How Much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use? – Understand the Power Consumption

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

Given the high temperatures faced by India almost throughout the year, people are always on the lookout for options that will help them combat the heat. While there are many people who can afford to install expensive appliances such as air conditioners in their homes, there are households who want a cheaper option.

That is where the humble ceiling fan comes into the picture. Since ages, a ceiling fan has been known to give the much-needed respite to an average Indian household from the high temperature. However, have you ever wondered how much electricity does an average fan consume? What is the electricity bill that is owed to that ceiling fan? Well, in this article we shall find out the total electricity consumed by the ceiling fan and also its total cost. So, let us get started:

How Do You Calculate the Electricity Used by a Ceiling Fan?

To determine the amount of electricity consumed, the first important thing to consider is the total watts or power consumption by your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can range anywhere from 10 watts to even as high as 120 watts. Post that, you would need to understand that on average what is the total number of hours when you keep the ceiling fan on.

Each country hasits own electricity cost. Depending on the state that you live in, the electricity cost may vary too. You should, therefore, understand the cost of electricity that you have to pay. The following are the steps to arrive at a total cost of electricity that can be attributed to the ceiling fan:

  • The first step is to multiply the kilowatts of the ceiling fan with the number of hours used. This will give you the total kilowatts or the total power used.
  • Simply take the above amount and multiply with the per-unit cost of electricity applicable to your area.

The answer which you get in step 2 is the cost for one day. You can multiply this number by 30 0r 31 days, depending on the number of days in a month to arrive at the total cost of electricity for your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Power Consumption 

As seen above, ceiling fans are an indispensable part of an average Indian household. Thanks to the high temperatures that are experienced in almost all parts of India. Fans are a much-needed respite from high temperatures which remains for the most part of the given year. But the question is, how much electricity is actually consumed by the fans?

You will be happy and relieved to know that the ceiling fans are not known to consume too much electricity. The typical size of the fan is around 48 inches. On on average, a 48-inch fan will use somewhere around 75 to 80 watts of electricity.

If used for approximately 8 hours in a day, the total electricity consumption would be 80*8=640 watts. This would convert to 19200 watts for a month. This is 19.2 kilowatts. As we know, 1 kilowatt is equal to 1 unit of electricity. Thus, in the entire month, the ceiling fan will end up consuming 19.2 kilowatts of electricity. If, for example,per unit of electricity cost rupees 5, the total electricity bill you will need to pay would come up to be 96 rupees. This is pretty less than the global average. Almost everyone in the country can afford to pay the price.


We hope that after reading the above article, you will be in a better position to understand the total consumption of electricity and the price you need to pay for using ceiling fans. Since it is quite low and affordable by most of the households in India, you can now install and use your ceiling fans effectively. You will not worry too much about the cost and can relax in the hot Indian climate.

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