How to Disinfect & Clean a Smelly Washing Machine

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

A musty smell is a big problem in a washing machine that can be happened to anyone. These odors can interfere with your washing activities and, in some cases, also affect the smell of the clothes and the water. A smelly semi automatic washing machine is a fundamental problem that anyone can solve. The solution is in just a few steps:

1. Leave the washing machine open

Leftover water and soap that hasn’t dried after washing can cause a musty smell that is hard to get out of the washing machine. If a washing machine is left closed, this water will not quickly disappear and make the musty smell even more persistent. Make it a habit to open and dispose of the water until it is scorched to prevent a musty smell from appearing in the washing machine.

2. Rinse well

After washing with detergent, you always forget to rinse the tub. Soap residue that gets trapped and dries up in the parts of your washing machine can create a smell that tends to be musty and unpleasant. Try only once to rinse the washing machine with clean water to prevent this problem.

3. Use hot water

Although it is recommended for certain materials not to use hot water, in some cases, hot water can be used to avoid the musty smell that comes from the washing machine. Hot water can destroy any soap residue that has stuck to the washing machine. By thoroughly rinsing the washing machine drum using hot water, the soap residue can come off and be lost.

  1. In a top-loading washing machine, the cleaning step starts by filling the tube with warm water.
  2. When the jar is full, mix warm water with 800 ml of vinegar and 60 grams of baking soda powder. Then run the washing program for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the washing machine.
  3. Let stand for 30 minutes — 1 hour, and turn the program back on for 1-2 minutes.
  4. After that, turn off the washing machine, drain the water in the tub, and rinse with clean water.
  5. Make sure you wipe it thoroughly, including the edges and ceiling of the tube.

4. Brush the inside

Cleaning the inside of a washing machine is something that must be done regularly. Use a soft cloth, warm water, and a little soap to make your washing machine clean and smell good. By brushing, the residue and stains can be removed from the washing machine to avoid a musty odor. This method is also best done after washing large items such as sheets and blankets.

5. Do not use excessive soap

Often when washing large quantities, you may subconsciously use excess soap. It will not make your clothes any cleaner and instead create many stains and residue in the washing machine. This soap residue can create a musty smell in your washing machine. We recommend that you use an appropriate amount of laundry soap and not excessive.


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