Candes Star 48 inch High Speed Anti Dust Ceiling Fan in India

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

Ceiling fans were first manufactured decades ago, but you can still see them on the ceilings of an Indian house. It is also easy to spot these ceiling fans in hotels, restaurants, and even airports. That is how much they are known to be used in India. Most people have them installed because they do not like Air Conditioners, while others have them because Air Conditioners are quite expensive, and a common man in India cannot afford to own and maintain them. Because of this, ceiling fans are the only options that one can go for. 

Candes Star 48 inch High-Speed Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Candes Star 1200mm High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fans for Home | BEE 3 Star Rated 405 RPM Anti-Dust | 2 Years Warranty (Coffee Brown) Pack of 1 (Coffee Brown)

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In other countries, you will have to try to find ways of fixing a ceiling fan on your own. However, in India, such things can be done quickly. You have to call your local electrician, and you will be done. That is how accessible the services related to ceiling fans in India are. Additionally, if your fan gets damaged by any chance or stops working, you should know that you can get that fixed too. All of that will be done in just a matter of a few days. We do not know about your opinion on ceiling fans, but if you ask us, we will scream with our hearts that we love them.

You can find numerous high-value companies in India that manufacture ceiling fans. You will be surprised that most of these companies are dedicated to building ceiling fans only. But today, we are going to discuss the specifications and features of the Candes Star Anti Dust ceiling fan. Candes became our choice because it is dedicated to bringing the most high quality and long-lasting ceiling fans for its customer base in the country. We have also discussed the fan in detail before moving forward. So, let us take a detailed look at everything – 

With time we have seen a lot of changes in the designing of fans. While most manufacturers have focused on the overall look of the fan, we have also seen makers dedicating their time to creating advanced aspects. One such aspect is the anti-dust build of the fan blades. If you have ceiling fans in your home, you probably know how difficult it is to have them cleaned. After all, when these fans are supposed to be fixed on the ceiling, you will have a hard time reaching your cleaning cloth. The settlement of dust is one reason people refrain from investing in ceiling fans with light colors.

Most of them start thinking that with dust, the color of the fan will begin becoming pale. This is undoubtedly a hard pill to swallow for people who like light-toned designs. But, all these problems got solved when the anti-dust ceiling fans were launched. Today, we are going to discuss one such ceiling fan. It is brought to us by Candes and comes at an affordable price. With a full proof copper winding, it will also last years on the ceiling of your home. Additionally, if it ever gets any problems, you will find that such things would easily be fixed by calling your local electrician. It is one of the best ceiling fans you will find, and it also comes with a prolonged warranty of three years. This is a best fan that is not going to disappoint you ever.

The Star version of the Candes fan comes in a matte brown design. Its blades are well designed and also have decorative parts attached to each one of them. This way, you will be able to fit it in a room with gold tones. Mostly such tones are seen in the houses of people who are fans of royal interior designs. The fan can be controlled with a switch and weighs only 2.5 kg. However, its overall dimensions are – 22 X 49 X 22 cm. With a meta-finish look and superb performance, this is the ceiling fan that you need. Candes also provides on-site services in many states of India. So, if you see your state on the list, make sure you enjoy all the benefits.  


  • With gold-toned pieces in the design of this ceiling fan, it will suit well with royal-themed houses.  
  • The blade is thin and shaped well so that they throw air well around the room.
  • The design of this fan is contemporary yet lovely. 
  • Candes also offers on-site services in many Indian states.  
  • The customer care offered by the company is exceptionally helpful. 
  • It has capable copper winding as well.


  • You will only find this ceiling fan in a dark brown design.


  • With copper winding, this ceiling fan is effective in reducing power losses.
  • The central shell of the fan also has a design and piece that matches with the three blades. 
  • It only weighs 2.5 kg and has the dimensions of 22 X 49 X 22 cm. 
  • For controlling it well, you can use it with the help of an electrical switch and its speed regulator.
  • The shape of the blades of this ceiling fan is highly advanced and well designed.


  • For better aesthetics, the fan has lacquer metallic paint on it.
  • The blades are made wider for high air spread and delivery. 
  • It is a dustproof fan, so you do not have to wipe it clean often.
  • With a double ball bearing, its motor will always work smoothly.
  • It works at 230 Volts and has a wattage of 74 Watts.


For those of you who are fed up with cleaning their ceiling fans regularly, we would suggest that you must think of invest in this anti-dust ceiling fan. It has many energy stars, so it will also help you save energy. This, in turn, will create a reduction in your electricity bill. For over 15 years, Candes has been known to make amazing and well-designed fans in India. Do not hesitate to give this fan a try. With a combination of technology, quality, and efficiency, this is the fan that you need at your homes. The after-sales service of the company is also great. What else can a buyer of ceiling fans ask for? 

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