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Last updated October 23rd, 2022

Nowadays, Vacuum cleaners are becoming must in every home. It is especially true if you have a lot of carpets in your home. The carpets can become dirty pretty easily and can become hazardous for your family health over time. Vacuuming is the easiest and the most effective way of removing this unwanted dirt from your carpet and from your home. We've established that Vacuum cleaners are a significant addition to your home, but what model of vacuum cleaners should you buy, and what suits your home? Naturally, there are many models of vacuum cleaning with various features in different budget segments. Buying the perfect one can become a difficult task pretty easily. To remedy this, In our article, we've reviewed the best vacuum cleaners available in India right now with its pros and cons. We've also given a buying guide for vacuum cleaners to clear all your doubts. Let's get started.

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Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

The vacuum cleaner is becoming one of the must-have appliances in Indian homes. Even in apartments and businesses, a vacuum cleaner is becoming a necessity. It reduces hours of useful human time by automating the cleaning task. But with the abundance of vacuum cleaners in different variations available, it can become a daunting task to select the one that suits you. Read the following buying guide to get a clear knowledge about vacuum cleaners and what type suits your need.

Type of vacuum cleaners

Generally, vacuum cleaners are divided into six types. You can get the vacuum type that is best suited to your house environment. These types are,

  1. Hand-held Vacuum – It is perfect for interior home cleaning and small cleaning tasks.
  2. Robot Vacuum – This type cleans your room automatically without any human help. It is suited for people leading busy lives. It works well on cleaning floors and carpets.
  3. Stick Vacuum – It is a light-weight vacuum. It is useful for quickly cleaning spills, car interior, etc.
  4. Upright Vacuum – It is useful in removing dust from hard floors and carpets.
  5. Canister Vacuum – These are the common vacuum that cleans everything in your home.
  6. Steam Mops – These are mainly used for floor cleaning.

All the types have their own uniqueness and disadvantages. You should buy it on what suits your needs.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum cleaner

Generally, vacuum cleaners come with a bag. It is used to collect dust and remove it without any hassle. But these vacuums reduce the suction power as the bag fills. The bag must be also replaced frequently. To counter it, there are vacuums available without the bags. Here, the dust is collected in the inbuilt-can. But you have to clean the can frequently. So, buying a bag or bagless vacuum comes down to your personal choice.

Check for the noise

Nowadays, a vacuum cleaner is manufactured to produce medium to low noise while using. Yet some produce high noise that may irritate you. So check for the noise decibels the vacuum produce before buying it.

Cordless or with Cord

Some vacuum works on battery power while others work only with continuous power. Using the latter arises the problem of cord tangling or tripping. If you are concerned about this, then you can get a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that it needs regular charging to work

Other features to check out for

Try to buy a vacuum with the following features to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

Auto-winding cord – The power cord winds itself into the vacuum. If you are buying a vacuum with a power cord, then make sure that it has this feature.

Full Bag Indicator – When the bag becomes full, the vacuum indicates you automatically to empty. It gives you the convenience of emptying the vacuum without manually checking it frequently.

Suction Control and Height adjustment – The suction control lets you control the airflow. The heigh-adjustment lets you adjust the height of the vacuum. It may not seem important, but it is mandatory that you get a vacuum with these features. It lets you use the vacuum effectively without any hassle.

Maintenance and Warranty – This is the last and yet the most important thing to look out for. Vacuum with bags needs replacing the bag frequently. Some vacuums let you clean the filter manually. There is a chance that you may break some parts while working with your vacuum. So make sure that you get a warranty while buying the vacuum.


Cleaning our environment is a somewhat demanding task that must be done regularly. Vacuum cleaner makes this task easier by automating part of it. Realizing this, more people are buying vacuum cleaners for their homes, apartments, and business. If you are on the fence of buying a vacuum or having doubts on what model to buy, hope this review and buying guide helps you in choosing the model right for you.

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