Glass Top Gas Stoves – What is it? Advantages & Disadvantages

Last updated: October 18th, 2022

Glass top gas stoves have started to replace the stainless steel gas stoves for the last few years or so. They have a premium glass design on its top which replaces the stainless steel top present in the traditional stoves.

The stainless steel gas stoves have been the standard in Indian kitchens for a long time but with the sleek and modern look, the Glass top is preferred now. Now all the major brands in India are joining the train and producing glass top gas stoves of their own.

Not only the look but there are also a lot of reasons to buy the glass top gas stoves over the stainless design and a few reasons not to. So in this post, let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the glass top gas stoves.

Advantages of Glass Top Gas Stoves


This is given. You get a more modern-looking gas stove when you pick the glass top type. The premium quality glass top gives the stove a sleek and stylish look. If you have a modern kitchen, then you should definitely pick the glass top one as it will complement your kitchen nicely.

The matte finish glass top stove especially gives a good aesthetic appeal to your kitchen and the house as well.

Heat distribution

When it comes to heat distribution, the glass top gas stoves work better than other types. They have a sealed compartment so they can better distribute heat and cold. The top glass layer is also resistant to heat so it adds as a good safety element.

If you are a person who cannot handle heat much, then it is better for you to choose the glass top gas stoves.

Autoignition and other features

Autoignition is relatively a new feature that automatically lights the stove when you turn on the knob. It removes the hassle in using the lighter to ignite the stove. This autoignition is commonly found in the glass top gas stoves as they are the modern ones.

Other features such as flame failure safety, digital timer, child lock, 360-degree rotatable knobs, and more are commonly found in the glass top gas stoves than the traditional ones. These features enhance the safety of your stove while also making it easy for you to use the stove.


Glass easily breaks when compares to stainless steel but the glass used on the stoves is generally toughened glass so it doesn’t break easily. They are built to withstand heavy use from large utensils and pans. Not only the strength but the glass top gas stoves are highly resistant to corrosion.

Glass literally never corrodes so your stove will look new for as long as you use it. The glass material also makes it resistant to scratches and other minor damages. With high strength and high resistance to corrosion, the glass top gas stoves have high durability so it works for a long time without any damage.

Disadvantages of Glass Top Gas Stoves


Glass top gas stoves need precision machine engineering to finish the stove so it is obvious that it costs higher than the traditional stainless steel one. As mentioned, the glass top stoves also have many features added to them which are not present in other stoves.

The features and the manufacturing process increase the cost of the glass top stoves. That being said, you do get the value for the cost with the glass top gas stoves.


When it comes to cleaning, you need to be careful with the glass top stoves. They tend to get scratches when you clean with a normal scrubber as they are made of glass. You also need to be careful in cleaning when the glass top gas stove is warm. Sometimes, giving pressure by cleaning when the glass is warm may lead to a crack.

Now, these problems are not present with other stoves, so this property of the glass is a big disadvantage to the glass top stoves.


As there are many features present with the glass top gas stoves, it is only natural for them to malfunction. It is mostly seen with the autoignition feature. The autoignition feature tends to malfunction with the glass top gas stoves where they don’t automatically ignite when the knobs are turned.

These malfunctions are seen only with the low-cost glass top models. So if you choose a branded glass top stoves which cost more, these malfunctions can be avoided.

Less strength

You may be a bit confused as we just mentioned that the glass top stoves have high strength as an advantage. Yes, they do have high strength because of the toughened glass material placed on it. But the strength of the glass top stoves cannot be compared to the traditional stainless steel ones.

Steel is naturally more durable and possesses high strength than glass. So whatever you pay, your glass top stoves won’t be as durable as the stainless steel one. They are also more prone to cracks and scratches than the stainless steel models. But don’t worry, the modern glass top stoves are not that weak.

They can easily handle heavy utensils without much trouble. It only breaks if you intentionally try to do it or it falls down from the slab.


You may now have an idea about what you are getting with the glass top stoves. At the core, the glass top stoves and other types of the stove have the same function. They are used to produce flames to help you cook. But they mainly differ in the form and added features.

The glass top gives you a modern look and useful features but lacks in strength when compared to the stainless steel one. In the end, if you can afford then definitely go for the glass top gas stoves as you will definitely not get the value from them.

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