Epson L220 Ink Tank System Printer – Review

Last updated: October 17th, 2022

The Epson L220 is a genuine Ink Tank system which gives you a better printing performance at an affordable price. Not only the print price but the genuine Epson ink bottles are also low in price so you can enjoy high-quality printing all the time. This Ink Tank printer is far better than the traditional inkjet printers when it comes to quality and the yield.

They also have a high print resolution with high print speed. With all these advantages, the L220 printer becomes essential in-home and office use. But before you decide to buy this printer from Epson, make sure you read this in-depth review of the Epson L220 Ink Tank Printer.

Technical Specifications of Epson L220

  • Paper Feed Method – Friction feed
  • Noise Level – 45 dB
  • Black ink bottle yield – 4,000 pages
  • Cyan/ Yellow/ Magenta ink bottle yield – 6,500 pages
  • Interface – Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Power Consumption – 12W when operating

Epson L220 Colour Ink Tank System Printer Review

Design and Size

Designed with space-saving in mind, the l220 is compact and takes up less space than the previous models. Coming in at just 48.2 x 30 x 14.5 cm in length, width, and height, this smaller footprint printer can fit anywhere in your home or office comfortably. Though the weight of this printer is a little higher than the average coming in at 4.3 kilograms, you won’t mind the weight unless you repeatedly move the printer in your home. Made from high-quality plastic, the Epson L220 is a highly durable printer that will work for a long time.


The connectivity option present with this printer is the only major letdown that we could find. It has a USB 2.0 interface to connect with your PC/Laptop. The printer doesn’t come with a built-in integrated Wi-Fi router so you cannot connect to it wirelessly. But if your workflow is only to connect with a PC/Laptop using the USB interface, then this printer will work fine for you.

Print, Scan, and Copy Features

The Epson L220 printer delivers high-quality prints every time whether it is Black & White or Color. You get sharp and vivid results as this printer employs a micro piezo technology. This printer gives you an excellent 5760 dpi to give you a high-quality print for all your personal and creative needs. The print speed is also good at 27 ppm for black & white so your high volume printing can be quick and efficient. With the original Ink tank system present with this printer, you get a reliable printing with an unrivaled economy. It gives you high page yields of up to 4000 pages for black & white print. The ink top-up technology also ensures you get easy mess-free refills with special tubes present in the printer that ensures smooth and reliable ink flow at all times. This whole system saves you money as it just costs 12 paise for black & white prints and 20 paise for color prints.

This printer also features a one-touch scan and copy function. So you can quickly take a scan or copy of your documents quickly. The scanning sensor present with this printer is sharp and clear with a precise 600 x 1200 dpi. The copy function present with this printer is quick as the draft mode copies are completed in just 5 sec for black & white and 10 sec for color.

Warranty and other features

With this product, you get a warranty period of up to one year or 15,000 pages from Epson for maximum value from your printer. With this good warranty period, you can be free from worries over the maintenance of this printer. This printer also has good support for all the major operating systems such as Windows and Mac. The ultra-low-cost replacement ink gives you a high yield of good quality print at a very low running cost. The price of the black genuine Epson ink bottle comes at just Rs. 320. The ink tanks present in the printer has a clear labeling and drip-free nozzles to make the refill process easy and hassle-free.

Advantages of Ink Tank Printers  

1) Saves Money  

If you are using your printer for home or office use purposes, then the recurring cost of refilling the ink cartridges can add up to a considerable amount. Hence, replacing the ink cartridges with refillable ink tank technology will save a significant amount of money. Every Epson EcoTank printer is delivered with a large quantity of ink that can save the refilling cost of up to sometimes more or less than two years to help you in this matter.  

Moreover, with the price of the refillable ink bottles and their pages yield capability, even the per-page printing cost cuts down to 18 and 7 paise per color and black and white printing, respectively. The Epson l220 ink price is again meager in comparison with the other inkjet printers. Thus, the ink tank printers are far economical options than the standard inkjet printers.   

2) Easy to operate  

The ink tank technology not only saves your money; it also saves your time and lessens the hassles of the refilling process.  

3) Less Messy 

The mess of refilling the ink tanks every time can be a serious concern. But again, the refillable bottles are covered against this problem also. These bottles have a spill-proof nozzle that prevents any leaks or spills while refilling. Besides, the ink bottles come with a pressure mechanism feature that stops dispensing ink as soon as the tank gets full. The refilling process is also swift. 

4) Instructions 

There are clear instructions on the printers about which color goes where, so there is no confusion. Each tank is color-coded with clear partitions. The entire process of refilling hardly takes more than 30 seconds. 

5) Great print quality 

The uniqueness of the inks of these printers is that they are specially designed for the respective devices only. So, the final print quality of these printers is excellent. Especially the color prints of photographs come out brilliantly. 

6) Eco-friendly 

Keeping in mind the global environmental scenario, it is all our duty to make even the smallest contributions towards the betterment of our planet. We all know that the wastes made by printers can substantially harm our environment. This technology helps us combat the problem in a few ways. 

7) Reduced Energy Consumption 

Epson’s EcoTank series uses heat-free technology to operate. This technology uses minimal energy consumption, mainly monochrome printers. 

8) Reusable Bottles 

As every bottle of ink runs for a long time, you need to refill the ink tanks less frequently. In this way, you will consume fewer ink bottles, thereby reducing the wastage of bottles. 

9) Speed 

Another fantastic feature of these printers is the high-speed printing quality. Speed is a crucial factor for printers. The Epson L220 Ink-Tank printer can produce high-quality printing at the highest speed as compared to its other competitors from other brands in the same price range. 

10) Size 

Printers are supposed to be put on your work-desk. So, its size is important so that it can be kept on your desk along with all your important documents and other equipment peacefully without making it too messy or clumsy. The InkTank printers come in a very compacts size. For instance, the Epson l220 printer specification includes a size dimension of 48.2 x 30 x 14.5 cm. 


The L220 is ideal for home and small office users looking for a good-quality, low-cost multi-functional printer. The high-capacity ink tanks also print more pages at a low cost. The simple and hassle-free set-up gets you started quickly to maximize productivity with little or no downtime. Though the connectivity features and the weight could have been better, the printer leaves nothing to complain for the price. So you can confidently buy this product from Epson.

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