How Long Does A Washing Machine Take

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

If you’re new to laundry, then you must have many questions over your head. How much time does it take to do laundry? Is drying clothes good or not? Which machine works faster and effectively? And much more.

This post will cover all important questions and answer all your doubts one after one. You’ll learn about the front and top loader washers, their difference, and which is the best among the two. Stay tight and keep scrolling the screen to know all the highlights.

How long does it take to wash?

Every machine has its own cycle time, but the average cycle time is the same. Here we are talking about the regular wash cycle you use for your routine laundry.

It’s going to take approximately 60 to 120 minutes on average. It depends on the machine and the way of washing techniques. But still, the count is pretty close for all the washers.

The Front Loader is a modern era washer. The more delicate washing method takes more time to do your laundry.

The Top Loader takes fewer minutes, but the washing process is rough and doesn’t protect your fabrics.

Front Loader: 60 to 120 Minutes.

Top Loader: 60 to 90 Minutes.

What’s the quick wash cycle?

The quick wash cycle is designed to do laundry of your routine garments, which don’t need much attention. You can do the process within 30 minutes, but it doesn’t clean the mud, heavy stains, or sweating gym garments.

You can wash your routine garments, make them clean, and try within an hour if you’re in a hurry and don’t have an extra pair. But we don’t recommend doing a quick cycle on your regular clothes because it doesn’t clean as deeply as the delicate cycle.

What’s the delicate wash cycle?

Consider this a GENTLE Wash cycle because it provides deep cleaning of your outfits and protects your fabrics. It usually takes up to 60 minutes for an average load, but it can also take more minutes if your container is filled with heavy laundry clothes.

In this, you can wash any of your garments, whether jeans, sweaters, or sheer fabric blouses. All the items will remain safe inside the cycle, and the machine will wash them with full delicacy.

How much time does it take to dry?

To dry your clothes, you don’t have to wait much. It only takes 30 minutes to dry your laundry thoroughly. It may vary because of different machines, but it’s enough for 30 minutes of drying.

Whereas top loader machines take less time to dry and can serve you the clothes within 15 minutes, it may cause pale colors in your clothes.

Average Time: 15 to 45 Minutes.

Which is more effective, Front Loader or Top Loader?

We all know that Technology is growing daily, but many of us still have doubts about comparing these two technologies. This fact hits different when you know earlier top-loaders were faster than today’s front loaders. Yes, this is true. But if you’re looking for a delicate wash cycle and better performance, you must go with Front Loader.

Why has wash cycle time increased in these years?

The fact is, Technology has changed, and the current wash cycle focuses on your clothes as well as their fabrics. Earlier, you didn’t know about the different materials and put them together in the same laundry. You and I still do the same. But now, the delicate wash cycle finds the difference and washes it according to the wash cycle. That’s why you have to wait longer than before.

  • There are many more facts you should hear;
  • The laundry container size has increased.
  • You can add multiple detergents and powders.
  • Need less water and electricity to operate.
  • Clean heavy and muddy stains without losing colour or any tears.

How to make your wash cycle faster?

You can’t just cut half the time but still save a few minutes of your laundry. Take care of these little facts to wash your cycle faster than before.

  • Don’t spin multiple times if it’s not that necessary.
  • Hot water washes take more time than the average water wash cycle.
  • Avoid extra detergents in the quick wash cycle.
  • Don’t overfill the loader with all your laundry at once; make it to two or three turns.


In the end, we hope you guys have enough information about How long a washing machine takes – washing time & drying time. If you still have questions, drop the query into the comment box below.

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