Best Nokia Bluetooth Headphone In India 2024 & Buying Guide

Last updated: October 16th, 2022

Nowadays it’s very familiar to observe the younger generation jamming up themselves with a pair of headphones and swinging their head in motion. It makes them feel the presence oneness, devoid of any external disturbances and a feeling of satisfaction. Here Bluetooth headphones come into rescue, lacking a pair of wires and changing the game of listening to music.

Buying The Best Nokia Bluetooth Headphone

Seemingly we have presented the best available Bluetooth headphone from Nokia that is available for your online purchase.

1) Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Nokia, as you all know, is a very trustworthy and renowned brand in India and has its local customer feedback and support. So, in 2019 they came up with a revolutionary design of truly wireless Bluetooth headphones and captured the market at that price point. They have used a pop-up storage design system with a stick design from outside. Being an in-ear Bluetooth headphone, it has a very lightweight design with one earplug weighing 5g.

It works on universal Bluetooth 5 and provides a complete 3.5 hours of battery and 4 hours of talk time with three times addition charge. It is very easily accessible with splash and sweat resistance. This can be easily equipped with a single push-button for answering calls and music playback. For great sound quality and match accuracy, the earplug has a 6 mm moving coil unit and good audio format.


  • Great built and sturdy look
  • Good audio capturing capacity
  • Crisp sound quality


  • Can’t run continuously for more than recommended time

Points To Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headphones

The India market is flooded with Bluetooth headphones and choosing a reliable brand with good features can be tricky sometimes. While most of the time we spent enjoying solitude, so it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on purchasing a good pair of headphones.

  • Battery life

Bluetooth headphones must have a good battery life of at least 3 to 4 hours for comfortable use. This ensures that you can make the best use of your headphone with utmost convenience. After all, who does want to charge their headphones more often they hear music from it?

  • Purpose of use

It should be compatible with your daily office work and also support your hard workout session providing a better throughout the day. So, you should make sure to choose the right headphone that suits the particular purpose you are looking for. Now, if you are seeking for an all-purpose earphone, the Nokia BH-705 is just the right option for you.

  • Sound output quality

It should give a great listening experience with a perfect blend of bass and treble and noise cancellation facility must be good. After all, the sound quality is something that always comes to our first preference before choosing any kind of headphone.

Final Words

We have tried to gather all the information and features of the best Nokia Bluetooth headphone and provided all the valuable feedback regarding this compact device. Depending on your budget, you should go with the truly wireless Bluetooth headphone from Nokia.

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