Best Wattage For An Induction Cooktop

Last updated: October 25th, 2022

With time, induction cooktops have revolutionized the cooking scenes globally. They offer many advantages against traditional gas or electric ovens.

Due to its popularity, many brands now have their range of induction cooktops. You can find cooktops with different wattage power ranging from 120W to 3300 Watt. Such diversity often confuses a new buyer. So, which wattage range is the best for cooking? If you want to find the answers, read the article till the end.

Higher Wattage Means Higher Heat

If you want to buy a cooktop for boiling or broiling, a 1200 watt cooktop is enough. But, for other cooking styles which involve a lot of heat and spices, you will need higher heat. In this case, more than 2000 wattage is ideal.

Higher Wattage Means Faster Cooking.

Higher wattage power will make the cooking procedure faster. For example, one 2000 watt cooktop will boil 2-liter water within 8 to 9 minutes. It will use 320-watt-hours to complete the boiling procedure. But, a 3000-watt cooktop will boil the same amount of water within 2 minutes. Furthermore, it will use only 200 watt-hours.

Hence, wattage is linked to the cooking time. Are you looking for an induction oven that will cook faster? Then you need to buy a model with at least 2800 wattage for a satisfying experience.

Wattage Is Linked To Electricity Consumption

On top of that, wattage is also linked to electricity consumption. In general, electricity consumption is the consumed power against the cooking time. Induction cooktops with lower wattage take more time to cook. Hence, these cooktops lead to more energy consumption in the long run.

Here are two examples for a better understanding of the procedure-

A 1000watt cooking top cooks a dish in five minutes. In this case, the cooktop consumes electricity of 1000 watts per one minute. Hence, the total consumption is= (1000*5)/60-watt hour= 83.33 watt-hour But, if you use a 2000 watt cooktop, the cooking will be complete within 2 minutes.

In that case, the consumption is= (2000*2)/60= 66.67 watt-hour. Hence, in the second case, the energy consumption is lower. Thus, if you plan to cut down the electricity cost up to 50%, go for a cooktop with at least 1800 wattage. It will be helpful.


The wattage of induction cooktops is important. Hence, the best choice is not to get at least 1800 to 2000 wattage models. Such models offer diverse cooking facilities, lower electricity bills, and faster cooking time. Besides, such cooktops offer a wide range of heating mechanisms and will allow you to cook any dish you want.

Induction cooktops with higher wattage also offer other features including different cooking modes. Hence, you will be able to use temperature according to the cooking style. The best wattage for an induction cooktop is at least 200 watts and above. You can choose models having 2000 wattages and above as per your preference and budget.

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