Car Cleaning Tricks That Your Body Shop Won’t Tell You About

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

Everyone likes to keep their car neat and tidy. But going to the body shop for every silly case is not ideal. It costs a lot more obviously. However, there are many tricks that you can pull off, which the body shop people won’t tell you about. The less you know, the more you go to them, right? Well, that changes today.

There are a lot of DIY methods available online that you can use to clean your car, which is cheaper and more efficient. This blog is about those tricks that will help you keep your car clean and fresh. Well, it’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it? So let’s jump into it.

DIY Tricks to Clean Your Car

Here’s a list of 10 DIY tricks you can pull off easily;

1. Polish Headlights with Toothpaste

The best way to clean car headlights is toothpaste. Use a little toothpaste along with vaseline. Apply the mixture on the headlights thoroughly and keep on rubbing in a circle until the dirt starts coming off. Then clean the headlights with a soft cloth and it will look shiny as new.

2. Upholstery Conditioning using Vaseline

To keep the interior of your car looking new and shiny, all you will be needing is vaseline. Apply a little vaseline on a dry cloth and massage it throughout the interior to keep it shiny. Along the way, the vaseline will keep the upholstery from cracking up as well.

3. Remove Bumper Sticker with Hair Dryer

Want to keep the bumper clean of stickers? Well, it could be messy getting rid of the plastic and adhesive (You wouldn’t want to keep your bumper messy now, would you?). But with the help of your hairdryer, you can heat up and loosen the adhesive enough to rip the stickers without damaging the bumper.

4. Keep the Rims Clean with Baking Soda

To keep the rims of the car shiny, all you need is a homemade mixture consisting of baking soda, dish soap, and warm water. It’s easy to make and doesn’t cost much. And it’s satisfying seeing the grime melt away revealing a shiny rim.

5. Dust the Dashboard with Coffee Filters

Keeping the dashboard clean is very easy when you use a coffee filter to do your bidding. They are cheap, bio-degradable, and easy to use. Keep a stack of them in the glove compartment and clean the dashboard as often as you want.

6. Clean the Air Vents with Makeup Brush

To clean the air vents of dust, simply use makeup brushes. Just remember to clean the brush beforehand to remove any makeup residue. Otherwise, you will end up cleaning the residue from the vents again, which would not be ideal.

7. Keep the Cupholders clean with Cupcake Liners

It’s very difficult to clean the cupholders and remove all the dirt from there. Instead of cleaning, you can prevent the dirt from settling there if you follow a few simple steps. Put a silicone cupcake liner inside the cup holder. Next time you clean the interior, take out the liner and clean it thoroughly before putting it back.

8. Keep Your Wipers Smudge-free

While cleaning the windshield wipers, use rubbing alcohol on them to keep the dust from gathering again. As a result, the wipers won’t leave any smudge on the windshield next time you use it.

9. Keep the Interior Odour-free

To keep the interior of your car free of lingering odours like tobacco smoke or alcohol or any other bad smell, there’s a DIY method you could follow. Take a handful of baking soda, spread it thoroughly throughout the interior, wait for a couple of hours for the soda to work the odour, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda and take away the odour along.

10. Use Q-tips or Slime for Detailed Cleaning

While cleaning the interior of a car, it can be hard to clean all the nooks and crannies due to their size and position. So in case, you are doing a deep cleaning of your car, keep some tips handy. Those tips would easily reach the nooks and crannies & clean them easily.

Or in case if a Q-tip is not enough for detailed cleaning, use slime. It would surely take away all the dirt and grime, leaving a clean interior for your use.


Well, now you have the power of knowledge. Use it wisely. Keep your car clean whenever you feel like it and that too without spending much. But you should remember sometimes an expert solution is better than home remedies. Do learn to differentiate between both cases.

Without expert knowledge of what you are doing, it might end up leaving your car damaged, sometimes permanently. So be careful while performing these DIY activities yourself.


WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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