Which is The Best Vacuum Cleaner: Bosh or Eureka Forbes?

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

Nowadays, in our daily busy life, we all badly need a modern house cleaning gadget. We all know that daily cleaning our rooms is how much essential for maintaining our hygiene. But due to lack of time and hard labor, it is also becoming quite impossible for us to do the cleaning in the traditional methods.

Vacuum Cleaner

In such a typical case, vacuum cleaners would prove as the best tool for you. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirt and dust particles from your house. It works on an air pumping mechanism that is fitted inside the device. Besides the pumping activity, a vacuum cleaner can do other cleaning functions in various situations like blowing, remover pet hairs from furniture, carpet, etc.

Hence, these days vacuum cleaners have become a versatile gadget. It enables you to clean even those in corners that are impossible for you to reach by using any traditional cleaning process. And due to all these features, the vacuum cleaners have been succeeded in providing your entire house a sweet, clean, positive environment to live freely in the peace of mind.

For superior cleaning, you need a quality machine. But people struggle a lot in buying their dream machine and end up taking some ordinary ones. So, we have selected two top-end products from the brand Bosh and Eureka Forbes. Both Bosch and Eureka Forbes are majestic brands and provides high-quality products.

1) Bosch Gas 15 Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Gas 15 PS Heavy Duty Corded Electric Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 1,100W, 270 mbar, 10 Litre Tank, 6 kg + Nozzle & Accessories, 1 Year Warranty

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This product is presenting to you by one of the prestigious manufacturer Bosch. It is trustworthy and provides high-quality products with assurance. This historic brand provides various home appliances and electronic goods. This is the best buying option for you under wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

It has a smart click system for comfortable and firm hose connections. The Gas Blower 15 is an ideal gadget and can be used for both outdoors and indoor cleanings. This fantastic product is equipped with a microfilter which can simply turn its vacuuming mode to blower mode and vice versa.

Silent Features:

  • This model from Bosh is fitted with a microfilter, which has a vacuum power of around 270 Bar. By this, it can remove the unwanted particulate dust and the sawdusts particles perfectly even after any carpentry work.
  • This gadget is unique and ideal for cleaning floors and even the corners.
  • This is also used in automobile service centers as they demand proper cleaning and maintenance. Manual cleaning is hectic. Thus this Vacuum cleaner can come in handy for them because of its superior quality cleaning.
  • This is a hazard-free wet and dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a special dust bag system. It is both universal hose-hold and professional dust bag compatible.
  • It has a semi-automatic filter cleaning system for higher-performing efficiency and a longer filter lifetime.

What We Liked:

  • It has an upgraded power of 1100 W motor system that makes short work of any cleanup
  • It comes with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system, a user-friendly tool with excellent efficiency and ease.
  • It has an Anti-static hose and pipes that work uninterrupted for a longer time
  • It has a smart click system for a comfortable and firm hose connection.

What We Dislike:

  • The warranty period is less

2) Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner with 1200 Watts Powerful Suction Control, 3 Free Reusable dust Bag worth Rs 500, comes with multiple accessories, dust bag full indicator (Red), standerd

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This fabulous product is from Eureka Forbes, one of the prestigious international electronic appliances manufacturers. The Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200 comes with an aesthetic Hi-tech design. It provides you the Deep Cleaning Plus Technology, which offers you a hassle-free and speedy performance.

Its dry and wet functioning feature proves very useful for wet spills. This is a dream machine for people with powerful, loaded features. That will give you the joy of cleaning and will provide consistent performance.

Silent Features:

  • It has an auto cord winder that stores your power cord quickly and with minimum hassle. It also protects the cable from external damage and keeps it extra safe.
  • It comes with various Power Control that enables you to control the blower and suction at three different modes.
  • It is provided with a smart auto clean switch that gives you contact-free cleaning with just a click of a button as it cleans the HEPA type filters through the state of the art reverse air dynamics.
  • It gives worry less comfortable and convenient click fitting mechanism for connecting hose.

What We Liked:

  • It is designed to clean dirt from both dry and wet surfaces of your house.
  • This gadget is fitted with a superior unique suction design.
  • It has a three and 5-meter retractable cord and a wheelbase that makes it easy to access.
  • It is also equipped with a state-of-Art Swiss design.
  • It comes 1300 W high power motor.
  • It is protected by one year warranty.

What We Dislike:

  • The wheels should have been more significant to counter the heavyweight.

Standard Check List While Buying a Sewing Machine 

vacuum cleaner 1


Vacuum cleaners are loaded with features that may vary. Some have only vacuuming ability, and some are also provided with blowers that can blow air out in place of sucking them in. They also have variety in the filter attached in it, some have a simple one, and some gave HEPA filter.

Dust bag availability 

Dust bags are available in the majority of the vacuum cleaner, but some of them does not have separate dust bag and has a chamber to store dust and dirt. Generally, the robotic one and handheld does not have a dust bag as they are compact and small in size.


The budget plays a very integral role while selecting any vacuum cleaners. After all, you won’t be breaking your bank to get a single Vacuum cleaner. That being said, for the majority of the beginner, a simple machine can play the role perfectly. If you are ready to spend some extra amount on a Vacuum cleaner, then advanced options are also available. The amount that they offer is reasonable with the new generation Vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner Type 

The vacuum cleaner is available in various different models. They are available in the canister, upright, handheld, stick, pet, robotic, etc. These have other uses and purposes that have different mobility and design. Some have auto cleaning ability; some are carried in hand or in wheels.

Size and Design 

The vacuum cleaner is available in different sizes and designs. They are available from significant canister types to small handheld ones. This provides variety in also with their mobility. Handheld types are small and sleek and can be carried easily.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) A Vacuum Cleaner required how much maintenance?

This question entirely depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you are using. Like the bagless type of vacuum cleaners does not contain any bags that are required to change from time to time, whereas a dust bin needs to be emptied and cleaned at regular intervals. It is very necessary to replace the filter of a vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a HEPA filter periodically, depending on the environment of your house.

This goes the same for other types of filters, too, unless the filter is a washable one. The brush rolls type of vacuum cleaner collects the hair, pet fur, threads, etc. are also needed to be clean from time to time, only to achieve its best performance, sometimes these dusting brushes also need to be changed. The frequency of maintenance also significantly depends on the brands of the product.

2) How frequently should we do Vacuum Cleaning?

It is actually a very good question to ask about the frequency of vacuum cleaning your house. To leads a healthy, fit, long life, we need to have a habit of cleaning our home daily. Though, someday the schedule of cleaning can be affected due to the capacity of dirt stored in your vacuum cleaner.

For the people who always used to shed their shoes after closing doors, or quickly the pet furs get accumulated, and find traces of sand or dirt everywhere in the house, daily vacuum cleaning is highly recommended to them. A Robotic Vacuum cleaner would also be very useful for them, as it can be set for a specific time and can be used to clean according to your daily schedule even when you are working. So in this way, you can get back your house’s floors as new as before.

3) Is it necessary to control the allergens?

It is a very serious matter that needed to be considered as we spend most of our time in our house. And according to some researchers, inside the homes, there is a huge possibility of having 3 to 6 times more pollutants than the concentration of the pollutants outdoors. It can become a severe issue and even may cause a life risk to any individual in your house who is a victim of asthma or sensitive to some allergens.

The vacuum cleaners, which are fitted with a HEPA filter, could be proven as an essential aid for improving the indoor’s air by making it free from allergens, dust particles, and dangerous particulate matters. The HEPA filter trap particulate matters down to 0.3 microns so that the air released from it is cleaner than earlier and became safe to breathe into it.

Final Verdict 

After taking all of these questions into consideration, you should have the profile of your best vacuums. This will also help when you begin to delve into the products. Both of the mentioned products are from highly prestigious manufacturers. But are a little different in a few aspects; thus, we made an exact cut comparison.

So if you can buy one of them for your consideration according to the details, it is seen that Eureka is a little costlier but has more power. We hope this will give you enough idea about these two products. It is grateful to grant you valuable information on these two products.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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