Different Types of Fans and Their Uses in Home

Last updated: October 16th, 2022

Fans are such an item that has turned out to be a mandatory one in every house. There are hardly any houses where you will not get any fans. However, with the passage of time, there have been good modifications in this concept. People are using high-quality and designer fans to serve the purpose and also enhancing the look of the house to a good extent. Most of these types of fans come with unique features and qualities. Once you start availing its service you will feel amazing.

Perfect fans for homes:

In the next few lines we will come across the wide varieties of fans that are available in the market and their uses. It will be exciting to know about them in a descriptive manner.

Axial Fans:

It is the most important type of fan that is used in many houses. The blades that are present in the fan allow the air to force itself and move parallel to the shaft. The blade rotates typically. They are generally small in size but have a good use.

Use: It has been seen that these types of fans are mainly used in many factories and industrial places. They are also used many times for industrial purposes. If you want you can use it for your home.

Ceiling fans:

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan

It is most vital type of fan that has a good demand in the whole market. It is actually a type of mechanical fan. It can rotate in both clockwise and ant-clockwise direction. However, there are two main categories of ceiling fans. One is the AC Motor Fan and the other one is the DC Motor Fan.

Use: Ceiling fans are quite helpful for keeping the whole area cool and comfortable. It helps in overall cooling of the rooms. Most of the modern ceiling fans come with unique features like LED lights and four blades. It helps in better performance.

Tower Fans:

Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan

It is the most modern type of fans that are found in the market. They come with advanced features and the most important out of that is the light weight of the fan and slim look. Th tower fan comes with a cylindrical container that holds the fan and the blades. The electric motor helps to oscillate the cylindrical container.

Use: The main benefit of this type of fan is that it creates less noise. The slim look of the fan also attracts good number of people. Due to the sleek the fan can be placed in any corner of the room very easily.

Pedestal Fan:

American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Imported Pedestal Fan

The use of pedestal fan is prevalent since a long time. You might have seen that most of the offices and commercial places including homes also this fan. The speed of the fan is very high. The air circulation process is very fast and cool. It always generated cool air and helps in quick cooling of the rooms. You can even get pedestal fans with adjustable heights. This is a great benefit for the users. The pedestal fans are said to be user-friendly.

Use: The cleaning procedure of the fan is very easy and it takes very less time to do the whole cooling. They are portable in nature and last for a long time.

Window fans:

You must have noticed that most of the washrooms in house use this type of fans. They are very helpful in the sense that it helps in pushing out the moist feeling from the room and makes it more cool and comfortable. They are found in various power or watts and you can buy the one that suits you.

Use: You can even control the fan with the help of a remote. The blades of the fan can be rotated in every direction. These types of fans are resistant to fire and water at the same time. They can be used even during rainy season.

The introduction of wide varieties of fans has helped people in a number of ways. Fans play a pivotal role in giving instant relief from heat. You can buy the latest and modern fans that come with more advanced features and qualities.

WRITTEN BY Karan Randhawa

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