Durga Puja Special – Home cooked meal recipes to celebrate with!

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

“Bajlo tomar alor benu” – Yes! Durga Puja count down ends and Puja begins ! Almost a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds – ‘peja tulor moto megh’ ! Paddy fields are filled with white ‘kash ful’. Durga murti has left kumartuli! Streets are flooded with lightings and decorations and all happy faces roaming around with much busy-ness and excitements! MA ASCHEN !!!!

Being a bengali, Durga Puja for obvious reasons is a very very special festival to me and that time of the year it is for every bengalis, for which they wait all round the year. Family, long parted friends – all meet during these 5 days, dress up, dance, pandal hop and enjoy all together and celebrate the occasion with much enthusiasm and all their hearts !  And what could be the more right way of celebrating Durga Puja, the festival of happiness, other than with food?! Yes, being bengalis we love to eat. So this Durga Puja, let us prepare a few special meals for family and friends. Below are some special menus and recipes that will surely showcase your culinary skills and express your love and care for them.

  1. In a perfect Shashti morning, why not start our celebration with Luchi and complete niramish Kashmiri Dum Aloo !
  2. Saptami – The day of pandal hopping as well. Let’s make something rich for lunch! Chicken chaap  – The ultimate dish for Mughlai food lovers can surely surprise all. And what could be more apt to serve Chicken chaap with?! Yes of course, the Easy Home Made biryani !
  3. Ashtami is of course reserved for Khichudi. Is it not ?
  4. Navami is booked for friends. Let’s enjoy with Pizzas and Pastas (Red, white, baked!!!!)
  5. Dashami comes and we all are tired, but more than that it’s the parting time emotions, that are bringing our moods down. But chill –  Goddess Durga will bring back all the happiness next year again, this time. So beat the blues and celebrate ‘Bijoya’ with mishti mukh. Yes, make some ‘Potol Mishti‘, Baked Sondesh and serve your near and dear ones and do not forget to greet them ‘Shubho Bijoya’…..

“Asche bochor abar hobe”!

Cook, Eat and Celebrate ! May Goddess Durga bring with her all happiness, luck and peace for all of us! Enjoy and stay well.

With Lots Of Love and Sharodiya Shubechha, Happy Navratri,


Blogger, India’s Global Kitchen!

Happy tummy, happy mind! 🙂

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