How To Fix Common Washing Machine Problems

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

The discovery of washing machines made our lives so much more relaxed than earlier. The manual labor of washing the piled up clothes was too difficult for people. Almost every household has a washing machine nowadays. Some of us invest a lot of money in the washing machine without a precise understanding of the parts and functioning of the device. When we experience any obstacle, and it’s just been a year of buying the machine, we regret it. Therefore, it is necessary to enquire about the parts and warranty period of the washing machine before finalizing one.

You can quickly fix some common washing machine problems at home if you have scarce information about its origin. We are here to save your time and money to call that you invest in a repair person. Here are some common washing machine problems that you face in day to day life.

Let us look at the ways to fix these difficulties

Fix Common Washing Machine Problems

Improper draining of washing machine

The draining problem becomes more and more complex when the water spills all over the floor. It increases the possibility of accidental injuries by slipping. It can result from two main reasons- blockage of hose or pump.

  • Blockage of hose may be due to obstruction by foreign objects due to which it fails to drain water. You can inspect the hose properly with the help of a flashlight, if you see any obstruction; clear it off by flushing water with another hose of smaller diameter.
  • Blockage of the pump can be recognized by carefully hearing the pump sound when the cycle is running. If you fail to hear any sound, it is most probably the failure of the pump. You might need the help of professionals as it is hard for a layman to appreciate these things.
  • Check the pump inlet and look for the blockage hose. Once you figure out the problem, remove the obstacle from the way.
  • If the pump is belt-driven, it is more likely to be broken or have some electrical problems. You can consult the technician for replacing these items.

Termination of washing machine in mid-cycle

People who have recently bought a washing machine usually experience this problem. You will come across an error code flashing in the display, and the machine stops in between the cycle. It is a pretty common problem; check the manual to decode the error.

  • Heating problems are the most common ones in this matter. If you have used the machine continuously for the past few hours, it is probably overheated and needs some break. The mid-cycle pause also indicates improper heating of water. Check if the thermistor is working efficiently or not. If not, call a technician to resolve the problem.
  • A defective connection is the most troublesome problem to detect. If the machine is not getting proper electrical impulses, it will stop functioning. It happens to shield the machine from bearing stress resulting from electrical deficit.
  • Obstruction or leak may also be the cause of mid-cycle pause. Check the hoses and filter for the material causing obstruction.

Foul-smelling washing machine

  • The foul-smelling washing machines are not as efficient as fresh ones. It will not properly clean the clothes, and your clothes remain unhygienic. This problem can be solved quickly by washing the machine.
  • Excessive yellowing is caused due to deposition of bio-film by microorganisms. Clean the washtub using white vinegar, bleach, and baking soda along with water. This step ensures the healthy and fresh atmosphere inside the washing machine.
  • You should rinse the washing machine at regular intervals to avoid bad odors. (Once in every 2-3months)

Noisy washing machine

A noisy washing machine is inappropriate and very disturbing to the people around you. It deviates your focus, and you can’t do any other work while doing laundry. Ignoring these sounds can cause serious dilemmas such as worn out and broken parts. Here are some causes of the noisy washing machines.

  • Heavy loads
  • Broken drum bearings.
  • Damage in washing machine base.
  • Choking in the hose/pump/drum/tub.

Here is some information based on the type of sounds

  • Humming/ Buzzing sound: There is certainly jam in the pump area. Check it properly to know the reason & treat the cause.
  • Clicking sound: When an object is lodged in the drain of the washer, there is a generation of a clicking sound. You can check the drain and remove the obstruction causing object.
  • Loud gurgling sound: Again a partial obstruction is present in the drain line. It is not fully obstructed and the turbidity of water flowing through the unobstructed area gives rise to this sound. Pull out the clog to treat this problem.

Vibrating/shaking of washing machine

Vibrating or shaky washing machines might look like the start of a big terror. But, it is the most straightforward problem to resolve. Some washing machines might even move across the floor, which looks quite horrific. Here are some reasons why this thing happens:

  • Uneven flooring can be the possible cause of vibrating or shaky washing machine. Make sure to keep the washing machine in a plane and even surface. The imbalance is the principal cause of vibration along with the heavy loads.
  • The base or feet of the washing machine should be correctly aligned. Lack of this can cause trembling of the device every time you use it.
  • One should always buy a washing machine according to your requirement. Buying a small-capacity washing machine and using it harshly by overloading can damage the parts. It will eventually deteriorate the functioning of the washing machine. Therefore, do not overdo the capacity bearing limit of the machine.

So, are you ready to solve the common washing machine problem on your own now? We hope you are! Thanks for reading.

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