Best Wheat Flour (Atta) Brands in India – Review & Price

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

Wheat is one of the first cultivated grains by our ancestors that helped to grow the modern society. It has been consumed by humans for thousands of years in many forms. They contain carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, and other essential compounds that help for our survival. Wheat is one of the significant food sources all over the world, but it has a much important role in Indian kitchens.

Without wheat flour, Indian cooking is not complete. Items such as Chappati’s, Roti’s, Puri’s are some of the important food items that rely upon the wheat flour. It is not an exaggeration but wheat flour literally feeds over a billion people per day. But there are many brands of wheat flour available in the with each claiming to be the best.

Top Wheat Flour Brands in India

1) Aashirvaad Atta by ITC

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ITC is one of the largest multinational conglomerate company in India. They produce a wide range of products from food to Information technology services. One of the popular food product brands created by ITC is the Aashirvaad Atta. This is Best Atta Brand In India.

First introduced in 2002 of May, the Aashirvaad Atta quickly became one of the top branded packaged atta across the country. You get the most delightful rotis & chappatis with the Aashirvaad atta that completes your kitchen with love and care. The grains are procured from over 6,500 different locations and are processed using a three-step process to ensure high standards of food safety and hygiene.


  • PET poly packaging – This kind of packaging with the wheat flour ensures the freshness is not lost after a long duration.
  • Sharbati wheat – The wheat flour in this brand is made from the high-quality wheat harvested exclusively in seven districts of Madhya Pradesh.


  • Rich in Proteins, Fibre, and Carbohydrates
  • Three stages of highly refined processing
  • This flour creates soft and tasty Rotis

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Energy (kcal) – 368
  • Protein (g) – 10.1
  • Fat (g) – 1.9
  • Carbohydrate (g) – 77.6
  • Sugar (g) – 6.2
  • Dietary Fibre (g) – 11.1

2) Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

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Fortune is among the most trusted and reliable food brands in India. Owned by the Adani Group and Wilmar International, this joint venture is one of the largest food companies in India. This food brand includes various items such as oils, soya, rice bran, cottonseed, and groundnut. But the chakki atta is one of the best selling food-product from fortune.

The Fortune Chakki Atta is prepared from some of the finest handpicked wheat fields. It is made with 100% atta with zero percent maida. So the roti made with chakki atta perfectly complements your tomato and onion gravy. The food from this atta is rich in fiber, soft, and fluffy to peel. It has all the whole grain nutrients and proteins to keep your family healthy and strong.


  • Premium Manufacturing process – the manufacturing process is designed to make the Atta retain its good properties for a long time.


  • It constitutes 100 % wheat with no maida
  • It is rich in dietary fiber
  • Good quality for a low price

Nutritional Information per 100 g

  • Energy (kcal) – 341.0
  • Protein (g) – 12.1
  • Carbohydrate (g) – 69.4
  • Fat (g) – 1.7

3) NatureFresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta by Cargill India

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Cargill is an American multinational company, which is one of the largest food and nutrition specialists in the world. Cargill India introduced the brand NatureFresh to deliver the goodness of wheat flour across 200 towns and cities in India. The NatureFresh wheat flour is manufactured from the finest quality of wheat grains that are reaped from the best-selected farms in the country.

The wheat flours by NatureFresh is available in two variants. They are Sampoorna Chakki Atta and Sampoorna Sharbati Atta. These variants are processed in the right way to produce the flour in the right texture. They are neither too fine nor too coarse.


  • Automated processing – From the start to the end, the automated manufacturing process delivers the best wheat flour.
  • 100 percent wheat with no maida – Package is completely filled with wheat and has no added impurities.


  • Made from fine quality wheat grains
  • This wheat flour has a correct texture
  • The food prepared from this flour is easy to digest providing the optimum nutrition

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Energy (kcal) – 369.7
  • Protein (g) – 13.1
  • Carbohydrate (g) – 75.7
  • Fat (g) – 1.6
  • Fibre (g) – 13.0
  • Sugar (g) – 1.6

4) Organic Tattva Wheat Flour by Mehrotra Impex

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The parent company Mehrotra has been a manufacturer of household items, handicrafts, and kitchenware for nearly half a decade. They have ventured into the organic food business with their domestic brand Organic Tattva in 2012. Organic Tattva is one of the very few brands that aim to give pure organic food products to their customers.

They test each and every product for 186 different types of pesticides before they are CO2 fumigated. They have a high standard for manufacturing organic food products. So it is no surprise that they are certified by USDA, European Union, and Indian Organic Standards. With principles of health, ecology, and care, the wheat flour by Organic Tattva delivers a healthy, chemical-free meal for your family’s nutrition.

Finally, the packaging is made as per the standards set by the Indian Organic Standards to maintain freshness and quality for a long time.


  • C02 fumigation – This process gets rid of all the infestations in the flour
  • Packaging – Packaging of the wheat flour is made as per the standards.


  • Organic flour with no contaminations
  • Food products made from this flour are soft and tasty
  • Rich in nutrients and proteins
  • Meets the standard in manufacturing and processing

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Energy (kcal) – 370
  • Protein (g) – 12
  • Fibre (g) – 7

5) Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta by General Mills

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Pillsbury was one of the largest manufacturers of grains and foodstuffs until it was bought by General Mills in 2001. General Mills is again a top U.S. multinational manufacturer of consumer foods in the world. So the chakki fresh atta will be a quality food product for your family.

Introduced in the year 1998, the Chakki Fresh Atta is a high-quality, nutritious wheat flour to make healthy and tasty rotis. The Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta has 100 percent wheat with fiber, so it gives all the nutrition to your family with easy digestion.


  • Provides wholesome nutrients – this atta has 100 percent whole wheat grain with the fiber. So your family gets a healthy meal.


  • High-quality wheat flour

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Energy (kcal) – 364
  • Protein (g) – 12.3
  • Fibre (g) – 12.9
  • Fat (g) – 2.2

List of Best Atta Brands in India

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What are the health benefits of Good Wheat?

The majority of the Indian population relies on this amazing staple crop grown in almost every part of India. It holds one of the topmost positions among several cereal crops that are found all over India. With its requirement of the cool growing season, UP alone is responsible for producing a large amount of the best wheat in India.

The best wheat flour in India is obtained by grinding or milling wheat that is packed and sold by different companies. Due to its nutrition value and calorie content, many health enthusiasts find it more beneficial than ordinary white rice. It is mainly a source of complex carbohydrates combined with protein and dietary fiber.

It is widely cherished due to its protein content, but it is also the powerhouse of many vitamins and essential minerals like sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Not only in India, but a wide population around the world also prefers wheat. It is advised to mix your regular wheat flour with the best multigrain atta in India to get the maximum benefit out of it. 

Difference between Chakki milling and Roller milling

Traditionally Indian wheat was produced by stone milling that was regarded as chakkis. This set consists of rounded stones; one stone was made stationary while the other stone was made run over the other along the same axis. Companies have commercialized wheat without nutritious parts that are germ, endosperm, and bran. 

While in case of commercially grounded wheat is prepared simultaneously in tons, they get heated up in the process and end up losing all the essential nutrients. It also causes starch damage to the wheat, which eventually increases the dough’s water absorption and mixing quality. 

Still, there are numerous best atta chakki brands in India that traditionally prepare wheat flour. Chakki atta can be beneficial in several ways. They are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B, keeping all the nutrients intact. 

Frequently asked questions about wheat flour:

1) Does eating wheat flour daily help in weight loss?

Nowadays, everybody wants to shred a few pounds. Many health enthusiasts are switching from white rice to wheat flour due to its nutritional values. In general, wheat is rich in dietary fiber and serves as a powerhouse of essential nutrients.

Due to this property, consuming a few chapatis gives a filler sensation, and people end up eating less concerning white rice that leads to fat loss. Eating dishes made of wheat flour helps in reducing cholesterol and managing blood sugar levels. 

2) Suggest a brand name for wheat flour?

You can use any wheat flour that suits your pocket. Wheat flour should be purchased from renowned brands so that we have less chance of getting contaminated products. Else, all the brands, as mentioned earlier, provide the best wheat flour in India.

3) How can chapatis be kept fresh for a longer time?

Chapatis can be kept fresh for a longer duration with the help of the below-mentioned methods:

  • Soft chapatis can be easily achieved by making the dough with warm water instead of cold water. After making the dough, it should be covered with a wet cloth for at least 30 min.
  • One can put those soft chapatis in the freezer, but care should be taken to prevent them from absorbing moisture.
  • It can also be kept in zip lock bags and stored in the fridge.
  • It would be best if someone saves them together in small portions.
  • Before reusing those chapatis, take them out and microwave them.

4) Why is eating maida considered unhealthy?

Maida is a finely milled white flour that is prepared by even further breaking the wheat flour. The glycemic index of maida is high and causes many health problems if consumed on a regular basis.

Buying guide for Wheat flour

Wheat is the most common type of flour present in most Indian kitchens. So it is vital to choose the best quality of wheat for your family. Here we present some of the important things to look out for when buying the flour.

The type of flour

There are different types of wheat flour available in the market that serve different needs. The amount of gluten content present differentiates the type of wheat flour. Gluten is the natural protein present in wheat and it gives the structure for the food made with wheat flour. Strong wheat flour has high gluten content.

These flours when kneaded become elastic because of the high-protein content. The opposite of strong wheat flour is the weak wheat flour which has low gluten and is soft when kneaded.   Wheat flour types are the basic wheat flour, all-purpose flour, bread flour, pastry flour, cake flour, whole wheat flour, and self-rising flour.

Each type of flour caters to different purposes as the name suggests. So it is wise to choose the type of flour, based on your needs.

The amount

The amount of flour that you should use mainly comes down to the number of members in your family. Most of the wheat flour brands come in three different sizes such as one, five, and ten kilograms. You can choose the ten kilograms of the flour if your family has more than five members. One and the five kilograms will be suitable for a bachelor or a small family.


Wheat flour is one of the essential food products in the Indian kitchen. So you should buy wheat flour with high-quality. Though high-quality wheat flour costs more, you should not hesitate to buy it. They give the vital proteins and nutrients for the health and well-being of your family. So don’t compromise the quality of the wheat flour even though it costs more.

Which Atta Is Best

We have reviewed many atta brands above, you can choose the one which suits best for your needs. According to our research, Aashirwad is the best Atta brand in India.


Every Indian family knows the importance of Wheat flour. But buying the best wheat flour can become troublesome. We hope our review of the best wheat flour brands and the buying guide help you in choosing the best wheat flour for your family.

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