Ceiling Fan Brands in India You Need to Know Before Buying

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

India is one of the world’s top developing countries today, and it has gone through rapid market changes over the past few years. The diversity of the electrical appliance market was limited for several years, and people only had a few options on the market. But, today, the entire market has transformed into a battleground between the brands. While there were only two or three brands on the market in the ‘90s, today, we have more than 15 ceiling fan brands excluding the generic brands.

While most of the other countries have a high dependency on air conditioners, but India has a record demand for ceiling fans. The use of ceiling fans can be traced back to at least 30 or 40-years. However, even if there is an increase in the demand for air conditioners these days, most of these customers would already be a ceiling fan user. Unlike the old days, ceiling fans today, come with advanced features and at a competitive price. If you are planning to purchase a ceiling fan, here is the list of 10 best brands you could consider.

Ceiling Fan Brands in India


  • Crompton Greaves –

Crompton Greaves commonly referred as Crompton, is one of the top brands on the Indian market today that market top-quality ceiling fans. This brand is not limited to manufacturing and marketing ceiling fan but has a diverse product range, including exhaust fans, wall fans, lights, table fans, pedestal fans etc. When it comes to ceiling fans from Crompton, most of their products are designed to suit the modern room setting; they look like a designer product. One of the notable features that come incorporated in most of the ceiling fans from this brand is the superior blade technology, which makes it silent and efficient at the same time.

Price Range – INR 1000 to 12000/-

  • Havells

Style, efficiency, and quality is the three cornerstones of this brand. We have always been a fan of Havells ceiling fan, while most of the other brands limit their designer fans to few, Havells breaks all the limit and comes up with extraordinary designs. If you check the market, you will find some of the ceiling fans from Havells to be mind-blowing, they have a reputation for holding on to quality and efficiency, while the style is altered. No one could say no to premium range Havells ceiling fans unless they are on a budget limitation.

Price Range – INR 1300 to 35000/-

  • Gorilla

The brand Gorilla is famous for its DC ceiling fans, yes, DC ceiling fans have the edge over AC ceiling fan as it consumes 65% less power. This is one of the main reasons why the demand for Gorilla brand ceiling fan has been increasing for the past few years. The fans from this brand boast a sleek design and simple style that makes the product suitable for almost every room setting. Unlike most of the other brands, Gorilla is one of the brands that have introduced voice-controlled ceiling fans. The ceiling fans from this brand has a reputation for being silent and for superior quality.

Price Range – INR 2500 to 15000/-

  • Orient Electric

Orient Electric is one of the top brands on the market that manufacture and markets the best ceiling fans. The reputation of this brand lies in the design that makes the fans extremely silent and at the same time, offers the maximum efficiency. The aesthetics of Orient ceiling fans is well-appreciated by almost all the customers. The brand Orient Electric maintains diversity in the product they market, including fans, iron boxes, etc.

Price Range – INR 1200 to 16000/-

  • Superfan

Superfan is one among the top fan brands that market top-quality ceiling fans with custom patterns an exceptional colour variant. The best thing about Superfan ceilings fan is that they are designed to function efficiently without consuming much power. Yes, the electricity bills could considerably decrease if you use their ceiling fans. While most of the ceiling fans from this brand boast style, almost every product is designed to be compact and attractive in every way. Superfan ceiling fans are designed for interior and exterior use, some of them even come with a timer setting to avoid electricity wastage.

Price Range – INR 3000 to 4500/-

  • Usha

The brand Usha might be one of the oldest and still in production brands on the market today. Style, efficiency, uniqueness, and quality is few of the top features in each product from these brand markets. While the ceiling fans who are manufactured and marketed by this brand range from simple models to premium designs, it is one of the few brands that could meet any customer requirement. The decorative fans with a chandelier-like light incorporated on it are one among the most iconic ceiling fans from Usha. The brand is not just limited to ceiling fans; they also have diverse market domination in kitchen appliances and iron boxes.

Price Range – INR 1200 to 30000/-

  • Bajaj

Bajaj is one of the most renowned brand names in India today, the ceiling fans from this brand is known to come at a reasonable price and is designed to offer maximum efficiency. One of the best things about Bajaj ceiling fans is that they come with rust-resistant coating on all its metallic parts, which ensures the fan lasts for a long time. The automatic winding in each fan allows them to deliver a consistent airflow, and the overall weight of the product is considerably low.

Price Range – INR 1200 to 8000/-

  • Luminous

The luminous brand is a better alternative to the ceiling fans from Crompton and Havells, one of the reasons for such a remark is the style of the product itself. Most of the ceiling fans from Luminous looks like the ones from Havells. When it comes to power consumption and style, the product from this brand comes at a reasonable price.

Price Range – INR 1200 to 17000/-

  • Polycab

While Polycab dominates the wire market in India, the past few years have seen an increase in the demand for their fans too. Unlike most of the brands, Polycab focuses on making their ceiling fans comparatively fast and silent at the same time; thus, a rise in demand. The brand has a reputation in incorporated high-quality motors in their fans.

Price Range – INR 1300 to 10000/-

  • Eveready

Eveready is one of the oldest brands on the Indian market, they have a reputation and legacy in manufacturing and marketing top quality batteries in India, it was just a few years back, this brand has entered the electrical appliance market. However, within a few years from launching, most of their products gained customer satisfaction and positive reviews. A ceiling fan is one among the best electrical appliances from this brand. The ceiling fans from this brand boast style and quality at the same time.

Price Range – INR 1300 to 15000/-

Bottom line

Ceiling fans are one of the most in-demand electrical appliances available on the Indian market today. There are more than a dozen different ceiling fan brands in India, each of which has several top-rated models. Feel free to purchase any one of them, and you will not regret it.

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