7 Easy Steps For How To Clean Washing Machine

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

If you are using a washing machine it is very necessary to keep it clean and fresh in all aspects. Most of the people get confused about the exact way to clean the machine. Now in the next few lines, we will discuss some of the best tips or tricks to clean the machine and keep it fine for a long time. There are several factors that should also be considered while cleaning the machine. If all such things are fine one can easily clean and keep the machine in good condition for a long time. 

7 Quick Steps To Clean Washing Machine

  1. There are some natural ingredients required to keep the machine clean and fit for a long time. The first and foremost thing required to clean the washing machine is white Vinegar. On the other side, baking soda is another ingredient that is present in almost all houses. It should be used for cleaning the machine.  Vinegar will disinfect the whole area. It performs great work.
  2. On the other side, baking soda cleans the soap and deodorizes if there is stinky washer syndrome or SYS. Apart from this, the user should set the washer to run the hot water with the largest water setting. It is not allowed to use clothes during this time. Now add 3-4 cups of vinegar to the water to allow the machine to agitate for a couple of time.
  3. Then add ½ cup of baking soda and run the machine so that it gets mixed with the soda. Then stop the washer and allow remaining in the same position for about 30 minute to 1 hour. 
  4. While the hot water along with the vinegar and baking soda penetrate the grime and odours it s advised that the user should use a cloth that is dipped with vinegar to wash the machine. Proper attention must be given on the knobs or tops of the machine. Those are important parts. 
  5. Now resume the washing cycle till it drains out the water. Within a small time, it will be found that the scum around the top of the wash bin is wiped off easily at this point. It should be noticed very carefully. 
  6. Another easy step that can be done by anyone to keep the machine fresh and good for a long time is to keep open the lid of the machine soon after the washing is completed. It will be found that the water drops that are found inside the machine will get dried after some time.
  7. If it is a front loader the front part should also be remain opened for some time. That will be a much effective step in this case.

So, the thought of buying the best washing machine will not do until and unless it is maintained in a proper manner. Thus every step should be taken to keep it clean and fresh for a long time. That would be a much wiser decision in this case. 

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