Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney – Which is Better?

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

There is a big difference between modern kitchen settings and a traditional kitchen setting, both serve the same purposes but the interior settings are entirely different. If you have already saw a modern kitchen, then you would understand the difference.

Exhaust fan

An exhaust fan has been in use for a very long time, they come in different shape and sizes and has several advantages. However, there are still people who are unaware of what the exhaust fan really is and what purpose it serves. In this article, we will discuss everything about exhaust fan

What is an exhaust fan and what purpose does it serve in a kitchen?

An exhaust fan is like a ceiling fan, yes, an exhaust fan is designed like a ceiling fan itself, however, while ceiling fan sucks air from the top and propels it down. An exhaust fan sucks the air from a room and then pushes it out outside the room. So, a simple answer to what an exhaust fan is, it is an electrical device that comes designed in such a way that it will suck the air and particles in the air with ease and push this air to the outside of the room.

How does exhaust work?

An exhaust fan comes with three major parts, a frame, a blade setup, and an electric motor. The electric motor is coupled to the blades, there could be 3 or more leaves on the blade and as the number of blades increases the suction power of the product also increases. The electric motor and blade setup is mounted on the frame for maximum strength.

What are the advantages of using an exhaust fan?

An exhaust fan comes designed in such a way that it offers maximum benefits to the user.

  • An exhaust fan is comparatively very smaller than other types of fan
  • An exhaust fan is designed to suck all the particles and air and push it out of the room
  • An exhaust fan can help improve the quality of indoor air
  • It can suck all the moisture, grease, and other particles from the air with ease
  • An exhaust fan is comparatively cheaper than other types of fans
  • An exhaust fan comes completely assembled, the user can just install the product, plug-in and use the product

What are some of the major things that you should know about an exhaust fan?

When compared to other types of fans available on the market today, an exhaust fan produces a comparatively louder sound. We cannot complain about this, the number of blades incorporated into this product and the speed of rotation makes this product louder than other devices. There is yet another thing that you should know, an exhaust fan has to be installed close to the ceiling on the sidewall in such a way that one side of the fan should be facing the exterior of the wall.

Kitchen chimney

A kitchen chimney is also commonly known as a kitchen hood, which comes designed in such a way that it adds aesthetics to the kitchen setting, as well as, efficiently keep away the smoke and other particles in the air.

What is a kitchen chimney?

In the beginning, an exhaust fan was the only electrical device that was designed to keep the kitchen air clean. However, with time and changing kitchen design and setup, an exhaust fan became a device that disrupts the aesthetics of the kitchen. This is where kitchen chimney comes into the role, a kitchen chimney is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on the wall and it sucks all the smoke and other waste particles that are produced while cooking.

A kitchen chimney comes with three major parts, a suction motor, hood or duct, and a filter. The motor and the filter is set up in the hood and the good is connected to the chimney. The motor rotates to suck all the particles and the filter clean the air.

What are the benefits of using a kitchen chimney?

  1. A kitchen chimney comes designed in such a way that it can keep the kitchen clean, therefore, protecting the tile from stains
  2. Sucks all the vapour, grease, oil, and particles from the air so that the kitchen wall will be clean and spotless
  3. A kitchen chimney can suck all the odour from the kitchen so that the kitchen is odourless and fresh
  4. A kitchen chimney comes designed in such a way that it can add aesthetics to the kitchen.

How does a kitchen chimney work?

The working of a kitchen chimney is very simple, an electric motor incorporated into the product sucks the smoke, vapour, and oil droplets emitted during the cooking process and is pushed outside through the chimney. While the grease in the air is sucked and filtered by the filter in the product. The user will have to clean the filter regularly to avoid clogging and loss of cleaning efficiency.

Exhaust vs kitchen chimney, which is better?

There is a reason why people get confused on which product to purchase, an exhaust fan or a kitchen chimney, both these devices have their own advantages and disadvantages. While one offers advantages over the other, the other could offer better features.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen chimney and exhaust fan

  • An exhaust fan is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on the sidewall near to the ceiling.
  • If you have an issue with noise, then you should avoid purchasing an exhaust fan as they produce more sound than kitchen chimney. If you need a really silent product, then kitchen chimney is the best option for you
  • If you have no specific requirement and if you are not bothered about the aesthetics of the kitchen, then an exhaust fan is the best option for you.
  • An exhaust fan is comparatively cheaper than kitchen chimney
  • There are different models of kitchen chimneys available today, the difference can be based on the design and the working principle. Based on your requirement purchase a suitable product.

We have mentioned that there are different types of kitchen chimney available on the market today. In the same way, there are different types of exhaust fans available on the market today.

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