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Last updated October 19th, 2022

Toilet Tissue Paper seems like one of the simple inventions, but there is a lot more science used in these days to make it soft, lightweight, eco-friendly and cost effective. In the western countries, there are lots of manufacturers to offer toilet paper whereas the number of users in India is lower and the same goes with the manufacturer. As there is limited manufacturer, you have to be selective to find the right brand and grab the best deal for an affordable price point. Here in this post, we are mentioning the top 5 best toiler tissue papers in India based on their quality, the soft texture feels and lower price. Along with these factors, we are considering features like soft fragrance, which is an add-on, and you can rely on it. Let’s begin with the top pick “Selpak Elegance Perfumed Toilet Paper Bathroom Tissue Roll" of this whole list and know that how to become this product got the top ranking for same features.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Toilet Papers in India

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Amazon Brand

Amazon Brand - Presto ! 3 Ply Toilet Paper Tissue Roll - 12 Rolls (160 Pulls Per Roll)
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  • Presto! 3 ply tissues with 160 sheets per roll
  • Soft tissues with smooth feel
  • Safe and hygienic choice for your family
  • Made from 100% natural virgin paper
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA)
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Origami 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

Origami 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper Roll - Pack of 12 (160 Pulls Per Roll, 1920 Sheets)
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  • The 3 ply embossed tissue feels so..soft on your skin but tough enough to wipe without disintegrating on wet skin.
  • Low chemical usage and automated manufacturing make this safe and hygienic for your intimate needs.
  • Made from 100% cellulose fiber: Free of any inks, dyes or harsh chemicals and chlorine brightening agent
  • Tough during use but designed to disintegrate when flushed to keep your drains from getting clogged.
  • 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper Roll - Pack of 12 (160 Pulls Per Roll, 1920 Sheets)
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Selpak Toilet Roll

Selpak Toilet Roll - 3Ply (PACK OF 9)
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  • Imported
  • Cushion effect for softness
  • 100 percent pure cellulose
  • Dissolves in water - does not clog in drains
  • Gentle and absorbent
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Softouch 2 Ply Toilet Paper Tissue Roll Family…

Softouch 2 Ply Toilet Paper Tissue Roll Family Pack 6-in-1 (230 Sheets Per roll)
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  • Softouch Toilet Rolls are a superior combination of softness, strength and absorbency.
  • Made from virgin chlorine free paper
  • Soft on skin, Disintegrates quickly when flushed.
  • Availble in pack size of 4, 6, 10, 12
  • Unit_Count_Type: count, Item_Weight: 450.0 grams
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SofTouch Toilet Paper Tissue Roll Economy Pack 4-in-1…

SofTouch Toilet Paper Tissue Roll Economy Pack 4-in-1 (100 mtr roll) (455 Sheet Per roll)
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  • Softouch Toilet Rolls are a superior combination of softness, strength and absorbency
  • Made from virgin chlorine free paper
  • Soft on skin, Disintegrates quickly when flushed
  • Availble in pack size of 4, 6, 10, 12
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Types of Toilet Papers

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to. Here is the list of some types of toilet papers to know about.  

  • One-ply toilet paper  

You can understand by the very name of this product that there is only one layer in them. This is the most low-priced toilet paper available in the market in comparison with its other variants. However, it doesn’t mean that this type of paper is less durable. A variety of superior single-layered toilet papers are also available.   

  • Two-ply toilet paper  

There is no need to say that this is a 2-layered toilet paper that is comparatively thicker than the prior one. This was first introduced back in the 1950s when some manufacturers simply joined two single-layered tissues and rolled it in order to provide thicker toilet papers.  

  • Three-ply toilet paper  

Similarly, as the previous two, this type of toilet paper comes with three layers of paper. It aims for better absorption and better cleaning than the other two.   

  • Luxury toilet paper  

The luxury toilet papers are more expensive options than the basic ones. They come with various luxury options like scented, quilted, multiple layered, and ultra-soft papers. Every single brand has different luxury levels and premium qualities to offer their customers.   

  • Unbleached toilet paper  

This kind of toilet paper is also alternatively called ‘chlorine-free’ toilet paper. These papers come in a comparatively brown color. The white papers are derived after a bleaching process. In this case, these papers are not bleached. These are made of recycled materials. If you are a nature lover, then you can opt for this one as they are more environment-friendly option for toilet papers. They even come at lower prices too. But these papers are not as soft as the bleached papers.  

  • RV Camping toilet paper  

These toilet papers are specially designed to use when on the go. You can use it anywhere while camping within a vehicle. You can easily keep them above the water tank without getting bothered about logging them. You can find the same waste system used in boats. This is why it alternatively called ‘marine papers.’  

  • Bamboo toilet paper  

If you want to go with an eco-friendly option, these are just the right ones for you. These are very soft papers as the main constituent is bamboo. But the bamboo toilet papers are much expensive than the normal or the unbleached toilet papers that you generally find in the market.   

  • Colored toilet paper  

Here is a fun fact for you about toilet papers. Even Beyonce only likes red toilet papers? Yes, there are real things like colorful toilet papers in the world. These colored papers were famous back in the 1950s but got extinct after 2004. But finally, you can find them once again. But the only disadvantage of this type of paper is they are costly.  

  • Toilet paper for sensitive skin  

Sensitive skin is a real problem for people. They need everything specially made for them. So, like every other product, there are also sensitive skin-friendly toilet papers. Multiple chemicals are used for producing toilet papers like formaldehyde or even chlorine. So, these chemicals can cause reactions and irritation to their skin. This is why many brands produce toilet papers, especially curated for hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, so these can be used on even the most sensitive skins.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

1) Which is the best toilet paper in India?   

Some of the best toilet paper in India are:  

  • Solimo toilet tissue paper   
  • Selpak toilet paper   
  • Tempo toilet paper  
  • Origami  
  • Cottonelle   

2) Can you buy toilet paper in India?   

Yes, you can easily buy toilet papers from your nearest retail market, local shops, shopping malls, or online from Flipkart, Amazon, etc.  

3) What is the strongest tissue paper brand in India?   

Among the various toilet papers available in the market, the Charmin Ultra Strong is the strongest tissue paper brand in India. 

Buying Guide – What To Consider?

A Toilet tissue paper is a basic need, but as it is preferred by a minority in India, the variety isn’t wide. It can make you strictly look after the quality paper, soft feel and many other factors. To end the trouble, we have a bunch of factors that you can consider and get rid of all the issues with ease. Let’s get started with the major ones –

  • Material Used in Manufacturing – There are a couple of materials used to manufacture toilet tissue paper, but the most used materials are Cellulose, Natural Virgin Paper and a few more. You should consider the paper material because it decides the firmness.
  • Absorption Rate – Well, this factor totally depends on your observation because you have to buy a trial pack of toilet tissue paper and use it for couple days to notice whether it absorb water or just wipe.
  • Strong Material – Many may be thinking that what is the need for a strong paper? Well, it decides the thickness and a few other factors which ensure the quality. A poor toilet paper is easy to tear, and it is not going to wipe in a perfect manner.
  • Soft feel – Soft in feel toilet tissue paper is a bit expensive, but the best thing is, they are not going to cause any kind of rashes which ensure that you won’t face any trouble lately. It is an important factor that you can’t avoid.
  • Number of Units in a Pack – Buying a single toilet tissue paper will increase the cost, and it is less reliable. Always go for the trial pack in the first time and then order tissue paper in large numbers to get better deals.
  • Avoid imported – Most of the imported toilet tissue papers are almost same inbuilt quality and features, but they have a major difference in the price. Due to import, you have to pay extra taxes and important charges, that’s why you should avoid them.

After considering the material and absorption rate, you can look after reviews because they will give a basic idea of what to expect. Most of the time, reviews help knowing more about the qualities and issues of a problem.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

No doubt that built quality and strength is everything, but you can’t neglect the fact that design is also the premium factor. From thickness to hygiene, you have to be selective to save some extra bucks on a reliable deal. Keep in mind that you prefer going with a toilet tissue paper which has a sort of fragrance.

It will make your washroom smell good, and most of the people like having such stuff in their bathroom. Hope, this post will be helpful to those who can’t decide which brand to go with.

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