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Last updated: October 16th, 2022

We are discussing the Best Printer Brand In India. Printers have become one of the most quintessential equipment in the modern-day world. Be it high-quality images or loads of spreadsheets or even documents, the printer is always the go-to option. Printers have certainly made life much easier than it was previously.

And with the modern-day printers equipped with the capacity to multi-task rather than just print the only feature, printers have found their way into homes and more. These days most of the homes have a printer with them. We have listed Top 10 Printer Brands, let’s check below.

Looking at the printers in the market, there seems to be a plethora of brands running around. All performing well enough depending on the suitability. They normally come in laser, inkjet and thermal-based option all of which we’ll take into consideration down below. We here are looking into the best home use printer brand that is available in India and list them for you. Read along.

Best Printer Brand In India

1) Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer

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HP has been a standout name in the electronic field for long and their repertoire shows when it comes to printers and more. HP printers have become one of the top choices for homes adhering to their profile of offering the best of the lot. We have taken their Deskjet Ink Advantage piece just to give an idea of how good their products are.

This one is certainly one of the most compact ones available around and comes with options like email print, Wi-Fi print, touch sensors and much more. It comes with traditional cartridges that have faster printing and scanning speeds than the rest and offers almost all of the tasks under one subordinate. This one is certainly worth getting your hands on. HP is one of the best Printer Brands In India.

2) Epson

Epson EcoTank L3250 A4 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer Ink

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This printer is a blend of performance and style making it great for any office and home use. Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, it lets you have flexible connectivity. You will also find high-yield ink bottles that prevent constant refilling. The integrated ink tank design eliminates the need for replacing cartridges. It delivers efficient performance with low-cost printing per page. 

It offers high-quality prints as it comes with improved DPI. The ultra-high page yield can be perfect for enhancing productivity. It comes with a USB interface that can be great for having secure printing. The product can also perform scanning and copying. It offers a complete Cloud solution so that you can have flexible printing. The low noise design can be perfect to prevent disturbances.

This brand certainly is one of the best around when it comes to home use and is worth investing in. A brand that you can trust.

3) Brother

Brother DCP-T220 All-in One Ink Tank Refill System Printer

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Brother is another of those household names when it comes to printers in India. Paired with the refillable ink tank technology and other advanced technology, Brother is something you need to get yourself if you want a good one. Brother is the Best Printer Company In India.

We forsake have taken their T300 for a reference, this one comes with an all-black shell and has a host of menu options. It also comes with the best performance when compared to the rest of the brand.

The one thing that works greatly in favor of this one is the cost-effectiveness that it offers to the user. Something where it wins hands down making it best suitable for homes. 

4) Canon Printers

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012 All in One (Print, Scan, Copy) Inktank Colour Printer with 2 Additional Black Ink Bottles (Per Black Bottle Yield 6000 Prints and Colour 7000 Prints) for Home/Office

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Coming in at the fourth number in our list is the evergreen brand in the field of the printer, Canon. One of the major underlying players of this niche, Canon offers great support when it comes to home printers. They have a plethora of printers around of which the major one befitting the home currently is the Pixma G2000 which we have taken as a reference for this article. Canon is one of the Top Printer Brands.

With a high yield ink tank capacity which offers over 6000 pages of black and over 7000 color based pages, this one is one to rejoice about. It has a splendid boot for printing speed and features high-quality offerings. It does tend to be on the higher side when compared to other brands but the features and functions make up for it. 

5) Ricoh

Ricoh SP 111SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

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Providing you with better convenience, it comes with USB compatibility. You can easily use it for professional purposes due to the print speed of 16 pages per minute. With it, there will be better quality results with high resolution. It also comes with the feature of first print speed. You can have easy paper handling as well as cartridge replacement due to the simple design. 

It is available in a user-friendly design so that there will be no hassle. The product comes in a versatile design which makes it perfect for printing, copying, and scanning. It is available in a slim and compact design for saving space. The fan-less operation system helps to prevent unwanted noise. Even with all the features, it has a durable construction.

It also has a high yield based all-in-one print cartridge that can reduce your costs quite frantically. Go for this one if you’re looking for something subtle yet high performing. 

Best Printer Brands in India

This was the Printer Brands List.

Buying Guide for Best Printers for Home Use in India: 

1) Should you opt for an inkjet printer or an ink tank one?

What type of printer you must invest in depends on how much printing you are planning to do. If your home printing needs call for a lot of printing, buying an ink tank printer would be a wise choice. In case you have minimal printing needs, choose a cartridge printer. One ink tank printer equals 35 cartridges.

2) What are the functions to look for in a printer for home use?

All in one printer is nothing but a printer that can do a lot more than printing. All in one printer allows you to fax, scan, and also print pictures directly from your camera if both the devices support Wi-Fi connectivity. You can easily lookup for the best all-in-one printer for home use in India. 

3) Are printers with Wi-Fi connectivity costly?

The cost factor is a common thing to consider when you are planning on purchasing nearly anything. Printers with Wi-Fi enabled features surely do cost more, but it is much better than the normal ones. Wi-Fi connectivity in printers allows a user to access the device with their smartphones itself. Both the devices are bridged with the help of Wi-Fi, and you can print directly. If you want to use a Wi-Fi printer staying on a budget, you can buy one from the best printer for home use in India under 5000.

4) Can a printer not have paper jams?

Paper jams are very common in every printer. The primary reasons for paper jams are the quality of paper or the thickness of the paper. It is natural for some printers to not accept the common printer papers sold in the marker. Thus, consider buying papers that suit your printer needs correctly. 


There are lots of printer brands plying their trade in India and these form the major core of them. We looked into the parameters of performance, price, features and suitability to mark the best of the lot. We hope this guides you for the best home printer brand that you’re looking for. 

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