10 Most Common Issues in a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Last updated: October 18th, 2022

Purchasing an automatic washing machine is a great deal. It offers one of the most extensive supports to the customers. When you purchase something extravagant with lots of modalities, it requires a little maintenance as well. People have busy schedule nowadays, which is the sole reason why they fail to take care of these little things. Lack of appropriate maintenance and care can cause them to spend an extra penny on these things later.

Your washing machine ultimately lands up into a state of being worn out. You have no idea how to solve these problems on your own; most of the people require technicians to solve these little issues. You can avoid it by understanding the exact cause and location of the origin of the problem. Here are some common issues that people come across in daily life.

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1. Excessive vibration

Vibration is the most common issue that almost each one of you have faced while doing laundry. It can be either due to overload or due to a lack of balance. While placing the washing machine, make sure to check the evenness of the floor. Also, check if the feet of the washer align at the same level or not. Another reason behind this could be the non-removal of the shipping bolts.

2. Detergent dispensing issue

Non dispensing of the detergent is the clear signal of lack of care and maintenance. It can result from the use of the wrong type of detergent or the improper attachment of the detergent tray. If not this, it could result due to not cleaning the detergent dispensing tray accurately. Make sure to use the bleach and softener wisely.

3. Leaking washer

The signs of leaking from washer suggest a problem anywhere between the regions of the drain to the hose; if the problem persists in the hose, you can readily figure it out. But, if the issue lies in the pump, you will need the help of a technician. It might be so severe that you’ll need to change the pump.

4. Non-spinning washer

The most fundamental task of a washing machine is to spin; this centrifuge action cleans the clothes. But what if it stops spinning? Electrical disturbances like improper attachment of switch or faulty switch can cause this issue. Other common causes can be heavy loads and blockage of hoses.

5. Noisy washer & error code

Collection or obstruction of the washer by various small things like coins, clips, wrappers, hair, and jewelry can trap between the tub and drum. It gives rise to the noisy operation of the washing machine. Sometimes your washer may be noisy due to overloading or lack of maintenance. The error code flashing the display can be due to many reasons. We recommend you to go through the manual to find the exact possible cause.

6. Low water drainage

While inspecting the low water drainage, make sure to remove all the water inside the machine. Now, check for any blockage or jam in hose due to the accumulation of foreign particles. Clogged drain is also one of the most customary causes behind it. Make sure to check the attachments of the belt.

7. Wash cycle unable to start

When you face any problem with the wash cycle, the first thing to check is the connection, if it is proper or loose. If this appears okay, go to the next step, which is checking the machine fuse. Also, check if the sensor can send the message accurately. One of the most convenient ideas is to avoid overloading the washing machine.

8. Wash cycle terminates in middle

There are many reasons for the termination of a washer in mid-cycle. The problem can lie withing the timer setting of the machine. The dilemma can also lie in the control board; hence, make sure to check the switch positioning. Also, if the machine requires cold water for effective functioning; it waits for the thermostat to set the precise temperature.

9. Smelly washing machine

One can not only feel the smelly machine through their nose, but they can also visualize the dirt from naked eyes. If you see any discoloration like yellowing or greening of the washer, it is the most prominent sign that the washer needs cleaning. When you don’t clean the machine for too long, it becomes a home for budding microorganisms. The bad odor is due to the secretion of certain chemicals by these organisms. To retain the freshness, make sure to clean the machine at regular intervals.

10. Washer lid not opening

If you experience the issue of locked door, wait for the machine to cool down. Opening the washer lid after a few minutes have shown positive results. If this method does not work, try to run the cycle in drain mode. It helps to eliminate the extra water present in the washer. If it still does not work, locate the drain hose in a position inferior to the drum.

These were the top 10 common issues in fully automatic washing machines with brief detailing of how to resolve them. Thank you!

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