How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

Vacuum cleaners have today become a household thing. Many households use the product to keep their house clean and free of any kind of dust particles. It has become an important means of keeping the house spic and span. You will sometimes tend to wonder the type of technology that goes into the making of the vacuum. In this article, we shall try to understand the principle behind the working of the vacuum cleaner.

A Little About Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner is a classic example of modern technology. Vacuum cleaners are designed in such a manner that the product pulls in air, which, in turn, eats up the dust. But how is this air pulled in and the dust is sucked up. This is what we shall see in the section below

Working Principle of a Vacuum Cleaner:

In this section, we shall understand the technology that goes into the making and working of the humble vacuum cleaner

There is an electric motor inside the product that is used for the spinning of the fan. This, in tum, helps to suck in all the air as well as the dust particles, if any. This is pushed into a bag by creating a negative pressure. Since the bag will become full after sometime as it can hold only a limited amount of object, the vacuum cleaner uses yet another technology to combat the problem. The technology is made in such a way that the air is pumped out on the other side and this gives enough space for the vacuum to throw away as many dust particles as possible. In fact, in order to ensure that it is safe enough to breathe air again, the product uses a high efficiency filter so that its safe to breathe the air again.

What Makes the Vacuum Cleaner so Powerful?

The vacuum cleaner has a number of component parts that makes it so powerful and allows it to take away so many particles.

No doubt the electric motor is one of the most important components. The power of the motor defines the power of the vacuum cleaner. Apart from that, the size of the port that is instrumental in sucking up dust and dirt is also crucial to the power of the vacuum cleaner. If the size of the port is small, it implies that less and less air shall be required to suck in the air and the same air will be capable of moving at a much faster pace. Hence, you should always prefer the cleaner which has a smaller suction port.

A Simple Example:

The way a vacuum cleaner works can also be explained by a very simple example of negative pressure. This will help you understand the working and the technology of the vacuum cleaner in a better manner.

To begin with, you can just think of a straw. The moment you suck through a straw, a negative pressure is created inside this particular straw. This pressure is actually much lower than the pressure that is present in the atmosphere outside. In a similar manner, as explained above, the vacuum cleaner is known to create a negative pressure inside. With the help of this negative pressure, the air goes inside the vacuum cleaner.


Thus a vacuum cleaner works through the following main steps:

  • Creates Pressure: the first step, as already explained, is to create a pressure that is present.
  • Moving Dirt and other Impurities: as the negative pressure is created in and around the floor, the vacuum cleaner is able to remove dust and other Impurities
  • Brush: A rotating brush is often used to sweep the floor
  • Post this, all dust particles are thrown into a bag

I hope that the above article has been helpful in making you understand the main principle and technology that goes into the working of a vacuum cleaner. If you are looking to buy one check this list of best vacuum cleaners available in Indian market.

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