21 Ways To Hide Wires On Desk In Your Home Office

Last updated: October 19th, 2022

This post will share 21 Ways To Hide Wires On Desk In Your Home Office. Setting up a new workspace is hard, but handling the messy and unnecessary wires is even harder. You can’t cut them off because they’re serving a connection to your system and other machines. So, what’s the best alternative for you? Hide them in a way nobody could find them with ease.

You might not know, but many easy hacks available on the internet can help you in this case. Buy some clips or stickers online to decorate tables, wire sleeves to keep all the cables in a lane, and add some extra extensions to clean your table surface. There are many more useful tips for you, but for now, let’s find the Ways To Hide Wires On the Desk In Your Home Office.

21 Ways To Hide Wires On Desk In Your Home Office

You can apply these simple hacks to your gaming setup, office cabins, or workshop system. It’s compatible with all the designs and lets you hide your wires without struggle. So, without taking any more minutes, let’s get started.

1. Under the Table

You can buy rubber wallet material from online or offline stores to put it under your table. It can hold your wires, charger, and other cables in a way they don’t fall ongoing.

2. Tape the Charger

As we know, the charger unit has a battery box that seems bigger than normal wires. So, hide it under the table using double-sided tape and fix it there.

3. Turn into Art

If there is no point in hiding the wires, you should stick them to the wall using some decoration clips and turn them into art.

4. Add a Container

You’ll find the container in any hardware store, buy one for your office setup, put all the cables, router, and charger into it, and hide it under the desk.

5. Cable Covers

Cable covers are our favorite, as you can put multiple wires into a single cover, and they don’t mess up your setup.

6. Behind the Screen

Suppose you’re looking for something creative for your Television screen wires. Here’s the best thing you could do, add a wooden block behind the screen and fix all the cords and extensions there.

7. Trunking Cables

It’s the safest way to hide the cables, and you can use trunking pipes, bypass the wires and cords through it, and take it to the power supply location.

8. Paper Pockets

These pockets are designed to hold lightweight cables; you can paste them behind any place and keep your phone charging cables or LAN wires.

9. Cable Sleeving

Using duct tape, you can stick all the wires together so they don’t mess up your desk space.

10. Cable Management Gadgets

These simple management boxes can hold up to 30+ wires, which seems more than enough for a normal office desk.

11. Setup a Cable Box

You can buy a plastic container to put the extensions in it. This way, your wires will be safe from dust, tear, and other damages.

12. Cable Winder

This clip can keep your wires stuck to any surface you want. Add multiple clips for better results.

13. Cable Holders

Adds it to your desk corners to keep the cables handy for your tasks. Drop the charging cables, LAN wire, etc., in it.

14. Tape it Up

You can use your wires as a showcase; also, you need a little bit of creativity and regular tapes to cover the cables.

15. Wire Wranglers

These are available in the market, and you can buy and manually cover your cables. It’s a fun job and keeps your wires safe also.

16. Solo Cabinet

If you’re a gamer or have many machines over your desk, you should buy a whole cabinet shelf to store all the gadgets there. Keep your desk clean with screen and keyboard only.

17. Spacious Box

Try to manage space in the below cabinet boxes of your desk. A single pack will be enough to keep your wires aligned and hideous.

18. Use Baseboard

If you have to pass wires from one room to another, use the baseboard method. It will keep your wires on the ground; you can fix them if they ever break; it’s creative and looks awesome too.

19. False Ceiling

It can be performed only when the installation is ongoing. Once the ceiling is done, you can’t add or replace any wires.

20. Add RGB Lights

You should get some RGB Lights if you’re gaming in a dark room. They’ll catch the eyesight of every visitor, and don’t let them fall your other messy cable connections.

21. Roof Work

As the room has enough space, you should light up with some minor bulbs or lightning cables and hide other wires.


It was all about the 21 Ways To Hide Wires On Desk In Your Home Office. You can apply any method you want; most of them need some little gadgets. But all of these gadgets are available in online and offline markets. If you have any other method for your desk and want to share it with us, drop your ideas into the comment box.

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