7 Common Cleaning Hacks You Should Never Try, According to Experts

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

When it comes to keeping the house clean, everyone seems to be an expert. They have their tricks and hacks to solve all the cleaning issues at home. But as it happens, some of these hacks end up being disastrous causing permanent damage.

Sometimes expert help and special solutions are required to sort things out. But what happens if you don’t listen? Here’s a list of 7 cleaning hacks that would go wrong disastrously if tried.

Newspaper as Mirror and Window Cleaner

Cleaning Windows or Mirrors with Newspaper is a very old hack that used to work with great results. But these days, it will end disastrously. Earlier the newspaper used to be thicker and of better quality. Now the quality has degraded and as a result, the paper will leave newsprint spots all over the windows and mirrors.

You might get smudged ink spots all over your fingers. The newspaper can deteriorate quickly when it gets wet. The best way to clean windows and mirrors would be to use a soft cloth and a good window cleaning agent.

Rubbing Lemon to make Countertops Shiny

You might have heard that rubbing lemon would make the countertop shiny, but what you don’t know is that lemon might cause irreversible damage to the marble countertop. Marble is composed of Calcium Carbonate, which reacts severely to the Citric Acid in lemon. The acid starts eating away the marble surface and leaves dull spots everywhere.

Using Vinegar and Baking Soda Mix to Clean Carpet Stains

Vinegar and Baking Soda are often mixed to create homemade cleaning solutions. In some cases, the mixture is very effective. But don’t believe all things that you find on the Internet. According to Cleaning Experts, as the chemical reaction fizzes, it looks to be working but it’s just carbon dioxide being produced along with plain water.

Although Baking Soda works to clean carpet stains, it might be abrasive to delicate surfaces and create permanent damage.

Coca-Cola is the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Can you clean your toilet using Coca-Cola? You can but is it good for the toilet? A Big No. Any kind of Carbonated soda contains Citric Acid and Phosphoric Acid. These acids surely will dissolve the stains and rusty deposits. But what it will do more is kill the bacteria in your toilet, which is not at all ideal.

Plus the soda will leave a sticky residue afterwards, which you’ll end up cleaning. So you can use soda as a stain treatment from time to time but stick to normal toilet cleaners for regular use.

Putting Lemon Wedge in Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes

Another Big No. Yes, the lemon would make your dishes smell fresh. But it doesn’t make the dishes cleaner in any way. Using a wedge of lemon is not going to make any kind of difference with cleaning considering the amount of water that passes through the dishwasher. If the cleaning detergent is not cleaning the dishes properly, you could switch to other brands or maybe the washer needs a good cleaning itself.

Using White Vinegar while Mopping Floor to make it Shiny

“Vinegar is a Natural Floor Cleaner”, you might find this information all over the internet. But is it true? According to experts, it’s a complete hoax. Vinegar is very acidic and using it while cleaning the floor might damage the floor by breaking down floor work instead of making it shiny. You should always use pH-neutral home cleaning solutions to clean the floor. Never use vinegar on a wooden floor.

Clearing Washing Machine with Mouthwash

Yes, Mouthwash kills the germs inside your mouth. But in no way it’s an ideal solution to clean your washing machine. The germs or bacteria or any other microbes in your washing machine could be different from those in your mouth. Also, the amount of mouthwash you are going to use would not make any difference when a huge amount of water gets mixed with it.

Instead, you should use regular cleaning agents every few months to clean your washing machine. It keeps the washing machine clean, safe, and properly functioning.


There are many hacks you might find on the internet but remember a lot of them are simple fabrication just for likes and views. Unknowingly you might damage your house following untested hacks. Yes sometimes the hacks could be very useful but more often than not they are harmful. Keep visiting our blog for more tips & tricks.

Always cross-check before following these hacks blindly. Be a smart user, not a blind follower. It might save you from some unnecessary damages to your home, which are irreversible sometimes.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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