How To Increase Darkness In HP Printer

Last updated: October 20th, 2022

While printing, we all want to get our document quality printed in such a way that can make an impact. It doesn’t matter if you are printing for business purposes, official use, or for personal use, the quality of the document must be perfect.

The darkness of the printed quality must be kept in mind so that your memos, bills, important documents are all nicely visible. In this article, we will learn how to increase darkness in HP printers:-

1. Determine the type of the printer

When you are about to get your print quality fixed, you have to understand the type of printer you have. You have to differentiate between the inkjet and the laser printer. Laser printers are generally used for official purposes and inkjet printers are used for casual uses.

Both the type of printers have its advantages and one should have good knowledge about the ink type used in these printers. Once you have the foundational information, you can easily tweak the unit to print on higher quality. 

2. Look at the tone of your print

There are many different reasons which may lead to problems related to the tone of the printing. However, the most common cause that can lead to the light tone is that your printer settings are not fully optimized to give you a dark tone. Here is the complete process on how you can check the tone density of your printer.

  • If you notice any issue related to the tone of your printing, firstly check your toner level.
  • In many cases, the printer might not show the level of the ink or tone. In that case, you can check it manually.
  • During the manual check, if you see that the toner cartridge is empty then you have to replace it.

3. Adjust the settings of the HP printer

You can optimize the toner settings of your printer which will affect the print quality. To optimize your settings,  you need to go on your computer screen and select the dark or low contrast setting. You can increase or reduce the settings accordingly.

The higher you set your toner level, the higher will be the printer quality. 

4. Look at the print quality

You can also adjust the quality of the print that you will be getting through your printer. You can choose from the three types of features which are Draft quality, Normal quality, and the best quality.

If you want to have a dark quality tone, choose the best quality and then save it as default. This step will help you get better prints.

5. Increase the ink volume being used

Since we are discussing how to increase the darkness of the HP printer, we must not forget about the advanced settings. You can likewise, increase the volume of the ink used to get a dark quality print.


So, this was all about how you can increase the darkness of your HP printers. While printing, you may face some printing tone issues but the above steps will help you to get a dark quality tone so that your printed documents look natural.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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