51 Cute Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Home

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

Do you want to stand apart and make your rooms even more creative than before? Here we have 51 Cute Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Home. You can pay for these hacks after the installation of the switchboards. Nothing too costly, but a hell lot of creative. Follow the below images to get an idea about what we offer.

51 Cute Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Home

These designs and art can turn your plain wall into something cool and creative. If you have kids at your place, they would love it. Not only kids, but you can also apply these ideas to your main room, kitchen wall, or guest rooms to make them fall for your mindset.

You don’t have to paint your walls or install any other extension near them. These designs are in the form of stickers, and you can replace them whenever you want. Nothing to worry about regarding your paint and wall quality. It won’t spoil anything.

Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Plain Walls

If the board is in a plain area, you should use these creative design ideas for your switchboard. Their cute switchboard designs will garnish your wall and space with an attractive touch of stickers.

1. Cute Pikachu

2. Easy Fans

3. Eco Friendly

4. Frame It

5. Hello Panda

6. How it Works

7. Lamp Lights

8. Turn Off Bat

9. Reading Mode

10. Reading Lamp

11. Puppy Face

12. Palm Tree

13. Open Plug

14. Lovely Tree

15. Little Birds

Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Kids Room

If you’re a guardian and want your kids to stay safe from the electric switchboards, you can put warning stickers near them. Or a funny cartoon sticker to make their room more cute and creative for them.

16. Batman Board

17. Black Cat

18. Climb on Board

19. Crime Scene

20. Dirty Cow

21. Magical Button

22. Night Rider

23. Theif Theme

24. Tinker Bell

25. Shock Alert

26. Say My Name

27. Delivery Truck

28. Lazy Sloths

29. Robot Board

30. Shocking Cat

Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Kitchen & Dining Rooms

Working in the kitchen is a bit boring for everyone! Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay. If your parents or spouse is working to make dishes for you, the least you can help them is decorating their space. Pick an idea from our suggestions list and make your kitchen switchboard creative.

31. Kitchen Feels

32. Big Crack

33. Turn On Seal

34. Two Lazy Panda

35. Wooden Frame

36. Birds on Branch

37. Main Switch

38. Mums Kitchen

39. Paint Walls

40. The Doorbell

Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Guest Rooms or Lobby

These stickers are eye-catching and make your visitors ask about it for sure. You can deliver your ideas to them and help others to design their homes too.

41. Birds House

42. Button Band

43. Charging Holder

44. Couple Theme

45. Basketball Champ

46. Gate Guards

47. Light Side Dark Side

48. Crazy Panda

49. Night Time

50. Playing Games

51. The Bird


So this was the article about 51 Cute Creative Switchboard Art Ideas For Home. Hope you guys have found a great piece of art for your switchboards. You can also drop your ideas and skill if you want us to add them to the list. We will be glad to see your efforts and ideas.

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