless range of a cordless vacuum cleaner, you are getting many other advantages. These advantages are also the major reason to opt for a quality vacuum cleaner. Our expert found the four crucial points to vacuum your house

  • Saves Time – Time is always the most important factor which matters in every home. As everyone is busy in work, so a vacuum cleaner can help to save a little time because it won’t take much time to properly clean the house.
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can use a vacuum cleaner by turning on the plug and choosing the suction speed settings from the top of the hose. Now, you have to move the suction head on the floor and it will keep on removing dust and dirt that’s why it is reliable.
  • Remove Pet Hairs – In case, you have a pet then you may know that dogs, cats and many other animals have the issue of hair fall. These hairs are harmful to health, so, if you want to eradicate this issue then the perfect solution is to vacuum clean the home twice a day.
  • Automatic Working – As you buy a Robot vacuum cleaner, you can expect effective cleaning even when you are not at home. You just have to map out the fences and the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically clean out everything in a couple of minutes.

Along with these reasons, you can find an affordable price that can easily grab your attention. Days are gone when vacuum cleaner’s prices used to touch the sky. There are many other vacuum cleaners available like black and decker cordless vacuum cleaner, lg vacuum cleaner, Eureka Forbes cordless vacuum cleaner, Karcher cordless vacuum cleaner, bosch cordless vacuum cleaner gas 18v-li, bosch cordless vacuum cleaner India, karcher ddc 50 cordless vacuum cleaner, bush 18v cordless vacuum cleaner which you can buy.

They are cheap and easily available in every city of India. The only drawback of a vacuum cleaner is, it consumes energy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How frequently should I vacuum my home or any surface?

The ideal time gap can be of 3 days. 

2) What are the different types of vacuum cleaners ideal for different surfaces?

Usually, there are five types of vacuum cleaners widely used and available in the market. You can have a vacuum cleaner which is the best vacuum cleaner for sofa but requires a different type of cleaner for carpets or cars or furniture. Every surface might need a different kind of cleaning, and using the same cleaner for everything might not give you satisfactory results.

Many brands like Dyson India or Philips vacuum cleaner sell nearly all types. The different types of vacuum cleaners are listed below.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaners- These cleaners are portable and compact. Handheld cleaners can take out dirt from your car interior within minutes. These cleaners usually run on batteries. You can cut down on the cost of electricity. However, avoid using handheld vacuum cleaners for heavy and stubborn dust.
  • Upright vacuum cleaners– These cleaners offer support to people who have backache complaints. The user can adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner according to his or her height. The bags given with these cleaners can collect a whole lot of dust. However, they are really heavy. 
  • Canister vacuum cleaners– These can also be termed multi-surface cleaners. They do not make the typical vacuum cleaner noise and have different head attachments for all the surfaces. They are not at all portable and have wires. 
  • Stick vacuum cleaners- These too run on batteries like the handheld vacuum cleaners. Stick cleaners are lightweight and are affordable. These can be used to clean hardwood floors. 
  • Automatic/robotic- These cleaners allow hand-free cleaning. Mostly all the tasks are customizable and can be used as per the user’s wish. 

Buying Guide for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

As if you have made mind for a cordless vacuum cleaner and you don’t know which one is perfect to opt for then we can ease up the work for sure. Below mentioned are five major points that you must check before getting started. These points will help you make an informed decision and tackling with the rest of the trouble.

Consider Types

Total five types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market which can fulfill the exact need. Each type has some advantages and disadvantages. So if you want to choose the best one then you should consider between Upright and Canister. These two are widely preferred and these can fulfill the need with ease.

Cordless or Corded

Corded vacuum cleaners are extremely powerful but they have a limit of not going far from the electric socket. Well, this can be the biggest issue when you are using a vacuum cleaner away from the power socket whereas cordless is lightweight and you can take them anywhere. The only issue is, they have a limited working time of 40 minutes to one hour.


Always know how much battery capacity is offered by the manufacturer. A product with reasonably higher battery power and long durability will be the best to offer you a great deal. In case, the battery takes too much time to charge then reconsider the purchase for sure.

Suction Power

Suction power depends upon the type and design factor. A reputed company will manufacturer a vacuum cleaner with 4000 pa or more suction power which can be adjusted with a knob. In order to get higher advantages, you should go for optimal power because they will work effectively and they are not going to consume an excess of power.


There are plenty of features to consider during the purchase. For a first-time buyer, it is necessary to check the weight, design, suction power, and hose length. Additional features are for more advantages so you can consider as if you really need them in your vacuum cleaner.


A vacuum cleaner that makes higher noise can cause trouble when someone is sleeping. Always opt for a vacuum cleaner that is swift and not making much noise. You can check out the online videos of such products and it will help you get a basic idea that how much noise a vacuum cleaner will cause.


This is the last but most necessary factor to check out. Reviews can help you learn about the effectiveness, efficiency, power consumption, and various other factors after-sale services are easy to understand from the reviews that’s why you should consider going after reviews.

After these factors, you can opt for the warranty factor which will ensure safe use. If you are buying a vacuum cleaner for the first time, then you should consider these major factors, and then it will be easy to grab the best deal.

Bottom Line

To reduce the cluster during the purchase, always go with the reputed brand and their well-known product. This will give you a safer selection and you don’t go out of your comfort zone.

On the other hand, you should check out the price before getting started. This method will definitely help you grab the best deal with ease.

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