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Last updated October 23rd, 2022

Before we dive into the list of best thermal printers, let us have a look at what they really are and what the purpose is. As per its name goes, unlike inkjet printers, thermal printers use heat to print on papers. They do not require nozzles to squirt out ink from it. Thermal printers are often spotted in places where billing and barcodes are done and printed often. Thermal printers are designed to be fast and efficient, along with being compact. There has been a noticeable increase in thermal printers and its use in sectors like airlines, retails stores, grocery shops, banking sectors, along with healthcare facilities. Thermal printers are also highly capable of printing labels super fast. Given below is a list of 10 thermal printers perfect for your needs:

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Thermal Printers

Benefits of Using a Thermal Printer

  • Can be highly reliable
  • Maintenance costs are low
  • No ink or ribbons make handling easy
  • The printed coupons and barcodes have unmatched quality
  • The print quality remains consistent throughout
  • Loading the paper is easy in thermal printers
  • Using fonts is flexible
  • Has an option for multiple fonts

Drawbacks of Using a Thermal Printer

  • Ink can be used more as needed
  • Color printing may not be up to the mark
  • The drying of the ink may take longer making it prone to smudging
  • Labels often fade
  • Repairing or replacing may be costly
  • Labels can’t tolerate high temperatures of heat or sunlight

Buying Guide for Thermal printers: What Should You Look for?

Owning a thermal printer for receipts and bill printing is a necessity now. Before you impulse buy just any thermal printer, here is a guide on what to look before investing in a thermal printer:

  • The resolution the thermal printer provides– Labels need to be crisp and clear. The thermal printer’s resolution is directly proportional to the detailing of a printed label. More the resolution, the greater the detailing. The standard resolution for a thermal printer is anything above 200 dots per inch (DPI). However, a very detailed and clean label would need a resolution of 300 dpi to 600 dpi.
  • Energy source it requires– Portable thermal printers run on batteries. If your work is mobile, it is recommended to buy a battery-operated thermal printer so that it is easy for you to use it anywhere and everywhere you need to. Electricity powered thermal printers, on the other hand, need to be fixed and connected to a power outlet in one place.
  • Printing capacity– The thermal printers are based on how much volume of bills or receipts it can print. If your business needs a high volume of printing at the POS, you might want to consider buying a high-end product. If not, thermal printers with light or medium use range will serve you right. Buying a printer and putting a load on it even if it is not meant for such workload might destroy it completely.

Final Takeaway

Choosing the perfect and efficient thermal printer for your business might put you in a fix, given the number of products available in the market. The guide to the best thermal printers will solve your queries and doubts before you buy one for your business or personal needs.

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