DeskJet vs Ink Tank vs LaserJet Printer Comparison

Last updated: October 23rd, 2022

Hello folks! If you’re planning to buy a printer for your house or office work, then you must read this article to know all about budget-friendly printers. In this post, we are going to share information about Deskjet, Inkjet, and Laser Printers. You can easily find the difference, in cost of services & maintenance, and per print cost.

Also, all these printers are quite good at their workings but also offer great services and quality prints. You just have to know about your own needs and pick a perfect model for your utility work. Read the whole article to know about the Deskjet vs Ink Tank vs LaserJet printer comparison and all their pros & cons.

DeskJet or InkJet Printer

Don’t get confused between the two, they both are the same just the slang is different among some regions. Call it DeskJet or InkJet they both lead to the same products.

As we all know it’s the cheapest printer you could buy for your work. The price range starts as low as 2000 rupee and you can buy decent prints under rupee 5000 price. But the thing which might disturb you is, that the cost per print is way higher than any other competitor brands.


  • Cost: You can gran Ink Jet printers for as low as under 5,000 rupees.
  • Size: It’s easy to install and you can install it anywhere.
  • Prints: With this printer, you can print coloring pages easily.


  • High Maintenance: You have to spend hundreds of bucks every month for a refill.
  • Limit Page Print: With this, you can only print 80 pages with loaded cartage.
  • Cost of Print: It will take up to 5 rupees to print a single page.

Ink Tank Printer

It’s the modified version of InkJet printers, filled with some extra features to keep you tuned with the modern world. Herewith are these printers, you can copy thousands of pages with better color gradients. You can connect through your mobile or desktop to scan or print documents instantly. Apart from this, you’ll get additional cartage to put extra refill for your printer to print more pages in one go.


  • All-in-one: You can scan, connect through USB, or paste items for printing.
  • Extra Refill: With this, you’ll get an extra container to add more refill bottles.
  • Fast Processing: As the modes are handy you can print pages with one click.


  • Price: The purchase price of these printers is quite expensive in comparison to InkJet.
  • Power Supply: You should provide the proper power supply to make it run.

LaserJet Printer

If you’re interested to print only Black and White pages then this can be the best pick for you. With the LaserJet printers, you can copy thousands of pages with one click and the machine will respond quickly as per your command. These printers are the best for office or small business purposes, also, you can use them for your educational partner.

The quality of the prints will be extremely satisfying, all the texts and formats will be visible even if you decrease the font size while Xerox process.


  • Speed: You’ll get your print within the next 10 seconds of your command.
  • Refill Type: These printers work with the toner, you just have to add the black power into the refill area.
  • Page Quantity: You can print up to 10,000 pages with single cartage.


  • Color Options: With this, you can print only black&white pages.
  • Power Supply: It consumes more electricity than any other printer.
Printers DeskJet Ink Tank Laser
Price Range Under 5,000 Under 8,000 Under 10,000
Ink Type Ink Bottles Refill Bottles Black Powder/Toner
Weight 2kg 3kg 4.5kg
Power Consumption also works on home inverters. Need more power supply. Works with only a strong flow of power supply.
Color Prints Colorful Colorful Black & White
Page Limit 60-80 Pages Up to 5,000 pages Up to 10,000 pages
Time 15 to 40 seconds 15 to 50 seconds 5 seconds
Page Printing Cost 5-7 rupee per page 0.10 – 0.50p per page 0.10 – 0.20p per page.

Which one is the best for you?

Let’s be practical here, all the products serve their best performance according to their price range and capability. It’s up to you about what you want from the printer, or for what kind of work you’ll need the machine. To summarise the conclusion, we suggest you take a look at our highlight points.

  • To print a small number of pages for your household purposes, go for InkJet/DeskJet Printers. This can print up to 60 pages with one refill but you just need to refill it every time manually.
  • If you own a small business shop or need it for your educational purposes, go for Ink Tank Printers. As they have an additional cartage system to print up to 5000 thousand pages with one refill. Also, you can print colorful and black&white both types of pages with the same machine.
  • LaserJet Printers are generally designed to work faster and print black & white pages only. If you’re working in an office area where you need to print hundreds of pages daily. Go for the LaserJet printer because it fits your requirements and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or cartage refill tasks.

Note: The print quality of all these three machines will remain the same, you don’t have to pact with the quality of any of the above-mentioned printers.

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