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Last updated October 24th, 2022

Smartphones have literally replaced everything. Phones have replaced the small phone book diary that we used to keep with us and the phones have also replaced the daily planner diaries for most of the people. Well, the fact is that the daily planner still has a lot of other advantages and it can help you in planning your day better. It can also help you in controlling the smartphone usage and reducing the dependency on smartphones. You might still question us why are diaries so important.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Daily Planner Diarys in India

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Doodle Undated Daily Planner I A5 I Hard…

Doodle Undated Daily Planner I A5 I Hard Cover I Wiro Bound I192 Ruled Pages I 80 GSM I Lay Flat Design I Metal Corners I Plan your day, To do List, (Rainbow Plans)
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  • Stay organized in style: Whether you’re planning out your day, creating to-do lists, tracking meals, being a step ahead of your health needs and agendas, this daily planner from Doodle Collection, gives you all the tools you need to conquer your goals in style. With soft pastel shades on the pages, making writing a pleasant experience and unmatched functionality, this planner has more than just great looks!
  • Start any time of the year: This daily planner is undated, so you can make each day count and work around the procrastination today, no more wasting time! Tear-off the page and celebrate another day as you reflect on both, the success and learnings for the day - what a feeling!
  • Stay focused, organized & improve time management: Use the sections to prioritise and focus your energy on the important activities. Manage your time effectively and never miss a deadline/meeting. Whether it’s a birthday or a work event, stay ahead of your personal and professional meetings appointments by having them a part of your daily reminders.
  • "Get more done & feel happier: Bring more positive habits & rituals into your life. While tracking progress is the greatest motivator in itself, this offers you dedicated space for your gratitude practice and self-reflection to make the days more meaningful "
  • Handy Water and Meal Tracker: Struggling to hit your daily water intake? We know how to make it a fun routine! Each page with a built-in water tracker, makes it easy to get those eight glasses a day. In addition to that, track your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with the weekly meal planner!
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TINYCHANGE Daily Work Planner | Undated Page-a-day

TINYCHANGE Daily Work Planner | Undated Page-a-day for 6 Months | Goals Diary; To-do List; Appoinment Organizer| Everyday Self Care & Productivity Hacks| A5 Size 400 Free Stickers
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  • Win at Work & at Life with the TinyChange DAILY Work Planner using the power of daily tiny CHANGES
  • Set the Top 3 Priorities in the morning to stay focused and get done things that makes a difference
  • Time-box and get the most value out of every hour of your day using the 5am-11pm Day Schedule
  • Prioritise Self-Care by tracking your Sleep, Water, Diet, Exercise & Learning every single day
  • Stay super productive each day with the 180 unique, curated and proven daily Productivity Hacks
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Amazon Brand

Amazon Brand - Eono Daily Planner Undated, Schedule Your Day, Manage to-do List, Goals Tracker, Wellness Tracker - 3 Month Planner (Floral/Pink)
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  • START PLANNING ANYTIME: Since the daily planner is undated, you don't have to waste a page if you miss a day or are off work that day. You can begin using this schedule planner at any time.
  • WORK SMARTER WITH DAILY TASK MANAGEMENT: Each page has space for three top priorities, a 13-item to-do list, a daily schedule, notes and notes for tomorrow, and water intake. Divide your day into hours to help you work more efficiently.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY - This daily planner provides plenty of space for writing your important priorities, To do lists, daily calls, and appointments, so you can concentrate on being more productive than ever. The thick cardboard backing of your planner makes it more durable for long-term use.
  • PLAN EACH DAY - No more tasks left unfinished! Keep a record of everything through a daily schedule and a separate important section for health and diet. make adjustments to all of your personal and professional Goals
  • THICK 100GSM PAPER: After hundreds of experiments, we finally settled on 100 GSM white paper with clear printing, which is both effective at resisting bleeding through and lightweight enough for you to carry around every day
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Lauret Blanc Daily Planner

Lauret Blanc Daily Planner and Organizer, Gratitude and Affirmation Journal with Weekly and Monthly Review- A5 Size, Plan for 6 Months, Hardbound (Style 3)
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  • ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: LAURET BLANC planner will help you define and breakdown long term and short term goals and incorporate these into monthly, weekly and daily planner.
  • UNDATED & UNIQUE LAYOUT: This planner is undated so you can start it at any time of the year without wasting a page. Also, the structure of this planner is very user friendly where it begins with 6 monthly planner followed by a single week and 7 days, so on and so forth for 6 months.
  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR PRODUCTIVITY AND HAPPINESS: Craft daily affirmations and gratitude for inspired and happier days. Appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots.
  • MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT: Take each day and plan it by the hour so you stay on schedule and on time always.
  • PERFECT GIFT: For yourself or your loved ones to achieve success and happiness every day.
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LAURET BLANC 12Months Undated Planner

LAURET BLANC 12Months Undated Planner, 12 Monthly Spreads, 52 Weekly Spreads, Habit Tracker, Utility Pages, Paperback (Be The Energy You Want To Attract)
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  • CRAFT YOUR YEAR: Dive into planning with intentionality. The planner opens with utility pages meticulously crafted to align with your aspirations. Define your Top 5 Goals for the Year, chart the path to acquiring new Skills, curate your Wishlist of Things to Buy, and envision exciting Places to Visit.
  • MONTHLY VIBRANCE: Each month, turn to 12 dazzling Monthly Spreads. Immerse yourself in colorful layouts adorned with vibrant elements. Capture your Monthly Goals and insights within the dedicated sections, and never miss a moment with ample space for Notes.
  • WEEKLY FLOURISH: Take your journey to the next level across 52 Weekly Spreads. Embrace the power of habit-building with the incorporated Habit Tracker. Your commitment to progress is supported by dynamic visuals and spaces designed to inspire action.
  • A KLAEIDOSCOPE OF POSSIBILITES: This planner isn't just a tool; it's your canvas for a year of vibrance and growth. Every page reflects your journey's colorful tapestry, inviting you to explore, dream, and accomplish. Unleash the potential within each day and seize the opportunity to create, achieve, and shine.
  • PERFECT GIFTING ITEM: An exceptional gift choice that holds the power to inspire and uplift both yourself and your dearest ones.
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Importance and Benefits of Daily Planner Diary

There are innumerable benefits of a daily planner but to give you an idea, we have listed the top most points here. Let us now look at them

  • Planning and Prioritizing – The daily planners can help you better time management. You can mention all your daily activities in advance and this can also help you in prioritizing the task. This way, you will know if you have time for everything or not.
  • Reminders – This can also work as a reminder. For example, you have an activity due after a month or a doctor’s appointment after a month then you can list that already under the date which reduces the chances of forgetting about the appointment.
  • Improved Productivity – As we mentioned earlier that diary can help you in prioritizing the task, this means that it can really help you in improving the productivity as well. This can help you in staying on track in terms of the important task and completing your work much more efficiently.
  • Reduces Anxiety – If you feel anxious about being late or missing something well then the diaries can help you in reducing the anxiety levels for you. This is because you can mention things in advance in diary and hence you can plan smartly.
  • Record Keeping – This also helps you in maintain the record. For example, if you had to visit the doctor after 1 month of first appointment date and you do not remember the last appointment date. In such a case, you can just flip some pages and find out about your last appointment with the doctor

With all these benefits, we are sure that you are also willing to buy a daily planner diary and to help you in making the choice, we have compiled a list of some of the best diaries available in India. Let us now move ahead and check out these details.


These are all the best diaries that you can choose from. While buying, you can consider factors like the type of binding, the size of the page, the quality of page and the space available under each date. This can help you in ensuring that you are buying the diary which will be useful for you. You can also check out diaries which come with space for storing pens.

This can further help you in ensuring that you do not keep searching for pen when you need one. So, go ahead and check out your favourite diary to improve the productivity levels in your daily life.

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