How to Clean Inside of Your Washing Machine

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

A washing machine is something that is the most basic necessity of every household. It runs very hard to serve us with the best results. However, what do we do? Just wear the tidy clothes and flaunt, without even thinking about our washing machine. People say that you realize the value of things when they are no more with you. The same is the case with our washing machines! What works vigorously for our sake must get some care and attention from the user side as well. Some people can’t go without doing laundry almost every alternate day. We hope that you can imagine the workload that the machine has to go through.

The regular use of detergents and fabric conditioners can make the machine soiled and stained. The debris that accumulates at the bottom of the washing machine also adds to the staining of the interior part. If you see any yellowing or staining on the base of the washing machine, it is a compelling implication that the machine demands adequate cleaning. Lack of cleansing may cause improper washing of your clothes, and your laundry time becomes ineffective.

One more indication to rinse the device is when your machine starts producing a foul odor. The odor can also get in your clothes, making them smell offensive.

How to Clean Inside of Your Washing Machine

One should clean their washing machine every once in a while to ensure proper functioning. Experts recommend rinsing the washing machine once a year (minimum limit). If you wish to clean more than that, do it whenever you feel any hindrance in washing or see the yellowing of the base. The detergent tray, washer, gasket, water filter, and the wash drum should remain the principal area of focus. Many people tend to procrastinate this due to the hard efforts, but it can cost you even more in the coming time. Many of you might be confused about the conventional way to do it or the products to use while cleansing. We are here to answer all these queries one by one. Read the full article to know more about the active and easy cleansing of the interior of the washing machine-

1. Cleaning according to the type of washing machine

Mostly two kinds of washing machines are available in the market- A top load and a front load. Both of them possess a slight difference in the exterior and interior look. The cleaning process also differs for different kinds of washing machines. We are listing down the cleaning tips for both of them one by one-

2. How to clean a top load washing machine?

Top load washing machines are a more affordable option when it comes to household use. Cleaning these machines could be quite tricky.

Here is a little help to clean the separate parts inside a top-loading washing machine

  • The detergent tray

The detergent tray may contain the leftover dried up detergent. Remove this tray out from the machine, dip the tray in vinegar water, and let it soak in for a while. It eliminates the firm and obstinate detergent particles 80 percent of the time. If you still can’t remove them, use a brush and scrub it over the surface of the detergent tray. (If you find it difficult to remove the tray, don’t pull it harshly; check the removal technique given in the manual).

  • The filter box

In most of the top-loading washing machines, the filter box procures a vertical position. It helps people to appreciate this element quickly, but people face problems in extracting the filter box out. Read the manual and remove the filter box. Don’t be shocked to see a collection of a lot of debris, hair, buttons, and coins in this part. Where do you think all the detritus materials from your cloth go?

Firstly, remove all the bigger particles and hairs stuck in it. Dip the filter box in hot water and vinegar. Remove the stubborn debris by using a brush or a scrubber. If this does not work, try removing the dirt help of an all-purpose cleaner.

  • The washtub

The wash drum is the most indispensable part of the washing machine. Add an equal amount of baking soda and white vinegar in the wash drum. With the help of an appropriate sized brush, scrub the interior of the drum. Run a complete cycle in a heavy-duty setting with the hottest temperature. If you don’t want your washing machine to smell like vinegar, do run an extra cycle with soap and water. If your machine is excessively dirty, run the cycle for a complete hour.

3. How to clean a front load washing machine?

Getting a front load washing machine for household purposes is quite an expensive deal. You probably don’t want it to deteriorate its functioning after investing so much. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the machine regularly to preserve its effectiveness.

  • Make sure to empty the washing machine before starting the cleaning.
  • Pull the detergent tray out and wipe it with a cloth. Soak it in vinegar water or baking soda water. If the scraps are too stubborn, use a toothbrush and clean the detergent tray. If the tray is not too greasy, you can clean it without removing out.
  • Once you have done emptying, add 2 cups of white vinegar and run the cycle in the tub cleaner mode. If this mode is not present in your device, choose the hottest/highest wash setting. After this, add the desired amount of water and run the cycle.
  • After this, add 2 cups of bleach in the soap tray and run the cycle again. It will help to eliminate the residual dirt and inhibits bacterial growth. Therefore, this step ensures the complete cleaning of the machine.
  • Run one more cycle with plain water to remove the odor and residuals of bleach and vinegar. Your washing tub is now thoroughly cleaned.
  • The rubber seal present in the door accumulates so much dirt with passing time. Take a soft cloth and soak it in the chlorine bleach. Let the cloth acquire the bleach thoroughly; now wipe the inner surface of the door panel containing a rubber seal by gently pulling it back.
  • Make sure to recheck if every part is cleaned efficiently or not. If not, then you can repeat a similar process for the concerned part.

These little steps will ensure the safety and efficacy of your washing machine & keep your clothes fresh and clean!

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