10 Best Swimming Pools You Should Visit In Amritsar

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

Among all the top swimming pools, we have selected the top ten, which offer premium service and facilities for all swimming lovers. In Amritsar, there are multiple swimming pools in different locations. Some pools only offer swimming lessons, while others are for recreational purposes.

Ten Best Swimming Pools in Amritsar

1 – Satyam Farm

Location: Main GT Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143119

It is the best swimming pool within an economical budget in Amritsar. According to international standards, Satyam Farm offers separate kids and adult pools. You can also enrol here for swimming training and join the exclusive swimming club. The pool remains open round the clock to cater to all swimmers of different ages. Satyam Farm also maintains pool safety and hygiene strictly.


  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Multiple pools for Children and adults
  • Private location for pool parties
  • Zero-entry swimming pools
  • Swimming training by experts
  • Summer camps for swimmers and children
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning

2 – Dolphin Swimming Pool

Location: Near Bilia Pithi Wala, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Dolphin Swimming pool is one of the best and most popular swimming pools of Amritsar. It is a favourite hangout place for summers. You can buy summer clothing and swimming gear from the pool authority. You can also enjoy a game of water volleyball, rowing etc., in the Dolphin Swimming pool are. The pool also offers a unique deck for resting. And if you are hungry, you can grab yummy bites from their canteen as well! The pool authority also organizes regular swimming training camps under expert supervision.


  • Regular swimming training sessions with expert trainers
  • Canteen for patrons
  • POkace for playing water volleyball, lounge and decks
  • Separate Changing room available
  • Both indoor and outdoor pool

3 – Lake Ontario Water Pool

Location: Near Baba Gulab Das Ji, Sultanwind Nehar, Amritsar, Punjan 143001

If you are looking forward to finding a swimming pool that offers an extensive training program, Lake Ontario Waterpool is your ideal choice in Amritsar. It has a long legacy of producing expert swimmers of all ages. Players also get in different swimming styles as well as for competitions. Additionally, the pool is appropriately maintained by adhering to hygiene and safety guidelines.


  • Outdoor pool
  • Special and extensive swimming training sessions
  • Pool maintenance and hygiene
  • Expert and experienced trainers

4 – The Peacefield

Location: Loharka Road, Near Jagdev Kalan VillageAmritsar – 143001,

The Peachefield is among the new and premium swimming pools in Amritsar. This pool maintains global standards and offers swimming training and recreation activities. It also provides a separate changing room and decks for swimmers.


  • Regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Swimming training and Summer camps
  • Recreational swimming sessions
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Open all-day

5 – Guru Angad Dev Swimming Pool

Location: JRMH+FMV, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab 143005

Guru Angad Dev Swimming pool club offers multiple pools like a kids pool, deep pool and adult pool. Additionally, this place also has separate ladies and general adult pools for swimmers. The pool offers services against membership registration. The best part of the pool is its extensive swimming training program by expert trainers.


  • Multiple pools for kids and adults
  • The extensive and specialized swimming training programme
  • Changing room for men and women
  • Summer camps and swimming competitions

6 – Panther Swimming Pool

Location: Amritsar Cantonment, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab 143001

Panther Swimming pool offers multiple swimming pools for swimmers. The place offers swimming training to both kids and adults under expert supervision. The crystal clear water is regularly cleaned and maintained as per international standards. It also provides private space for pool parties, summer camps and other fun activities.


  • An indoor pool and outdoor pool
  • Good hygiene and maintenance
  • Separate pool for kids and adults
  • Private area for pool party and summer camp
  • Swimming training sessions

7 – Behrouz’s Wet ‘N’ Wild

Location: Mule Chak, Gate Bhagtawala, Bhagtawala, Amritsar – 143006, Dana Mandi

Behrouz’s Wet ‘N’ wild pool doubles up as a swimming pool and a water park. The pool is crystal clear and safe all year round. People can enjoy a good session of swimming here. Additionally, this place has a wide range of water games like snooker, recreational swimming games, water sports like water volleyball etc. You can also enjoy summer days with delicious foods and drinks from the cafeteria.


  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Cafeteria
  • Water sports and recreational swimming activities
  • Clean and hygienic pool
  • Separate changing room
  • Special summer camps

8 – Paradise Indoor swimming pool

Paradise Indoor swimming pool is a unique indoor pool with a poolside villa. This pool doubles as an amusement and recreational location with amazing games like a pool table, water sports, lounge area, etc. You can book rooms here to chill and enjoy your quality time by lounging beside the pool. You can enjoy a vacation like a beach here with delicious food and lots of fun.


  • Indoor pool with proper safety and hygiene
  • Water sports like pool table, recreational swimming, etc
  • Family pool and kids pool
  • Poolside Villa with exclusive restaurant
  • No membership is needed for booking

9 – Yo Yo Aqua Swimming Pool

Location: Ramuwala, Khapar Kheri, Baba Buddha Ji Road, Amritsar – 143105

Yo-Yo Aqua Pool is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a fun day or hang out with their friends near or inside a pool during summer. This swimming pool offers you entry on an hourly charge. The pool authority provides water sports, sprinklers, water rides, recreational swimming and water club rides. You can also fill yourself up with the food from the cafeteria. But, at present, there is no swimming training available in this pool.


  • Water sports and recreational swimming
  • Indoor and outdoor pool with water sprinklers
  • Cafeteria
  • Summer camps and water sports
  • Entry on an hourly charge; no membership is needed

10 – Born 2 Swim

Location: Fateh Garh Churian Rd, Birbal, Amritsar, Punjab 143008

Born 2 Swim offers a modern swimming pool equipped with fun water sports for people of all ages. This place has deep and shallow pools with pool sports, water volleyball, a recreational swimming pool and other fun activities. The pristine clear water is hygienic and is cleaned regularly with a strict schedule. Additionally, you can also host pool parties, birthday parties, etc., in the private pool arena with some good food from the cafeteria.


  • Multiple pools with different water sports
  • Clean and hygienic pool
  • Private area for hosting parties and summer camps
  • Good food


Here is the complete list of the top ten swimming pools in Amritsar. Here you can find both swimming pools specialized for swimming classes and recreational purposes. All these pools are great and maintain all safety standards perfectly.

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