Ceiling Fan Size in India -Complete Size & Fitting Guide

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

With more than a million different options on the market today, selecting a ceiling fan is not an easy task. The diversity makes it almost impossible for someone to select the best product. While most of the people around the world are skipping to other setups for cooling and air circulation, the demand for ceiling fan remains almost the same.

Ceiling Fan Size

If you check any buying guides on a ceiling fan, the size of the fan would be one of the top factors on it. Do you wonder why? I never thought of it until I planned on getting one. The size of the fan is very important, and there are several reasons to justify it. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about why the ceiling fan size is important.

Why is the size of the ceiling fan important –

The size of a ceiling fan refers to 2 different factors, there is no such thing as the overall size of the fan, but only two things. 

  1. The diameter of the fan
  2. Height of the fan 

Most people consider the ceiling fan’s diameter as it is one of the most important factors that play a role in selecting a suitable fan for your room. However, they tend to neglect the fact that the most efficient way to select a ceiling fan is to select it based on diameter and, at the same time, the height.

  • The diameter of the fan –

The diameter of the fan simply refers to the length of the blades, the length of the blade plays a very important role in the working of the fan. To deeply understand the importance of blade length or fan diameter, you should first know that while most of the other devices like air-conditioner, air-coolers, humidifier, heater, etc. Works on the air to change its temperature; a ceiling fan does the simplest thing. A ceiling fan rotates to push the air around, which, in turn, is simple air circulation.

While air-conditioners and other advanced air-related devices are designed for interior use only, a ceiling fan comes designed in such a way that it could be used inside and outside a confined space. But remember, an exterior fan would be weatherproof and extra coated for maximum durability.

Importance of ceiling fan blade length –

To answer the question in a simple way, let me put it this way, the quantity of air a ceiling fan can move, depends on the length of the blades. In other words, as the length of the blades changes, the quantity of air it could move also changes.

Deciding the blade length –

The answer is simple; there are different ceiling fans available on the market based on the blade length, why do you think, there is such a diversity in blade length? The length of the blade is directly related to the efficiency of the ceiling fan.

As you know, different rooms have different sizes, and the efficiency of a fan is related to the electricity it consumes, and the amount of air it could move in a room. For example, if you want to call a particular ceiling fan efficient for your room, then the fan should circulate an appropriate amount of air in that room. Therefore, to put it simply, the length of the blade should be selected based on the size of the room. 

Blade lengths based on the room size –

Here is a generally accepted expert recommendation on the blade span based on the room area.

  1. A room with the area around 50 to 75 square feet – 29 to 36-inch fan
  2. A room with the area around 76 to 144 square feet – 37 to 42-inch fan
  3. A room with the area around 145 to 225 square feet – 43 to 49-inch fan
  4. A room with the area around 226 to 400 square feet – 50 to 54-inch fan
  5. A room with arear above 400 square feet – above 55-inch fan

Difference between blade length and diameter of a ceiling fan –

There is a small difference between the two, the blade span or diameter of the fan refers to the distance between the tip of one blade to the tip of another blade on the other end, which includes the diameter of the motor housing. The above-mentioned data refers to the blade span or diameter of the fan and not just the length of the blade.

CFM and importance –

As already mentioned above, the basic purpose of a ceiling fan is that it move the air around in a room, therefore increasing the air circulation. We have already discussed the role of blade length and why it is important to select the appropriate blade length; however, while purchasing a ceiling fan, you would come across the term CFM. CFM refers to cubic feet per minute, which is the quantity of air a ceiling fan could move.

Selecting the appropriate CFM is important as it directly affects the efficiency of the ceiling fan. Here is the best recommendation.

  • Best CFM would be above 6000
  • The medium-range could be around 5000 to 6000
  • For smaller rooms and for comparatively less air movement, 4000 to 5000 is better.

Anything below this CFM is inefficient and should be neglected. 

  • Height of the fan –

The ceiling height could be different for different rooms, and most commonly, the ceiling height remains the same. However, if the ceiling height is not standard, then the download mount should be used to increase air circulation and efficiency. Here is the downrod length you should consider based on the ceiling height.

  1. For ceiling height of  9–feet, you will need a  6-inch downrod
  2. For ceiling height of  10–feet, you will need a  12-inch downrod
  3. For ceiling height of  12–feet, you will need a  24-inch downrod
  4. For ceiling height of  14–feet, you will need a  36-inch downrod
  5. For ceiling height of  16–feet, you will need a  48-inch downrod
  6. For ceiling height of  18–feet, you will need a  60-inch downrod
  7. For ceiling height of  20–feet, you will need a  72-inch downrod

Based on the facts mentioned above, you should select an appropriate downrod mount.

Bottom line –

If you have read the above-mentioned facts, the importance of the fan’s diameter and height, then you would understand why you will have to consider the size of the ceiling fans.

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