Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: Which Is The Best?

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

Vacuum cleaners are a major part of the home cleaning as they help to maintain the homes and the offices clean from the dust and debris. The invention of vacuum cleaners has allowed for better and easier cleaning. Where else we’d be without the aid of vacuum cleaners.

There’s quite a lot of vacuum cleaners around. And with the advancement of the technology and more, the vacuum cleaners are getting better and more efficient these days with new innovative variants out every now and then. We are comparison corded vs cordless vacuum.

We here are setup to have a look at one of the two modern innovative vacuum cleaners in the form of corded and cordless and will look to pit them against each other. Let’s hear out for these.

Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners are one of the first picks whenever the name of vacuum cleaner pops up. It’s the basic one that has been for as long as you can remember.

Just plug them into a power supply and off you go with the cleaning. This one comes with its own set of benefits and demerits that we’d look to brief down below.


  • Suction power of Vacuum cleaner

It’s often said that with corded vacuum cleaners there’s a usage of high electrical power input which makes it one of the best cleaning strengths in terms of power. The suction power is quite high in the corded vacuum cleaners.

  • Can be used without the hiatus of battery drainage

One thing that puts the corded vacuum cleaners ahead is the power that they hold when it comes to performance. Since they work on electricity outlet, you’d not require to be all fussed about using the battery like in the cordless ones. Just plug it in and use it till you like.

  • Efficient performance

Corded vacuum cleaners generally come along with high number of cleaning tools and parts that can be interchanged. This allows you to make flexible use of the vacuum cleaner and also allows you to clean every nook and corner of your home with ease.

  • Can catch the dust more easily

Corded vacuum cleaners are often large in size and come with a larger space to hold the dust and all. It also allows you to clean for a longer period without the issue of clogging the vacuum bag.

  • Affordable

Corded vacuum cleaners are more affordable and are priced at lower spectrum than the cordless ones. In fact, these tend to be the first choice for many.


  • Restricts free movement

Since it comes along with a cord, that means you’ll be limited to the space offered by the length of the cord. Also you’d only revolve around the circumference offered by the vacuum cleaner’s cord. And if you want clean another surface you need to unplug the vacuum cleaner and then plug it again at another power outlet before you can go again.

  • A bit heavy

Corded vacuum cleaners are often a bit heavy on the side. This also tends to be because they come along in bigger size and has more space than other vacuum cleaners.

Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Simply put, cordless vacuum cleaners are the exact opposite of the corded vacuum cleaners in a sense that they don’t have a cord to connect with the power outlet. Instead, they run on a rechargeable battery that you need to charge every once in a while. Here’s us with the set of its benefits and demerits for you down below.


  • Less bulky than corded ones

Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be less bulky than the corded ones and can be easily taken or moved from one room to another to clean off the surface and more. This helps in cleaning the tight spaces where the corded ones are limited.

  • Lightweight

Since it avoids the cord, there tends to be quite a change in weight for the cordless vacuum cleaners. These tend to be lightweight and are practicably easy to carry around and do the cleaning. In fact, you can even carry these in your hands and move around.

  • Powerful

This might raise questions but cordless vacuum cleaners are also quite powerful. They have a solid motor that runs on the power of the battery and peaks quite a high performance.

  • Compact structure

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with a compact structure that makes it a good option to carry around and store virtually at all places. Be it the corner of the room or the small hideout, you can keep your vacuum cleaner there.

  • Higher maneuverability

Since cordless ones are not tied up with the cord, they tend to have better maneuverability than the corded vacuum cleaners. You don’t need to limit yourself to the length of the cord anymore nor do you need to unplug and plug the cord time and again to clean in different areas.

  • Easy and quick to cleanup

Cordless vacuum cleaners don’t have multiple parts like that of the corded ones and don’t use any of the attachments that don’t come off with ease. Here it has a compact build and allows you to simply pack and unpack it whenever required.


  • Limited in capacity

Normally cordless vacuum cleaners are smaller in size than the corded ones and that limits the capacity of this one severally. And the battery may also run out which may hamper the cleaning procedure.

  • Pretty expensive

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the modern innovation and come with a price that not many looks to purchase at. These are one of the premium pieces and not everyone may find them their cup of tea.

Both are the best vacuum cleaners and good fit on their own. However, it may depend upon the buyer which they’d prefer for. We hope this one helped you out.

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